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Free Lessons in Finance to Celebrate The Profs Online Tuition Service Launch - Lima, OH News Weather Sports. This article was originally distributed via SproutNews.

Free Lessons in Finance to Celebrate The Profs Online Tuition Service Launch - Lima, OH News Weather Sports

SproutNews, WorldNow and this Site make no warranties or representations in connection therewith. The Profs is celebrating the launch of its new professional online tuition service by giving the first five people who use the contact form on their website and quote ‘PR’ a free one hour online lesson in Finance and Trading. London, United Kingdom – October 21, 2015 /PressCable/ — In a unique change of pace, Digital Tuition Agency “The Profs“, will be celebrating the launch of its new Professional Online Tuition service by giving the first five people who use the contact form on their website and quote ‘PR’ a free one hour online lesson in Finance and Trading from a world leading finance professional and venture capitalist.

It’s reported the event will take place on Friday 23rd October. Dr. It should be really worthwhile and we’re hoping it will raise awareness of the quality of online tuition when conducted by talented tutors. Two Goods Microeconomic Model Guidelines. The Profs Tuition Ltd  This site uses cookies to make the site simpler.

The Profs Tuition Ltd 

Find out more about cookies Skip to main content Accessibility. Business Statistics Tutorial Videos & Resource Help. Need help with your online statistics course?

Business Statistics Tutorial Videos & Resource Help

Getting online statistics class help just got easier. StraighterLine has a video database of business statistics tutorials to get you the math help online you are looking for. (Especially helpful for you self-paced students taking distance learning courses.) When you sign up for a StraighterLine class you also get free math online tutoring and a course advisor. Private Statistics Tutors. Private Engineering Tutors. The Profs – London's Leading University Tutors.

Private Politics Tutor. The Profs UK's social stories. Private Tutors for University Students. Technology toolkit: The tech you need to start a tutoring agency. By Richard Evans Updated: Apr 9, 2015 Published: Apr 9, 2015 Company name: The Profs TuitionFounder: Richard EvansCo-Founders: Rory Curnock Cook, Leonard EvansSize: 5 full-time staff. 150 tutorsBased in: LondonWebsite: business types: Recruiters, dating agencies, estate agents.

Technology toolkit: The tech you need to start a tutoring agency

What hardware do you need to set up a tutoring agency? A laptop and a phone. What software do you need to start your business? Cracking your administration is the key to success. A strong website and brand design. Skype for taking calls. Main concerns and needs influencing technology purchases: Small Open Economy Model Equilibrium. Understanding Present Value.

Testimonials - TutorCruncher. Testimonials from our users “Tutorcruncher has revolutionised the way Bonas MacFarlane interacts with both its clients and tutors.

Testimonials - TutorCruncher

The software allows us to communicate with our audience is an incredibly effective and efficient manner. The invoicing procedure is outstanding and the report system allows us to keep a close eye on the tutees progress ensuring we keep up-to-date with every placement. Reliable and robust, Tutorcruncher has proved faultless for us.” PhD Tutors - The Profs. Private Statistics Tutors. University Tutors in London - The Profs - University Tutors in London - The Profs - University Tutors in London - The Profs - University Tutors in London - The Profs - Google Bookmark. University Tutors in London - The Profs - University Tutors in London - The Profs - University Tutors in London - The Profs - Biology Tutors in London – The Profs.

Private Statistics Tutors. Private Finance Tutors. The Profs Tuition. Private Engineering Tutors. Private Maths Tutors. University Tutors London. SPSS Tutor. Become a Private tutor. The Profs - London's Premier University Tutors. Private Tutors for University Students. PhD Tutors. Minimum Variance Portfolio Definition. Archaeology Tutor. Dissertation Tutor. Ace your course with a Dissertation tutor who is at the top of their field.

Dissertation Tutor

Our expert dissertation tutors can assist you at any stage of your assignment: From topic selection, through literature identification and review, to data gathering and analysis, report content, presentation and structure. As published academics, university lecturers and experienced postgraduates, we will teach you how write an academic report in a professional way and get the results that you want. We are specialists in Business School subjects, mathematics, statistics and social sciences, but our dissertation tutors have a proven track-record in a range of subjects and at all levels – from arts BA to science PhD. We have dissertation tutors that have lectured in creative writing as well as dissertation tutors that have published in top-tier science journals.

Accounting Tutors – The Profs. C++ Tutors in London. Finance Tutors in London. Education in the United Kingdom. Education in the United Kingdom is a devolved matter with each of the countries of the United Kingdom having separate systems under separate governments: the UK Government is responsible for England; the Scottish Government, the Welsh Government and the Northern Ireland Executive are responsible for Scotland,[1] Wales[2] and Northern Ireland, respectively.

