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TheOrganic.Life is India's first online shopping site providing 100% certified Organic gardening products such as fertilizers, seeds, vermi composter, garden pots and many more.

Organic Fertilizer, a right choice to Your Kitchen Garden - TheOrganic.Life. Ask any kitchen gardener, if they would prefer organic fertilizer or chemical fertilizer for their garden and the response will be unanimous “Organic Fertilizer”.

Organic Fertilizer, a right choice to Your Kitchen Garden - TheOrganic.Life

Why? Because they are free from chemicals & its hazards, environment-friendly and hold much more benefits when compared to chemical fertilizers. A good fertilizer is a secret behind any flourishing and thriving garden. It offers sustainability and increases the productivity & growth quality of the plants. Why does one need organic fertilizers? We use fertilizers as an essential input in gardening also called plant food. Types of some organic fertilizers are. Compost Food Waste In A Specially Designed Garden Composter (Bangalore,). Garden & Pond. Listing Began: 6/5/17 Number of Times Viewed: 12 Image 1 of 1 Seller's Comments and Description: Composting can be done in so many ways.

Compost Food Waste In A Specially Designed Garden Composter (Bangalore,). Garden & Pond

All you have to do is, collect the composting materials like food scrubs, vegetable skins, coffee beans, dry leaves or any other kitchen waste and store them in a garden composter with or without microorganisms. Details. Some Amazing Natural Ways To Beat The Heat In Summer. When the scorching heat of Summer cracks open the soil dry and sucks up every bit of moisture, all we crave for is a bottle of cold drink and a packet of glucose.

Some Amazing Natural Ways To Beat The Heat In Summer

But, as we know, gulping down a bottle of soft drink every day is not a good habit at all. It can cause severe health problems in the future like liver problems, kidney stones and an increased level of cholesterol. So, what should you do? How to prevent the heat from taking up every bit of your energy? Organic Small Vertical Pot In India - TheOrganic.Life. 6 Gardening Hacks To Prevent Excess Evaporation In Summer - TheOrganic.Life. Sun, Sun!

6 Gardening Hacks To Prevent Excess Evaporation In Summer - TheOrganic.Life

Go Away! I wish the moisture to stay My plants are drying The flowers are crying. Buy organic Seeds Red Amaranthus in India at best price shop online: TheOrganic.Life. Details Red Amaranthus/ Dhantu: The Superfood and a Powerhouse of Iron, Vitamins, and Minerals.An ideal food source for your family, the leaves of the red amaranth can be cooked and eaten, just like spinach.

Buy organic Seeds Red Amaranthus in India at best price shop online: TheOrganic.Life

The seeds of red amaranth are also consumed as cereal grains (Rajgira). Featuring bright red flowers and an imposing height, the red amaranth is a great addition to your backyard or terrace garden. Purna Grow-Well 1Ltrs. Details Grow-Well is a revolutionary product researched and developed by one of India's leading organization focused on research to bring out organic products that would improve the quality of food that we consume.

Purna Grow-Well 1Ltrs

Grow-Well is a nutritionally balanced organic input for plants that stimulates and provides the much-needed plant nutrients, proteins, vitamins and other essentials. Grow-Well leads to stronger and healthier root and stems, resulting in better uptake of essential nutrients. It breaks the dormancy and promotes germination rooting and further helps the vegetative growth of the plants. Grow-Well has yielded 30 - 50% higher yield,under testing conditions, Dosage: 3-4 ml per liter of water for foliar spray.

Composition:Castor, Organic Compost, Gypsum, Inoculum, and Water. Application: Shake the bottle before mixing with water. Premium Organic Fertilizers - TheOrganic.Life. Quality Vegetable Seeds - TheOrganic.Life. 4 Reasons You Should Start Composting Kitchen Waste Today. In India, the urban city dwellers throw away about one-half of the food they eat.

4 Reasons You Should Start Composting Kitchen Waste Today

The dustbins are always packed with garbage, exuding foul odor and making it difficult for a person to walk by. Although the Government is trying to create a more clean and healthier India by advising us on sustainable waste management techniques but, how many people are actually changing their ways to promote that endeavor? Even if you throw the food scraps in the dustbins and not elsewhere, still you are creating a huge amount of garbage on a daily basis. So, it looks like proper waste management is not enough to create a healthier India. How To Pick Suitable Organic Pots For Your Garden? One of the greatest delights in life is to watch your plants grow in front of your eyes.

How To Pick Suitable Organic Pots For Your Garden?

