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How to Convert any Image Format to STL [A Detailed Guide] Want to convert a 2D image file format into an STL file, but do not have any knowledge of CAD.

How to Convert any Image Format to STL [A Detailed Guide]

No problem! You don’t even need it with this article. In the 3D modeling process, 3D models are often created using 2D images. For this, converting JPG or PNG file formats in STL is a common step that every modeler needs to perform. People who are new to the domain may find the picture to 3D model conversion a bit intimidating. The process of converting an image format into STL is very easy. But, before we discuss them, let us get to know the different 2D image file formats as well as the STL format. 2D Image File Formats The file formats that are often used to display 2D images on the computer are JPG or JPEG, PNG, and BMP. . · JPG or JPEG: It is the standard image file format for every digital camera. . · PNG: PNG stands for Portable Network Graphics. . · BMP: This file format handles graphic files, however, only on Microsoft Windows operating system.

3D Product Design Services - ThePro3DStudio. 3D Furniture Design Process: How it Works and the Stages it involves — Teletype. The concept of 3D designing has been gaining momentum in the furniture design and manufacturing domain.

3D Furniture Design Process: How it Works and the Stages it involves — Teletype

However, not everyone is having a good experience due to a lack of awareness about the 3D furniture design process. If you are also going through the same and wish to avoid it, the article is all you need right now. If you are already here, you must know what role furniture 3D designs play in marketing and promotion. So, without stretching it further, let get into the details of the three-dimensional furniture design process. Types of 3D Rendering Services Used by Industrial and Product Design Firms. 3D rendering is another beautiful outcome of modern technology that brought along huge benefits to varied domains.

Types of 3D Rendering Services Used by Industrial and Product Design Firms

As a result, 3D rendering services have grown to be more popular among businesses and proved to be very useful. A well-crafted 3D render will not only showcase the critical aspects of a product but can offer an immersive viewing experience. These are also cost-effective to produce and are more effective than the 2D models. Since people nowadays prefer to buy products online, 3D product rendering plays an important role in bringing customers to a company. Besides, they have now become very essential to compete in the market today. 52 free CAD software that you can use (Online or Download) Several free CAD programs are available online or can be downloaded for mechanical or product engineering and other purposes.

52 free CAD software that you can use (Online or Download)

This article lists out the top free 3D CAD programs and platforms. 3D Slash This 3D modeling tool, targeted at beginners, comes for free (standard version) and used through web browser. The modeling method is almost similar to how models are created using Minecraft. Notably, desktop, tablet, and mobile versions are also available. The designs can be shared on social platforms or as 3D prints. TinkerCAD This free CAD program is available online and is a cloud-based application. House floor plan benefits by Sushmita Roy. 3D Drafting Tips for Architects by Sushmita Roy. Virtual Staging: Why real estate businesses should use it. Traditional home staging is a costly business and it involves huge commitments both in terms of time and effort.

Virtual Staging: Why real estate businesses should use it

No wonder why, the real estate industry has shifted to virtual staging, thereby rendering traditional home staging obsolete. If you are a real estate agent who doesn’t have adequate budget to stage multiple properties, then virtual staging is a cost-effective option for you to maximize the value of vacant properties and to optimize their marketing strategies. Virtual staging brings a property into the limelight, allowing prospects to visualize how their future homes would look like. In this article, we would discuss about the different types of virtual staging and how it benefits real estate entities and homeowners alike. Different Types of Virtual Staging. Exterior Rendering Benefits by Sushmita Roy.

How 3D design improves the quality of architectural projects? Advantages of 3d modeling in architecture 3D modeling has continually kept evolving over time and proved very helpful in the field of architectural design.

How 3D design improves the quality of architectural projects?

Apart from the architectural domain, its capabilities are also explored in other industries like gaming, film, product development, advertising, healthcare, and more. 3D floor plans: How it helps to increase property sales. How 3D technology transform apparel designs in the fashion industry. Product promotions in several industries are being greatly transformed after the advent of the 3D technology.

How 3D technology transform apparel designs in the fashion industry

Just like architecture, gaming, interior design, and scientific fields, the fashion industry is also reaping the benefits of 3D technologies and taking their product promotions to the next level. Apparel designers and garment marketers are making an optimal utilization of 3D modeling techniques to create realistic 3D blueprints of their fashion vision. Interestingly, the apparel 3D modeling technology has enabled the printing of clothing.

