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TOS is an ultimate monitoring and spying software to monitor and track cell phone and computer activities secretly. It supports Android, iPhone, Mac and Windows operating system.

“Bulling” Beyond the School Gates. “Bisexuality & Homosexuality” is on the Rise: How Parents Protect Teenagers? Everything in the universe follows the nature.

“Bisexuality & Homosexuality” is on the Rise: How Parents Protect Teenagers?

Earth revolving in their orbit and around their axis, flowers blossoms in spring and mankind came into existence because of Adam and Eve. When anything tries to go against nature, destruction is imminent. A rapidly increasing number of women and men claim that they are bisexual, according to the reports of the national survey of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Since the awareness campaigns about the bisexuality have started over the last few years, the bisexual people started admitting as bisexual publically, the professor at Indiana University and author of well-known book “Sex Made Easy,” Stated that. Plenty of people claiming as a bisexual and has risen almost 45% within last three years in the United States. According to Professor ROY Baumeister of Florida State University, female sexuality is totally different than male sexuality. Pornography: Homosexual or Bisexual Friends:

Instagram Dangers: How Parents can Protect Teens: The social media and its creatures in the shape of social sites and social instant messaging apps has immensely putting kids, pre-teens, and teens in danger by sharing images online.

Instagram Dangers: How Parents can Protect Teens:

The young kids and teens shared images especially on the Instagram social networking app, for getting complimentary statements from their fellow online friends. Therefore, the social networking is the world most significant platform for young kids and teens to sharing images frequently. Therefore, parents should be aware of the dangers on the particular instant messaging app, in case they come to know that their young kids, preteens, and teens are posting their photos on regular basis online. Almost 75 million users daily use multiple social websites, approximately 400 million users in the whole month, the 51% are male users, the 49% users are female, 14% of users have admitted that they use the social instant messenger while driving and 9% of young teenagers are bullied by using the Instagram application. Sockpuppet – Gone is the Good Old Definition.

Gone is the time when a sockpuppet inspired by their favorite Sesame Street characters used to bring them delight and joy and they would consider themselves cool and a part of the “IT” crowd of owning such a thing.

Sockpuppet – Gone is the Good Old Definition

Today, if you claim to be owning a sockpuppet, especially a sockpuppet account on one of the social media platforms is a sure shot sign of knowing that you are up to no good. What is a Sockpuppet? A sockpuppet is a social media profile, a web page or a website created with the pure intention of deceiving people. CIA Hacking Android And iPhone Smartphones: Tech Companies Pushing for Fixes.

Wikileaks released a trove that users of Android, iPhones smartphones and use of instant messaging applications and social websites and sharing information on tech devices are being compromised by CIA and tech companies pushing for fixes.

CIA Hacking Android And iPhone Smartphones: Tech Companies Pushing for Fixes

May you think that are you a terrorist? Are you are the only person on this planet that the powerful Central Intelligence Agency, a third party doing a vulnerable unethical activity by breaching and spying your privacy. The well-known cyber security analyst “Nigel Phair” from Canberra University is used to of creating awareness among the masses that they should take care of their smartphone devices, but now even he is not able to speak that how general public are able to counter against the powerful intelligence agency (CIA).

“Nothing is possible to make secure anything which has the connection with internet service, he stated that. The leaks of The CIA documents is the largest US intelligence leak since the Snowden NSA files. Obesity Control Tips: How to Monitor Obese? The world most powerful and developed country “The United States of America” is dramatical, running with the dangerous diseases known as obesity.

Obesity Control Tips: How to Monitor Obese?

Obesity can be defined as, a person having huge massive body fats which impact badly on their health, according to the World Health organization. Since last 30 years, the childhood obesity number has doubled, the young children age 12 up to 19 were 5% in late 1980’s but until the mid of second decade of 21ist century figures have increased nearly 21%.

Almost on third of America’s child population is overweight or obese. The disease is not penetrating among the young children only; it is the same with the adults in the United States. CIA Hacking Android And iPhone Smartphones: Tech Companies Pushing for Fixes. Look After Your Spouse by Using Monitoring App. All the relationships have their bad times and often breakdown due to some suspicions on each other.

Look After Your Spouse by Using Monitoring App

Are you facing the problems like that and you don’t know what to do and what not to do. Maybe you are thinking that your spouse has second thoughts? Valentine’s Day 30% Discount offer on Android Premier Plan. SMOMBIES – The Problem of the Day. The Negativity of Hike Messenger: How Parents Can Monitor Their Kids. Is Your Child Addicted To Porn - Find Out With TheOneSpy App. Our generation is much different from the 90’s generation.

Is Your Child Addicted To Porn - Find Out With TheOneSpy App

We don’t have to go down to the CD place at the end of the street and buy porn from the adult section of that shop. You could very easily get access to porn, probably much easier than anything else. So, can children gain access to porn as quickly as anything else? The answer would be yes. No porn website wants tweens on their website. Let’s talk a bit more about the limits. Child Molestation: How to Know When Something Is Wrong? It is a sad fact to know that 96% of the time the person who has sexually assaulted your child, based on the reported cases, are the people your child or you know intimately.