People who love gardening look at their plants as their children, and not some green living thing that decorates empty spaceread/901965746s and provides oxygen. Thus, they take maximum care to ensure that their plants stay healthy and look beautiful despite the limited spaces in which they are kept. Generally, the urban dwellers prefer to grow their plants in balconies or terraces due to lack of space. Thus, it becomes all the more important to find the right containers and start your organic garden. Now, how are you going to choose the right containers? The Key Benefits Of Readymade Organic Soil Conditioners. Basically, soil conditioners are organic/inorganic substances added to the soil to increase its fertility.

The Key Benefits Of Readymade Organic Soil Conditioners

In a country like India, people tend to use organic compost in their gardens but it takes a lot of time to prepare a high-quality organic compost. Owing to the busy schedules people have these days, it may become a little difficult to manage that time. Hence, you may get your hands on ready-made organic soil conditioners as an effective replacement. The Key Benefits of Conditioning Soil For Plant Growth Soil conditioning boosts your gardening efforts by releasing essential nutrients in the soil, loosening up the soil for enhanced growth and improving its moisture retention capacity. Grow Organic Lettuce in Kitchen Garden - TheOrganic.Life. If your are a newbie to organic terrace gardening, its always better to start with the leafy vegetables that yield in a short period of time so that you will be more encouraged and happy to try other vegetables.

Grow Organic Lettuce in Kitchen Garden - TheOrganic.Life

Lettuce is becoming more popular in India with its great health benefits. It’s a rich source of moisture, energy, protein, fat, carbohydrates, dietary fibre, and sugars. The minerals and vitamins found in lettuce include calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, along with vitamins like thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, folate, vitamin-B6, A, C, E and K. Frequently Asked Questions On Terrace Gardening Methods. Nothing can match the delight of a gardener when he or she notices that first green leaf on the seed he/she had sown a few weeks before. However, the concept of gardening is almost alien to the urban city dwellers in India if they are not fans of the green. But the people who long for a potted plant on their window sill or their balcony can easily opt for terrace gardening if they have that option.

However, it is anything but easy to grow a small space garden. Although the gardening enthusiasts opt for their terraces to grow a variety of vegetables and flowers, but, only a few of them are aware of the correct methods to start an organic terrace garden. Furthermore, gardening is an art. Growing Tomatoes in 10 easy steps on Terrace Garden - TheOrganic.Life.

Tomatoes have a vital place in almost every Indian kitchen and are the most versatile food ingredients that come in various shapes, sizes and colour. Tomatoes are one of those easily grown veggies in an organic terrace garden that can be grown all round the year. So lets know how to grow our own organic tomatoes in 10 easy and simple steps. Buy Organic Plant Nutrients Online India. Premium Quality Organic Seeds Online - TheOrganic.Life. Managing Kitchen Waste : Composting at Home - TheOrganic.Life. One of the major problems that’s on rise in most of the urban cities is managing urban waste. An urban Indian citizen generates nearly 700 grams of solid waste per person per day that is nearly 250 kg in a year and around 60 per cent of it is made up of organic matter. The precious wet waste that can potentially become black gold, remains unusable junk inside our landfills and in addition it releases harmful toxin gases due to anaerobic decomposition.

By mixing this organic waste with the recyclable waste (paper, plastic, metal), we make even the recyclable waste less recoverable. The key to a clean, garbage free city lies in citizens who take up the responsibilities of source segregation and composting. So let’s get started with composting at home to do our part towards reducing the piling up of landfills that can be accomplished in very easy and simple steps. 6 easy steps to convert kitchen waste into rich compost : Grow your own Organic Spinach at home - TheOrganic.Life. Spinach ( Palak ) is one of the easiest leafy vegetables that can be grown by anyone all-round the year.

Owing to the best health benefits it offers us and of course the yummy recipes that can be prepared, it is always better to grow our own spinach that’s fresh, nutritious, with optimum water content, green colour and delicious as compared to the one bought from stores that would have lost almost all these properties before reaching us. Most important is it will be free from harmful chemical pesticides. Choosing the spot: Keep the containers/planter boxes in a place which receives sunlight for morning few hours. See that the spot should not get harsh sunlight since spinach comes well in partial shade. Sowing: Containers/planter boxes used to grow spinach should be around 6-8 inches deep and preferably wide. Organic Gardening Tips for Small Space Gardens in Summer. The scorching heat is becoming unbearable day by day! Summer in India is the season that everyone takes a lot of time to get adjusted fully.

Tiredness and fatigue are two significant observations during this period. But, if you have a hobby like gardening, you can indulge yourself in it to get rid of the monotony. These days you do not need to buy a big house with a huge backyard if you have a thing for gardening. Effective utilization of small spaces, for example, the balcony, can turn your gardening dreams into reality.

If you are one among them, you will find multiple ways to turn your small apartment into the Garden of Eden, that too in Summer. The plants you may grow during Summer If you have a South or South-West facing balcony, it is likely for the plants to receive enough sunlight. Organic Planter Box Online - TheOrganic.Life. 6 Tips to Create an Amazing Organic Terrace Garden.

