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American Society for Indexing: Software. Please Note: If you are an author or editor needing to prepare an index to your book or other publication, you may wish to consult our Indexer Locator, which lists professional indexers, their areas of expertise, and full contact information.

American Society for Indexing: Software

Find the indexer best suited for your project. Dedicated Indexing SoftwareWeb IndexingUtilities and Add-OnsThesaurus Management Software Note: ASI does not endorse these products and makes no claims as to their effectiveness or suitability for any particular use. The software tools used to generate indexes come in many flavors and varieties. Which technique is used depends on variables such as budget, eventual re-usability of the source material, time constraints, media used to publish the material, file sizes and transferral issues, and individual preferences. ASI: Indexer Locator. Society of Indexers. Why indexers are needed There is no substitute for a good index produced by a human indexer who has carefully analysed the text, identified the important concepts, provided links between related, sometimes un-named concepts and allowed for alternative approaches from users.

Society of Indexers

This is a vital component for information retrieval in a text and this applies to both ordinary print and e-versions of texts. Although full text searching is possible in electronic documents this is a very imprecise tool compared to an index which will not only locate specific aspects of a topic, but also provide in its entirety a useful map of the content of the publication. The job of the indexer is to analyse the text of a document so that users can: Genealogy Indexer: Searchable Directories. Resources for Prospective Indexers. The first thing to recognize is this that YOU are in charge: Freelance income is dependent upon the number of books contracted, hours worked per week, speed and experience levels.

Resources for Prospective Indexers

It takes marketing (=it's a numbers game), experience (=speed, accuracy), repeat business (= quality work), and time (=2-5 years) to build up to the good income levels . This is honest, skilled work, not a scheme to get rich quick. The second thing is that there is a lot more to indexing than meets the eye. Following all the rules is fairly easy (with a lot of practice and feedback); it is the art of indexing that is hard.

Don't forget this as you read on. And the third thing is to re-read the second thing and think about it. How to get started: 1. 2. 3. PDF: Reference Works About Indexing. Software for Web Indexing. NY State Archives: Indexing Software. The New York State Archives has compiled this list of indexing software vendors to aid government agencies, local governments, and other entities searching for companies and individuals providing indexing software vendor services.

NY State Archives: Indexing Software

This inventory lists organizations, their contact information, as well as a brief summary of services offered when the information was available. While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy and completeness, you are encouraged to contact vendors directly for verification. The New York State Archives assumes no responsibility for the professionalism of any vendors listed. These vendors have done needs assessment or implementation work for local governments in New York State under a Local Government Records Management Improvement Fund (LGRMIF) grant or have requested to be added to this list. This list is not meant to endorse, recommend, or require use of any particular vendor on this inventory. Revised 17 January 2014 17a-4 llc.

DCA, Inc. Top. Index Using Microsoft Excel. Index Using Word & Excel. PDF Index Generator. SimpleIndex. TExtract. Semi-automatic indexing for quality-conscious indexers and authors With TExtract you create the back-of-book index for the printed and ebook editions of your book in three steps, using a unique combination of automated and manual indexing: Just drop a PDF version of your book onto TExtract.


The initial index is created fully automatically. Running through the text to mark entries is not needed. You edit and expand the index using powerful and easy to use in-context navigation, selection and editing features, available in no other software. Working with TExtract the indexing process is supported from the outset by the index itself. CINDEX. SKY Index. Tim Craven: Freeware. 32-bit Windows packages (The self-extractors for these packages currently all require 16-bit support.

Tim Craven: Freeware

In case of a "16-bit MS-DOS Subsystem" error message, consult the Microsoft help page at (In Windows Vista, running the self-extractors as administrator is recommended. Running one of the self-extractors as an ordinary user typically produces the useless error message C:\Users\username\Local\Temp\_INS0432. (An alternative to running a self-extractor as a program is to change the extension to , extract the contents, and run in the folder containing the extracted files.) (Using XP compatibility mode may also help with some problems.)

(In Windows XP and Vista, the applications are best viewed with "Windows and Buttons" set to "Windows Classic Style".) (There are no specifically 64-bit versions of these programs, nor are there likely to be. Article on using TheW32: De Vorsey, K.L.; Elson, C.; Gregorev, N.P.; Hansen, J. 2006. For sample XRefHT32 indexes, see Java packages Source code. MACREX. Virginia Systems. Malmquist Index Software. Book: Genealogy & Indexing. PDF: Indexing Book Reviews.