Education in the United Kingdom

Key Stages[edit] A Key Stage is a stage of the state education system in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and the British Territory of Gibraltar setting the educational knowledge expected of students at various ages. The term is also used in some other countries such as Hong Kong and Australia (some states) although the ages at which each Key Stage applies differ from England. The stages are as follows:[3] Stages[edit] Rankings[edit] See also[edit] References[edit] Further reading[edit]

Statistics Tutors in London. SPSS Tutor. Private Tutors for University Students. UK school enlists Indian maths tutors online. Pupils at a north London primary school have been improving their maths - thanks to the internet which has put them in touch with teachers thousands of miles away in India.

UK school enlists Indian maths tutors online

"It's a 3D shape. " "Wait, I'm not sure if that's a square. " "Oh, I know, it's a rectangular prism, a pyramid. " Private Research Methods Tutors. Private Research Methods Tutors. Psychology Tutor. Microeconomics Tutors. Engineering Tutors – The Profs. Engineering Tutors – The Profs. English Tutor. Language Tutors. Indian maths tutors to teach UK pupils. Graduates based in India are being trained to give maths tuition to British children over the telephone and online, at all hours of the day and night.

Indian maths tutors to teach UK pupils

A tutoring agency has hired 100 tutors in Punjab and coached them in the primary school curriculum and GCSE and A-level syllabuses, so that they can teach schoolchildren of all ages. The company – London-based BrightSpark Education – says the tutors will be available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. They will be paid £7 an hour. The minimum wage in Punjab is £2.52. The agency says parents can cut costs by hiring an Indian-based home tutor, rather than one who lives in the UK. The firm is encouraging state schools to get on board, too. The move – thought to be the first of its kind – is unpopular with at least one teaching union, which said it should be discouraged at all costs. It is another example of a UK company choosing to employ a cheaper overseas workforce.

Why Hire a Private Maths Tutor? - Home. University Tutors in London - The Profs. 'I’ve called in a private tutor to give my child a chance in the academic arms race' He estimates that there are at least 1 million people who earn money from teaching pupils outside school – but admits the lack of monitoring means the figures are hard to pin down.

'I’ve called in a private tutor to give my child a chance in the academic arms race'

“Ipsos Mori calculated it was 1.5 million, so mine is a conservative estimate,” he says. In contrast, there are 442,000 full-time teachers, 370,000 nurses and 118,000 solicitors in England and Wales. Maher hopes that the association, set up by six tutors’ agencies, will not only start to compile detailed information about tutors but also encourage higher standards. Members must pledge not to “over-tutor” children, exaggerate their need for help, and to be candid about a child’s ability or needs. They must also promise not to write children’s homework or A-level coursework for them. Tutor Agency London. Private Tutors for University Students - The Profs. A Math Tutor's Perspective on Math Struggles. My wife and I recently hired a math tutor for my first-grade son. This might not surprise you, until you learn that I am actually a professional math tutor myself. Many of the students whom I work with have parents who are perfectly capable of teaching math, but when it comes to helping our own children understand even the simplest math concepts, we math tutor parents can find ourselves at a loss.

Call 0208 123 2252 - The Profs. City University London. London's Leading University Tutors on Pinterest. The Profs (@AskTheProfs) Econometrics Tutors - The Profs. Looking For a Economics Tutor? - Home. Dissertation Tutor - The Profs.   Google for Education   This section: Next Section(s): IV. Quiz Previous Section(s): C++ Language Tutorial The early sections of this tutorial cover the basic material already presented in the last two modules, and provide more information on advanced concepts.

Object-Oriented Design This is an excellent tutorial on object-oriented design. Learn by Example #3 Our focus in this module is on obtaining more practice with pointers, object-oriented design, multi-dimensional arrays, and classes/objects. Exercise #1: More Practice with Pointers If you need additional practice with pointers, read through this resource which covers all aspects of pointers and provides many program examples. C++ Tutors in London - The Profs. The Profs - The UK's Leading Tuition Agency - London, United Kingdom - Tutorat, Enseignement supérieur.

Biology Tutors in London – The Profs. Nature photography. Nature photography refers to a wide range of photography taken outdoors and devoted to displaying natural elements such as landscapes, wildlife, plants, and close-ups of natural scenes and textures. Nature photography tends to put a stronger emphasis on the aesthetic value of the photo than other photography genres, such as photojournalism and documentary photography. Nature photographs are published in scientific, travel and cultural magazines such as National Geographic Magazine, National Wildlife Magazine and Audubon Magazine or other more specific magazines such as Outdoor Photographer and Nature's Best Photography.

Well known nature photographers include Frans Lanting, Galen Rowell, Eliot Porter and Art Wolfe. Wildlife photography[edit] Wildlife photography is devoted to capturing animals in their natural habitats. Macro and texture[edit] The macro photography article explains close-up photography in general; however, this is also a type of nature photography. Use of color[edit] Archaeology Tutor - The Profs. Anthropology Tutor - The Profs. Accounting Tutors – The Profs.