It was in 2011 that Iris van Herpen, a Dutch designer, launched 3D printed garments on the runway. Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel’s ex-creative director, has also created gowns, dresses, and shoes using the 3D printing technology. There are five typical ways 3D product modeling impacts the fashion industry, popularizing brands and making them run profitable and impactful product promotions. Related Blog Posts Contact Us. How to make your 3D Architectural Renderings more Realistic? Back to list Added Jan 22, 2021 3D architectural renderings have always been an important part of the design and construction process.

How to make your 3D Architectural Renderings more Realistic?

The computer-generated renderings have allowed both architects and clients to envision a property space even before it is built. When created properly, the renderings can provide accurate depictions of the building structure and help customers to make conscious decisions. Aside from that, it can aid architects with effective designing, presentation, and marketing of the properties. House Floor Plan Design Tips. 3D Architectural Modeling Services. We offer custom architectural 3D modeling services to create various architecture models such as 3D house plans ,towers, apartments, shopping malls, hotels, institutions, restaurants, hospitals, residential and commercial buildings, etc.

3D Architectural Modeling Services

As a reliable 3D modeling outsourcing service provider, we offer our clients diverse range of 3D architectural modeling services to support them during all stages of planning, designing, and visualization of various construction projects. We assist architects, interior designers, property dealers, building contractors, engineers, and consultants to create interior or exterior architecture models according to their 3D project requirements. We use industry-acclaimed architecture design software to generate stunning results. They also use state-of-the-art infrastructure and computer-aided design (CAD) programs to create stunning virtual building models. Why is 3D Design Important in House Remodeling? The use of 3D design in house remodeling is not new.

Why is 3D Design Important in House Remodeling?

It has been implemented from a long time for the process of architectural design and construction. House remodeling is a worrisome job. It pressurizes the architects with construction. Apart from that, it also creates concern within the homeowner that they may not like the new design. It means that they will have to lose their home forever, which is very much close to their heart. Remodeling is equally important as constructing a new property. 3D Modeling Services. Key Features of Our 3D Model Services The custom CAD models designed by our 3D modeling company are used to represent mechanical components of machines, presentation of architectural plans, and projection of SketchUp models. Out of these, we often receive higher demands for developing three-dimensional modeling designs for real estate projects.

So, if you also have a project requirement for house modeling or any other building 3D design needs, then trusting our 3D modeling agency will be one of your best decisions. We have successfully covered many architectural projects related to industrial, commercial, or residential. Another common requirement which our real estate clients usually have is the creation of 3D furniture models. With our specialized skills and experience in computer graphics, we offer highly realistic and detailed structural representations for serving the three-dimensional design and development needs of any business. Best eCommerce Website Design Trends in 2020. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for e-commerce and online shopping has increased a lot. The interaction with the outside world is limited and almost every work is carried out online. It resulted in increasing competition between the eCommerce businesses since people are relying on them for meeting all their day-to-day needs.

The eCommerce website design trends discussed here will serve in coping up with the competition and become viable. In this article, we will discuss the different reasons why an eCommerce web design is important, what makes a good design, and the latest eCommerce web design trends in 2020. 5 Top Architectural Drafting Features that Every Architect should Know. Computer-aided drafting may prove to be a difficult subject for architects who are new to the field. 3D drafting has revolutionized the way how modern-day architects are creating 3D architectural drawings of buildings to support construction and renovation projects. 3D drafting can prove to be really useful if an architect knows about the prime features of architectural drafting and its potential to add value to a project. Architects who do not have experience in handling CAD software may consider hiring 3D architectural modeling services in order to get accurate and detailed 3D building models created.

Architects should understand why they need professional CAD design service and in this article, we have discussed about the manifold features of 3D drafting, which, in turn, would reflect its true potential in impacting the modern architectural field as a whole: 2020’s Top Market Trends in 3D Imaging Applications. How Does 3D Imaging Works? 3D imaging employs stereography, which is similar to that of the functionality of the human vision system. The human vision is a result of the synchronization of two eyes, which enables us to perceive the depth and width of certain information. A 2D television screen can be considered as an example. Each human eye uses different angles to see the world. One can easily know this by rapidly closing one eye and then the other.