Child Molestation: How to Know When Something Is Wrong?

They maybe your sister, your brother in law, your next door neighbor, a work friend, your child’s nanny, babysitter, your housekeeper or even their own father. Unfortunately, that is a very true, yet devastating, fact that 16% of the time it is your own husband or your child’s father who is responsible for traumatizing your child and scaring him or her for life. Thus, instead of looking closely at the bookstore owner the next time you pay them a visit, look closely at the people who live in your own home. They might be the very people you need to be aware of. Whether you are a concerned dad or a very simple mom, reading something like this must be pretty hard for you to even comprehend, but imagine the consequences of something like this happening to your own child? Parents Can Help Their Teens Deal with Peer Pressure. Christmas Holidays Discount at TheOneSpy - 50% Flat OFF on Everything. Why Should Parents be Worry of Apps like Kik.

How to Limit Mobile Use of Kids this Christmas. Vine – How is it dangerous for Teens? Use TheOneSpy App on Multiple Devices and Operating Systems. Tracking Fraud in Corporate World with TheOneSpy Tracking Software. The Black Friday and TheOneSpy 50% OFF Sale Season. Tricks, Treats and Dangers of the All Hallowed Eve. Pokémon Go – The Hype and The Danger. Is Your Child Lying To You? Find Out The Causes. Online World: A WarZone for Kids. Remote Monitoring – How does it Work? There were times when it was pretty hard to monitor persons remotely.

Remote Monitoring – How does it Work?

Although in those days there was not even a harm to stay out of home for long. And the offices were secure of every sort of heinous activity. But with the passage of time, it almost became inevitable to surpass the corridors of crime and terror. Nowadays, the workplaces have become a hub of fraud and corruption. In such a situation parents and employers are at a shared perimeter. Remote Monitoring: The term “Remote Monitoring” doesn’t involve any specific gadget or an insurgency device that can be planted anywhere to have disguised information about that place or any particular person.

Certainly, parents and employers can even not inquire each and everything from their children and employees respectively. Ways to be a Vigilant Parent. It’s not necessary that vigilance comes along nature of a person.

Ways to be a Vigilant Parent

At times people have to adopt such habits. Especially when it is concerned about the children, parents have to be vigilant. Monitoring Kids: How Much Is Too Much. Kids are by far the most important part of our lives. Our love for them knows no bounds which then leads us to act in certain ways which would hurt our kids in the long run or ruin our relationship with them. When it comes to our kids’ safety, as parents we tend to take certain steps that are not ethical to most people, but we justify our actions by saying that “as parents, we can do it”. But this is hardly the case. Indeed they are our kids and for a certain portion of their lives, we have to take care and protect them. But cajoling them and snooping around their things and interests too much can prove harmful for their personality as well. Where they go. The Kind of People You Need To Keep Away From Your Children.

How to Make Sure That Your Child Isn’t Being Cyber-bullied? Channeling Your Inner Spy - Monitor Calls, SMS and Track Locations. Workplace Supervision Redefined. Signs that your Teen Is Addicted To Facebook. Sex Offenders and the Threat they Impose on Society. Child Safety and Privacy Control on Social Media. SMS Tracking – Necessary or not? Give Your Relationship a New Cozy Touch with TheOneSpy - Infographic. The Ghost of SnapChat – Invasive or not? Should Parents Buy their Teens Tablets before 7? A man with his spouse and three years old kid goes to a digital devices shop and asks the retailer to bring a tablet for his son. The guy on the store politely asks the man how old his son is. The man looks at his face and answers that he is just three now. The guy tells him that you will have to wait for seven years until your child turns to 10.

The man and his wife were shocked, and the child also felt sad. When on asking for the reason, the store boy told that your son is just 3, spend time with him, teach him goodness, ethics let him gain happiness before he starts using digital devices and becomes hurtles. This is what most of the young parents do when their teens ask for toys, tablets and digital devices. The early age of a child should be dedicated to his raising, spending with parents, being educated in excellent manners and schools. Furthermore, when a teen is handed such a digital devices, parents should be careful about multiple factors.

Final Line. Let’s Join Hands to Save Spoiled Teens in the Online World. How to Catch Employees Who Take Days-Off with Lame Excuses? It often happens when you enter the office and take your seat to kick off your day; you see an application for leave from an employee on your table or it might happen you need an officer from a certain department, and you hear that he/she has taken a day off. Few employers believe in what their employees tell them, but some suspect it and want to figure out what the actual reason is. The blog post articulates such reasons, fake excuses and will comprise an effective solution to cater this hiccup. Excuses that Employees come up with for Leaves Necessity is the mother of invention and staff finds it absolutely fine to put forward fake excuses to take a day off when they have to perform a particular sort of private job.