16 tutors, seven parents and two pupils on the private tutoring boom. The tutors' view Edward, Waltham Forest "I have worked as a private tutor for nearly five years teaching English and History and I have definitely noticed an upsurge in demand for tuition, especially at GCSE level for English Language. What has also changed slightly is the fall in demand for A level tuition which has been replaced by GCSE tuition. None of my clients strike me as being particularly wealthy and some are clearly on mid to low incomes. Approximately 75% of my current clients are from immigrant families and this percentage has been rising significantly over the past few years although this is partly through word of mouth between clients. Jonno, Oxford "10 years ago the majority of children I tutored received two hours tuition per week from me and no further tuition from other tutors. The child (now adult) who received this level of tuition a decade ago was clearly gifted, as proven by her university career to date.

How a Statistics Tutor from The Profs can help you. Economics Tutor London - The Profs. Statistics Tutors in London. The Profs — Statistics Tutors and Research Methods at The... London School of Business and Finance. The London School of Business and Finance (informally LSBF) is a private business school based in London, United Kingdom.[1] The school is part of a for-profit[2] education group [3][4] with campuses in five countries and online. It is completely separate from and not affiliated with the similarly-named London Business School (LBS, which is the graduate business school of the University of London) or the London School of Economics.

LSBF offers Master's degree programmes in management, finance and marketing; bachelor degrees; executive and corporate training; and professional qualification training for the ACCA, CFA, CIM and CIMA qualifications. LSBF is based in Holborn, with two campuses in central London. All degrees are awarded by parter institutions, since LSBF does not have degree-awarding powers of its own.[5] In addition the school has campuses in Manchester and Birmingham, United Kingdom; Toronto, Canada; and Singapore. History[edit] Call 0208 123 2252 - The Profs. Subjects – The Profs. The Profs Offer the Finest Private Tutors in London. Many tuition agencies have emerged over the years promising to raise the standards of private university tuition, but few have succeeded. There is a general shortage of high-caliber educators and private tutors, especially in high-value added university subjects such as maths, statistics, finance and accounting.

In fact, even teaching standards at the world’s top universities are often poor, and this coupled with poorly prepared course material and rambling lectures has left thousands of students in the UK and beyond feeling lost and frustrated with their studies. Private Tutors for University Students: Transforming Education. The traditional model of learning, which involves dictating, cramming and examinations, has proven time and time again to fail students. In an increasingly competitive economy, these futile practices are failing our future professional generation. Learning needs to be holistic, and engaging, but many universities are still too focused on their research agendas and simply treat teaching and a government instilled responsibility that they would rather not have to fulfill.

Whilst we cannot change the system overnight, our focus at The Profs is to raise awareness of tuition standards globally and gradually push the system towards improving its attention and focus on individuals rather than cohorts. Private tuition - magazine article - TES. Comment:Last Updated:2 July, 2015Section:magazine article Main text: Steven Hastings Illustration: Jan Martin Additional research: Sarah Jenkins Next week: Family breakdown. The Profs - London's Leading University Tutors. Economics is a popular degree choice that offers good career opportunities. However it is also a highly competitive field, both at university and beyond, and students looking for an easy ride through university would be well advised to look for other options.

Tutor. A tutor is an instructor who gives private lessons. Searching in Google for Finance Tutor London? Are you looking for a private finance tutor? The Profs – London's Leading University Tutors: The Profs: The Premiere Tutor Agency In London Known For Academic Excellence. Hard work always pays. The statement justifies the situation of all those students who are aspiring to get a good academic score.

Radio 4’s Critique of Private Tuition in London: The Prof’s Rebuttal. There is no doubt that the private tuition industry is a growth area of the UK economy. From ads in the delicatessens of the North London Universities, to the slick and enticing websites of the established agencies, it seems that everywhere you look someone is offering private tuition, in everything from Econometrics to Elocution. Of course, this phenomenon is by no means limited to London but its metropolitan character is indeed intensified by the influx of wealthy families from Russia and the UAE, for whom a top-educated private tutor is de rigeur.

The Profs – London's Leading University Tutors: Improve Your Performance Graph With Accounting Tutors In London. Most of the times, students face a lot of challenges in their accounting course, which can not be sufficed solely with self studies. They need a helping hand and expert guidance at every stage so that they can easily overcome all the subject problems. This extra help and assistance gives them the confidence to appear in their examinations, which is otherwise opposite because the students are really nervous while taking their accounts exam. The Profs – London's Leading University Tutors: Comparing Private Tutors in London to Plumbers. Private Tuition is expensive - A typical one-hour session with one of our subject experts will set you back around £65.

Private Tutors in London - The Profs. The Profs – London's Leading University Tutors: Hire Private Maths Tutors – Exam Success with The Profs. The Profs – London's Leading University Tutors: The Profs - Expert Dissertation Tutors in London to the Rescue.