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Facebook Insights : Le Guide Complet Pour Bien Débuter. L'utilisation des médias sociaux dans le monde. Quelles Sont Les Techniques Marketing Qui Génèrent Le Plus De Leads. How Marketing Automation will Need to Evolve to Survive. Passage En HTTPS Obligatoire Pour Les Pages Facebook Avant Le 1er Octobre !

11 Social Media Marketing Lessons from the Old Spice Campaign. The Old Spice campaign has proven to be one of the most memorable creative marketing and advertising concepts ever executed.

11 Social Media Marketing Lessons from the Old Spice Campaign

It has longevity and endurance that has been achieved through a mix of several reiterations as well as using online and offline marketing, social media and PR that has kept the original content bubbling across the Web. Wieden + Kennedy created the original ad for the Super Bowl for their client Procter and Gamble the owners of the iconic Old Spice brand. The ad featured former NFL athlete Isaiah Mustafa and was a a video centric marketing campaign that combined both traditional and social media. The Old Spice Campaign Facts and Figures Here are some of the numbers that were the result of the continuous marketing campaign. INFOGRAPHIC: 91% Of Recruiters Check Social Networks. A shocking 91 percent of recruiters screen applicants via social networks, according to online reputation manager Reppler.

INFOGRAPHIC: 91% Of Recruiters Check Social Networks

Reppler includes that data point in an infographic (scroll down to see it) created in time to plug the latest upgrade of the vendor’s reputation monitoring service, which has expanded to include LinkedIn and Twitter in addition to Facebook profiles. Reppler evaluates profiles based on the tone and appropriateness of their content, as well as the consistency of their information across social networks. With the new version of Reppler coming out just days after Facebook introduced a host of changes, including its new timeline profile, we wondered if the tool was obsolete before it launched, but marketing consultant Perry Mizota explained: It is a bit early to know how we will exactly deal with timeline.

However, it seems as if the innovation around timeline has more to do with the visualization of one’s information, rather than the information itself. 5 Key Steps To Mastering The Social Media Marketing Landscape. I had the pleasure of being accomodated at 5 star hotel the other day and when I went down to breakfast I was confronted by an array of food selections that an ancient Roman Emperor would have been impressed with.

5 Key Steps To Mastering The Social Media Marketing Landscape

The luxury of choices that confronted me was overwhelming and selecting what to eat almost becomes an exercise in filtering the noise and array of stimuli of sight and smell that stood spread before me. Do I eat something that is a change from my normal day to day diet or should I be courageous and select something I would not normally have at home? Should it be really healthy, slightly healthy or or just plain decadent. Conférence F8 Facebook : Timeline, OpenGraph et GraphRank. The World’s Top Ten Social Networks. Social Networking has become a global phenomenon over the past 8 years and continues to grow year on year.

The World’s Top Ten Social Networks

So we’ve all heard of the big players like Twitter and Facebook, but there are thousands of Social Networking sites out there, many of which have been left by the wayside since the introduction of Facebook. Let’s take a look at the top ten Social Networks of 2011. 10 Interesting Social Media Statistics. Jeffbullas.

Social media marketing is the latest hyped business marketing method and it is proving to be a very effective way of marketing your business when done correctly.


Most chief marketing officers know that e-mail marketing is still a very effective marketing tool and in fact last year a survey revealed that CMO’s still consider it as a top priority in their marketing plans for 2010. Omniture and The CMO Club conducted a Digital Marketing Survey in May of 2009, asking 102 CMOs to rate the relative effectiveness of digital-marketing media. Most respondents, 78%, found email marketing most effective, while 33% had success with online communities and blogs. The real benefit of social media is it’s ability to leverage your message and amplify your content as people take your message and spread it on their social networks. 5 Good Reasons to Blog Your Life. Facebook Répond A Certains Objectifs Marketing Des Petites Entreprises. Who Are The 10 Most Social Media Networked Companies on The Planet? Playing in the school yard when you were five or six quite often involved comparing how many friends you had which was helpful in calculating how much influence you had and how important you were in the schoolyard pecking order.