In the same way, a 3D image or shot employs two lenses to capture images that are slightly different from each other. 2020's Top Market Trends in 3D Imaging Applications|anitalorens|note. 3D technology is making consistent progress in the industry with new developments and widespread applications. With each passing year, it is reaching several milestones and has become one of the fastest-growing industries. One of the technologies that also play an important role in its advancement Is 3D imaging. Recently, three-dimensional imaging has become immensely popular for both industrial and consumer-based applications. However, it has already been the topic of discussion for years by technology enthusiasts.

Use of CAD in Jewelry Design. 5 Best Tips to Design and Print 3D Miniatures. 3D printing has brought a huge change in the manufacturing domain. Today, with the help of the internet, production no longer needs to be centralized and can be carried out remotely. 3D Exterior Design Services. The Importance of 3D Graphics Animation in Marketing & Advertising. Back to list Added Nov 15, 2020. Advantages of using 3D Images for Advertising by Sushmita Roy. Interior Design Trends 2020 That Have Become Obsolete. Interior design trends are assuming new makeovers every year. As a new year starts, new trends emerge and old trends perish and people set new design goals so as to get their lives refreshed in some way. A part of this initiative is people’s interest in getting their homes redesigned so as to keep their homes up-to-date as per the current design trends.

However, this may be a really challenging task given the fact that trends keep on changing continuously. Are you facing a similar situation? This article covers facts on interior design trends 2020. Grey is no longer complimented with grey. Basing Your Real Estate Social Media Content Ideas on 3D Visualization. 6 Stages of Computer Graphics that the 3D Rendering Process Generates - ThePro3DStudio’s Newsletter. The process of 3D rendering includes a number of phases. All You Need to Know About 3D Package Design - ThePro3DStudio’s Newsletter. Packaging artworks plays an important role when it comes to the branding of products.

It is one of the factors that customers subconsciously consider while purchasing a product. Get value-added furniture 3D models for your online business. Landscape Design: 8 Ways How 3D Can Transform Our Cities. Creating the perfect landscape design can be exciting. You will find a lot of ideas online that can help you shape your dream project. However, there are certain things to take care of if you want to make it a success. Traditionally, the landscape designers used to present the outline of the landscapes with a 2D blueprint. Even drawn in the best way, it was a bit difficult to understand. Top 7 Modern Office Architecture Design Challenges. Every organization has a unique work culture and different requirements associated with it. Since the requirements are nowhere similar to each other, it is nearly impossible to use the prototype designs. Various Types of 3D Modeling for All your Creative Needs.

Best 3D Modeling and Animation File Formats (7 Formats) Animation industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Digital marketing is exploiting the visual impact that rich and animated content has on potential consumers. Cartoons, movies and other animated sequences are offering immersive experience. 3D Interior Design Rendering Services. Creating 3D Models for Merchants: Things that you should be aware of.

3D Interior Design Services: A Priority for the Modern Architects and Interior Designers - ThePro3DStudio’s Newsletter. 3D Interior Design Services: A Priority for the Modern Architects and Interior Designers - ThePro3DStudio’s Newsletter. How to Use 3D House Design Elements for Giving a Rustic Look? 3D Architectural Exterior Renderings: Shaping your visions Uploaded by SushmitaRoy at Your Listen. 2D Floor Plans or 3D Floor Plans? Which is the ideal option for real estate agents and architects?

Top 7 Reasons Why You should Use 3D Images in Advertising. Why Should You Consider 3D Rendering In Your Marketing Plan? Optimize Your Ecommerce Product Images Using These Simple Tips. The Pro3DStudio: A Globally-Acclaimed Provider of 3D Walkthrough Animation Services by Sushmita Roy. 3D Printing is Transforming the Manufacturing Industry. ThePro3DStudio Intro. How is Augmented Reality Boosting Sales in the Furniture Industry? 5 Ways How the Design Industry is Getting Transformed by 3D Printing. Operative eBook development tips. Top Ways to Boost Your Productivity while Working from Home.

Tips for achieving best 3d jewelry model for printing. Box modeling techniques for getting a perfect 3D model. 3D Sculpting Services. Effective tips for increasing photorealism in 3d renders. 3D Modeling: An Overview on Various Techniques. Key benefits of animation for the eLearning industry. 3D Interior Rendering: How to increase your property sales? How can 3D modeling enhance architectural design? 15 tips to create lively and realistic character animations. Outsource 3D Modeling Services. 3D Modeling, Rendering and Animation Services Company.

3D Modeling