Mainly the reasons they provide to the bosses and employers include, my kid was sick, I was not well with a fake doctor’s note, my vehicle went out of order, and I had to attend the funeral ceremony of a relative who suddenly died and few more too. Bottom Line. How Can You Become an Influential Father? – An Exclusive Tribute to All Fathers. How to Protect Kids from the most Dangerous Apps? Infographic - How to Monitor and Manage Workplace. How to Keep Tabs on Tablets of Your Teens? When the word “Tablet” appears, simply an idea flashes into mind with an image of a mini computer.

Tablets resemble very much the computers but mainly differ in size; the tablets can be handed and picked anywhere but computers can’t. When it comes to parental control, “monitoring tablets of teens” become an inevitable part as few teens use cell phones while others are provided with tablets by their parents or in gifts. The post aims at proffering a detailed guidance on why and how the parents should keep tabs on the tablets of their teens. 95% teens between 12-17 years are using the internet and social media through cell phones, computers, and tablets.

A recent study shows that 23% teens use to access the internet, social media and various other dating and entertainment websites through tablets. Deploy TheOneSpy Monitoring App Benefits Associated with Features of TheOneSpy App. How to Catch Cheaters with TheOneSpy Application? Protecting Kids from Dating Apps. As the use of social media has increased so has grown the rate of crimes, bullying, harassment, sexual abuse and kids’ rights exploitation. The non-tech savvy parents ignore such concerns as they don’t know what actually these social media dating apps are. Moments to Spare Kids from Menace of Social Media Apps. How to Monitor and Track Employee's Cell Phone Remotely with TheOneSpy. Facebook and WhatsApp Dangers for Teens. Our research has come up with a general assumption that every social media app or website, irrespective of their nature, usage, acceptability and popularity, poses severe constraints and threats to the users. Tumblr Causes Dangers to Teenagers.

Almost every parent acknowledges that they can’t keep vigilant eyes on the latest social media apps installed on their kid’s smartphones. If a parent educates his/her children on an individual app like Facebook or Whatsapp and their dangers, the teens change their apps and convert to others i.e. Tumblr, Instagram, etc. it’s merely like a game for the kids to use recent and newest apps every day. How to Record & Tap Calls on Android without Rooting? There have been a lot many queries from the users on how to tap calls, record them, check history and is there some reliable app that intercepts calls. Legitimate and Ethical Use of Spy Applications. 4 Most Dangerous Social Media Apps for Kids. Top Dating Apps that Kids are exposed to. When College isn’t the Best Choice for Some Kids…. A girl steps out of her car on the college gate. The driver speeds away, believing that she’ll go inside, on her own. Don’t Forget To Keep an Eye on their whereabouts through the Location Tracker!

Through the GPS tracker, you’ll be able to ensure your teen is driving safely and in an agreed-upon area, or that your child isn’t wandering around after school when he or she should be home or at a friend’s. How to Break Your Kid’s Porn Addiction Using Monitoring Applications. Tips on How to Become a Better Parent. So you aren’t keeping an eye on their Facebook? You might need to think again! Do you know what they are doing on Skype? Here’s why you need to! How to Spy on WhatsApp Conversation. Hike in Number of People Surfing the Web Behind the Wheel. How to Hack Viber Chat with TheOneSpy. Facebook Chat Spy Software to Monitor Teenagers. Valentine’s Day: The Symbol of Love and Romance - Infographic. How to Build Better Relations with Your Staff. Monitor Your Teen’s Whereabouts Using the TOS Spy Camera Feature. Stream through the Browsing History with TheOneSpy. Are You a Helicopter Parent? Then This One is For You! The Cellphone Spyware Police don’t Want to Acknowledge.

Surround Your Loved Ones with TheOneSpy - Record & Listen to Surround Sounds of Android Phone. Google is Spying on You. Spy On Text Messages. How to Spy Without Having the Phone. The Importance of Cell Phone Safety. Why You Should Use Cell Phone Tracking. How Google Monitors Every Move You Make. Monitoring an iPhone and iPad Tablet Using TheOneSpy. How to Build a Scam Free Family. 6 Advantages of Monitoring Employees. Facing Reality: Cyberbullying Is Not a Fad, It's a Fashion. How Far is Too Far With Respect to Employee Monitoring? Protecting your child from bullying. How to Capture Images From Your Subject’s Phone with TheOneSpy.


Employee Monitoring Through TheOneSpy. Spy vs Hackers - Difference Between Spy Software & Hackers. How To Record Calls Using TheOneSpy. How Employee Monitoring Can Be Helpful. Make your teen a responsible user of technology. Is it ethical to engage in employee monitoring? Selfie culture among generations. School hacking - an issue requiring attention. Human resources and employee monitoring explained. Monitoring an iPhone using TheOneSpy. How To Record Calls Using TheOneSpy.