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Fourteen Defining Characteristics Of Fascism. UPDATED: The HB Gary Email That Should Concern Us All. As I wrote yesterday , there is a leaked email that has gotten surprisingly little attention around here.

UPDATED: The HB Gary Email That Should Concern Us All

It's the one where Aaron Barr discusses his intention to post at Daily Kos - presumably something negative about Anonymous, the hacking group. But that's not the email I'm talking about here. As I also mentioned yesterday, in some of the emails, HBGary people are talking about creating "personas", what we would call sockpuppets. This is not new. PR firms have been using fake "people" to promote products and other things for a while now, both online and even in bars and coffee houses.

But for a defense contractor with ties to the federal government, Hunton & Williams, DOD, NSA, and the CIA - whose enemies are labor unions, progressive organizations, journalists, and progressive bloggers, a persona apparently goes far beyond creating a mere sockpuppet. Yes!!! In another Word document, one of the team spells out how automation can work so one person can be many personas: Really? Link. CorpWatch : Index. CounterPunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names. Sherrod Brown isn't toning it down - David Catanese and Manu Raju. Sherrod Brown is Ohio’s last statewide Democrat standing after a Republican tide washed over the state in November.

Sherrod Brown isn't toning it down - David Catanese and Manu Raju

The first-term senator’s approval rating rests below the perilous 50 percent mark, and he’s compiled one of the most liberal voting records during his four years in the upper chamber. Political custom suggests that Brown, who’s up for reelection in 2012, would have made a break toward the center by now. But even as some of his fellow swing-state colleagues show the typical signs of recalibrating their profiles in advance of an election year, the 58-year-old Brown shows no indication of dulling his progressive edge. Continue Reading Most recently, during the standoff over the Wisconsin legislation limiting collective-bargaining rights for public employees, Brown underscored his status as a dyed-in-the-wool defender of the labor movement — at some cost, because of the vehemence and impropriety of his remarks on the Senate floor. “I’m going to be who I am,” Brown told POLITICO.

Five Student Protesters Arrested at Michigan Capitol During Sit In. Five students chose to stay and get arrested today when the Lansing rally and protest against Governor Rick Snyder’s “financial martial law” (among other rights Snyder’s bill takes away) was interrupted by state police demanding that the protesters leave the interior of the Capitol.

Five Student Protesters Arrested at Michigan Capitol During Sit In

As protesters banged on the doors from the outside and protesters on the inside chanted, “Let them in! Let them in!” Police tried to convince the protesters inside the Capitol to leave. As the 50 or so students still inside the Capitol weighed the decision, arguments for being arrested were, “The only way we have to have our vote is to be arrested.” And, “I’d rather face state troopers than a privatized police state.” Listening to them make this decision reminded me of one of a speaker’s warnings during an earlier rally speech to Synder, “You took our houses, you took our jobs, now you’re raising taxes on the poor, we have nothing left to lose!” Governor Synder is begging for a protest tougher than this.


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