An All in One Maintenance Kit for a Healthy & Pest free Garden. Do you have a small garden, either out of passion or profession? If yes, you also care for its wellbeing. A Garden for every one. Fresh air, Visual Appeal and Therapeutic value. Plant lovers and aesthetics conscious people often have small plants in pots indoors by their windows or on their center tables in the living room. Having indoor plants can have a lot of benefits, apart from adding beauty to the room decor. Indoor plants have positive impact on our health of human beings. Planting indoors is no rocket science. The Organic Life is Providing Affordable Organic Vegetable See... 8 Vegetables to Grow in Your Organic Terrace Garden. With the congestion of city life, vegetable gardens for apartment dwellers seems to be a difficult prospect. What our Star Sportspersons Diet Plan. When you are into sports, you cannot afford to munch on anything and everything you come across.

You have a physique to maintain, a certain level of fitness to achieve and most importantly, a country to represent. Buy Garden Tool Kits in India at best price shop online : TheOrganic.Life. Get Purified Inside Out with Proper Detoxification Techniques. It is not earth-shattering that you always try to keep up with the fast paced world. In fact, you should. Don't Let the Monsoons Keep You Away from Your Fitness Goals. Staying fit requires extreme levels of determination, loads of sacrifices and complete understanding of your body. Behind the eye-popping, perfectly toned figures of athletes and celebrities you see on screens and billboards, there lie lots of effort and hard work which most fail to comprehend.

Make Your Terrace Garden Glow by Purchasing Gardening Tools Online. Buy Organic Plant Pots & Planters from TheOrganic.Life. Buy Quirky Colorful Planter Box at The Organic Life OFFERED from Banglore Karnataka Bangalore Urban @ Classifieds > India > #458342 Buy Quirky Colorful Planter Box at The Organic Life OFFERED from Banglore Karnataka Bangalore Urban,free,indian, The Couple Who Transformed Barren Land into 300 Acres of Wildlife Sanctuary. How would you feel if you woke up one fine morning and found yourself amid a vast stretch of lush green landscape, the chirping of birds and rustling of leaves being your constant companion? As dreamy as it might sound, there is one couple in India who has managed to make this dream a reality. Meet Pamela Malhotra and Anil K Malhotra, who spent about 25 years of their lives purchasing barren farmlands and then converting them into a sprawling 300 acres of wildlife sanctuary.

Named as the Save Animals Initiative (SAI) Sanctuary, it is located in Brahmagiri near the Western Ghats, and is the first private sanctuary of India. As Pamela reveals, both her husband and she are extremely passionate about nature and wildlife and the appalling state in which forests and greenlands in India are simply disappoints them. 5 Tips for Gardening In This Monsoon. If you are fond of gardening, then monsoon is the ideal period. Water, which is one the essential requirements, is readily available. In addition, as the soil remains moist most of the time, it becomes a favourable medium for seed germination.

This sounds good, but adversities can haunt any time. Therefore, it is required that you follow the proper tips and keep your garden healthy and fresh. Buy Gardening Hand Shovel Online from TheOrganic.Life. The Organic Life Offers 10% Off On All Organic Gardening Products This Monsoon. Say Hello to “Zero Budget Natural Farming” with Subash Palekar. Buy Organic Plant Nutrients Online in India from TheOrganic.Life. Buy Premium Quality Organic Fertilizers in Bulk from TheOrganic.Life. Buy Organic Seeds Online in Bulk from TheOrganic.Life. Government Policies for Improving Agricultural Productivity. How Organic Fertilizers Help The Soil? How Soil Conditioners Improve Soil Quality. Create Your Own Compost by Using Smart Kitchen Composter. Starting A Terrace Garden-What To Plant?

Why You Should Prefer Organic Food over Conventional Food. Why Celebrity & Sportsman love Organic Food? Buy Organic Soil Conditioners from TheOrganic.Life. Buy Organic Flower Seeds Online in India from TheOrganic.Life. Buy Terrace Garden Kit Online in India from TheOrganic.Life. Buy Composter in India at best price shop online : TheOrganic.Life. Buy Organic Fertilizer Online in India from TheOrganic.Life. Buy Organic Gardening Tools Online in India from TheOrganic.Life. How Organic Gardening Can Generating Gifting Ideas? Grow Your Own Lemon Indoor. Indoor Plants to Purify the Air Under Roof. Bio Compost Organic Fertilizer - TheOrganic.Life. Organic Plant Growth Promoter - TheOrganic.Life. Fertilizers, Seeds, Composter & Garden Pots In India - TheOrganic.Life.

Quality Vegetable Seeds - TheOrganic.Life.