Forward 20, 30 or 40 years and now in 2010 you can quantify your influence and attention through social media metrics. Netprospex have taken it a step further and have quantified the top 50 companies that have the most connected employees. So if you are curious to find who is the most connected company on the planet then here are a few numbers that provide interesting reading. 20 Social Media Ratings You Should Be Monitoring. So you have a great idea for a Television show.

20 Social Media Ratings You Should Be Monitoring

You know that the content is going to be exciting, enticing and fascinating and make the viewers tune in night after night. Your TV ratings will make you a legend. The challenge for TV is you have to prove that the content is great by creating a pilot that can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to demonstrate to the TV network that the concept is a potential rating bonanza and worth running. You either fund it yourself or you need to find an investor to stump up the money to do the pilot. It is very hard to test without investing major dollars. What Is The Speed Of Social Media? I recently had the pleasure of travelling on the Eurostar train between London and Paris via the tunnel under the English channel at 300 kilometres an hour which is a great way to travel and sure beats travelling by Donkey.

What Is The Speed Of Social Media?

I certainly enjoyed the experience as I was mesmerized for over an hour in the cafeteria carriage as we weaved and tilted around gentle curves and inclinations towards the French capital at what seemed a frenetic pace.. my friends back in their seats wondered what had become of me and whether I had sucumbed to the wiles of a French maiden.. but sadly no, it was the intoxication of speed not pheromones that had enraptured me. Train travel in the last century has moved from steam to Maglev (magnetically levitated), with the worlds fastest train being recorded at 581 kmh in Japan recently. Google+ Est Enfin Ouvert A Tous !

Google+ est désormais accessible à tous à l’adresse suivante

Google+ Est Enfin Ouvert A Tous !

Pourquoi 2 sur 5 Fans Facebook Cliquent « Unlike » ? [Etude] Les médias sociaux dans le monde en 2011. 50 Signs You’re Addicted to Social Media & Twitter. It’s Saturday morning.

50 Signs You’re Addicted to Social Media & Twitter

You wake up out of the fog. You manage to open one eye and reach for the iPhone. You push the little round button so you can say good morning to your friends. Since the rest of the family is still asleep you think “hmmm… I’ll just go into my office and send a few tweets, see what’s circlin’ on Google+ and upload the photos from the seminarthis week to Facebook.” Well, that was at 7:00 am. How to use LinkedIn to jump-start your job search. This e-mail question-and-answer session is with Joshua Waldman.

How to use LinkedIn to jump-start your job search

He is the founder of and the author of the new book “Job Searching with Social Media for Dummies.” Sign up for his newsletter and get access to his exclusive training videos for free. How does one get started building a personal brand? How is personal branding different from corporate branding? The main difference between you and a tube of Crest toothpaste is that you have feelings. Jeffbullas. I am contemplating obtaining and securing domain names for my teenage children. Are they starting a business? Quel Est Le Taux D’engagement Moyen D’une Page Facebook. Suppression De La Fonction « Envoyer Une Mise A Jour » Pour Les Pages Facebook. Jeffbullas. Technology is rewiring our brains, our culture and our habits. Social media networks are disrupting industries including marketing, sales and knowledge industries.

The job search market is also being reinvented as social media platforms provide the tools and information that HR managers had only dreamed about 5 years ago. LinkedIn provides more than 100 million people with a platform that essentially is an on-line CV with additional networking benefits. Recruiters spend hours a day on LinkedIn researching and finding candidates for their clients. Quelles Sont Les Pages Facebook De Marques Françaises A Plus Forte Croissance. 8 Ways to Sculpt Your Personal Brand Using Social Media.

8 Ways to Sculpt Your Personal Brand Using Social Media Perhaps one day the traditional resume will disappear as we know it today. Maybe LinkedIn or Google will replace it. Slideshare. 70+ Essential Resources for Making a Difference on the Social Web. It's been a great year for social good and digital philanthropy. The Internet has been abuzz with ways to create change using social tools, from sparking revolution in the Arab World, to raising relief funds for the Japanese earthquake and Pacific tsunami victims, to spreading awareness of the famine in the Horn of Africa. Understanding the 'social enterprise', part 1. L’edgerank, L’algorithme Qui Détermine Votre Réussite Sur Facebook !

7 Ways to Optimize Content for Social Sharing. Twitter Lance Enfin Son Outil Analytics ! The State Of Social Media Report Q3-2011. Can Buzz About Brands on Social Media Really Influence Share Prices? Jean-Louis Baffier, Salesforce: «Avec les réseaux sociaux, l’entreprise travaille à la bonne vitesse et à la bonne échelle.» Comment Les Consommateurs Interagissent Avec Les Marques Sur Facebook ? [Etude] La Durée De Demi-Vie D’un Lien Est D’environ 3 Heures [Etude] Quels Sont Les Statuts Facebook Qui Favorisent L’engagement. Outils des Medias Sociaux par The Myndset Digital Marketing.

Twitter Compte Désormais 100 Millions D’utilisateurs Actifs [Stats] Data By Da{t}ta - Shiraz Datta: The Growth of Social Media: An Infographic. Like, Me gusta, Gefällt mir, Mi piace: A cross-language comparison on the use of the Facebook Like button « blog. Fashion's Night Out: How Social Media Is Adding More Value. 7 Tips to Increase Your Blog Comments. Quel Est Le ROI Des Médias Sociaux ? – Infographie. 70% D’engagement En Moins Sur Facebook Pour Les Publications Automatisées. Quelles sont les Pages Facebook Ayant Le Plus Fort Taux D’engagement En France ? – Aout 2011. Réseau social d’entreprise : IBM Connections s’ouvre à la mobilité. 4 Key Points for Dealing with Criticism on Social Media. Jeffbullas. Stay On Top Of Social Media Evolution To Appease Your Audience. Comment Utiliser Les « Sponsored Stories » de Facebook Pour Promouvoir Votre Entreprise.

Les Femmes Cliquent Plus Sur Les Annonces Facebook Que Les Hommes [Etude] Créez Votre Twitter Fan Page Avec Twylah ! 6 Tips for Starting an Online Community. Découvrez L’actualité « Social Media » De La Semaine N°34. The Marketing Pilgrim Writers' Garage — Why Should Mobile and Social Media Integration Be Integral Parts of Your Email Marketing Services? Nouveautés Bouton +1 : Partage Vers Les Cercles De Google+ Et Ajout De Snippets ! Facebook : Nouveaux Paramètres De Confidentialité Et Options de Partage Inédites ! 27% Du Trafic Référant Vers Les Pages Facebook Provient de Google [Etude] Le Display En Hausse Pour Un CTR En Baisse Aux USA. Les Statuts Longs Augmentent Le Taux D’interactivité Sur Facebook [Etude] Découvrez L’actualité « Social Media » De La Semaine N°33. 3 Tips for Teachers Using Social Media in the Classroom. Quelles sont les Pages Facebook Ayant Le Plus Fort Taux D’engagement En France ? – Juillet 2011. Klurig Analytics Social Media ROI Tools Internet Social Media Marketing Dag Holmboe Boston Massachusetts.

La Conversation Sur Les Médias Sociaux N’augmente Pas La Portée [Etude] 8 Ways to Discover Content Ideas From Your Readers. The definitive list of the 100 things you need to know about social media. The True Cost Of Your New Social Media Employee. The Trust Factor of Social Media — Social Media Marketing. Improving Your Facebook Page with Customized Tab Applications: 10 Examples.


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