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The Octopus Tech Solutions

The Octopus Tech Solutions is the best outsource telemarketing services with highly sophisticated call centers. We are the leading outsourcing telemarketing services that can help you in generating leads, gathering relevant and potential client base.

Octopus Tech Named Among Clutch’s Top Call Center Companies. Octopus Tech Solutions is a next-generation call center outsourcing company that has helped numerous organizations to reinvent their businesses for the digital age.

Octopus Tech Named Among Clutch’s Top Call Center Companies

We’ve grown to become one of the leading outsourcing companies in customer support. We provide a wide range of outsourcing solutions to help businesses across multiple industries improve their profitability and reduce costs. Our services include telemarketing, inbound and outbound call center services, lead generation, chat support, virtual assistant services, and email support services.

With our many years of experience, we ensure that our clients get the results they deserve. We are as much dedicated to working on projects today as we were back since this company was established in 2011. We’ve recently been recognized as a leader on Clutch in the voice and call center services space. Receiving this award is no small feat, and we’re extremely appreciative of this recognition.

An Essential Guide to Vertical and Horizontal Outsourcing. In an age of globalization and technical know-how, Vertical and Horizontal outsourcing practices are becoming increasingly common in call center activities.

An Essential Guide to Vertical and Horizontal Outsourcing

These practices are a natural extension of business processes used in other parts of the world. Vertical and Horizontal Customer Support outsourcing can be defined as a set of marketing strategies that have a common focus on optimizing the productivity of an organization in its most important activity: Customer call center operations. The various elements of Vertical and Horizontal outsourcing include Customer call center services, BPO outsourcing, and telemarketing. There are three ways in which BPO can be considered a form of Vertical and Horizontal outsourcing. First off, BPO is a sales strategy and it is aimed at increasing sales productivity. Telemarketing is a relatively new concept in the arena of BPO. Enhance Business with SMS and Email Customer Support. SMS and Email Customer Support Outsourcing has been the buzzword in the business circles for a long time now.

Enhance Business with SMS and Email Customer Support

It’s the best way to deal with your customer service needs efficiently. SMS and Email Customer Support is the backbone of an SMS infrastructure that allows users to send SMS from mobile devices. It makes it easy to stay in touch with customers through their phones. Apart from being a cost-effective option, it also enables you to have real-time communication with your business associates. SMS or Short Message Service is the most popular way of sending short text messages or SMS to the user’s mobile phone.

Companies offering SMS and email support services offer a wide range of mobile solutions including mobile application development and mobile marketing. Outsourcing Customer Support Through Whatsapp. Customer support through Whats App is just one of the great customer support services offered by IBM.

Outsourcing Customer Support Through Whatsapp

One can avail reliable and quality solutions to a wide range of problems through this customer support portal, which is the most accessible way to get quick responses. For instance, if one needs to exchange queries and solve problems with IBM customers, then they can do so through this portal. Why is it Important to Track the Customer Journey? Simply put, a customer support outsourcing firm or a BPO is only as good as its last performance.

Why is it Important to Track the Customer Journey?

And this means that they need to deliver customer support round the clock and every time. The customer support provider must be able to provide quick answers to questions and must be able to handle unexpected situations. For this reason tracking becomes crucial, without which the customer will never be fully satisfied with the service and may not stay with the firm any longer. Nowadays, most customer support outsourcing companies track customer journeys using web based tools like customer journey analysis and measurement. These tools are designed by companies so that organizations can easily track their interactions with their customers, on that basis customer satisfaction levels are calculated and improved. But what do these tools actually tell us? Remote Working Trends of 2021 in the BPO Industry - Octopus Tech. The past year has brought about so many changes for every industry.

Remote Working Trends of 2021 in the BPO Industry - Octopus Tech

While some have suffered, others have learned to pivot and adapt to survive and even thrive during this pandemic. The BPO industry is one such industry that was able to leave behind archaic thoughts about remote working and accept it completely to function during the times of lockdown across the globe. BPO Services Helping Edutech Companies Increase Their Customer Base. The EduTech sector has come out of the boundaries of traditional educational services and adopts modern technology to enhance the educational experience.

BPO Services Helping Edutech Companies Increase Their Customer Base

BPO Services play a crucial role in the process when a student wants guidance and certain information, call center’s experienced agents help them to solve the queries over calls, emails, and texts. Outsourcing Customer Services to BPOs helps the EduTech sector to generate more leads and handle the business hassle-free. Along with the customer support services over voice, call centers also help with the customer support services over chat and email along with several other business solutions. Outsourcing customer support services to third-party BPOs reduce organizational stress and save additional operational costs.

EduTech market in India will grow up to a size of around US$ 1.96 billion in 2021 with around 9.6 million users, the actual number can be even higher. Cost-Effectiveness. Why Businesses Struggle with Lead Generation? Everyone must have heard about lead generation, there’s nothing new in that, right?

Why Businesses Struggle with Lead Generation?

But for those who have never heard about the term “lead” or “lead generation” then you are at the right place. Tips for Choosing the Right Content Moderation Services. Today, the whole world is under the impact of social media.

Tips for Choosing the Right Content Moderation Services

Social media platforms are very useful for surfing as well as uploading content. The content that the user uploads is considered as user-generated content (UGC). Research shows that UGC influences a majority of people than any other information on the company’s website or App. So, the companies have to hire Content Moderation Services in order to maintain their brand’s reputation. Social media content moderation has become a prerequisite for every social media platform. Octopus Tech Solutions Named a Top B2B Company in the World. Every year, Clutch announces their Leader Award winners.

Octopus Tech Solutions Named a Top B2B Company in the World

These companies represent the highest-ranking service providers on the site according to geographic location and service line. We are excited to announce that Octopus Tech Solutions is a global B2B leader on Clutch’s directory. We have been specifically recognized for our BPO services, coming in at #4 in the world! Located in the heart of Washington, DC, Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews platform. Their team independently interviews the former clients of companies. Customer Support Services for E-gaming and E-sports Industry. The gaming industry has been escalating since it filed into the mainstream in the 1980s.

Appealing updates in online streaming, as well as Virtual Reality, seem to lead the way. Yet, without a smooth user experience, the game’s popularity can suffer a setback. So, with a growing demand for e-games, it is becoming important to get help via Customer Support Services on time. This allows them to stay engaged in the game, creating brand loyalty, and increasing a player’s lifetime value. BPO Services for Order Management and Delivery Processes. Order management plays a vital role in every business for its delivery processes. It’s important not only for getting new customers but also for the swift processing of the existing customer’s orders. Thus, sales in every online business require good delivery processing services. Cart Purchasing Support Processes Leads to High Conversion Rates. The demand for eCommerce websites is growing rapidly.

Delivering a wonderful online shopping experience to the customers purely depends on the cart checkout process. If the website has a user-friendly checkout process, there is a high chance that a customer will buy the product. On the other hand, a complex checkout process may lead to the loss of customers. Big online shopping companies involve various strategies to make users comfortable with their checkout process. Customer Support Services for Customer Retention in DTH Company. Customers are the base of every business. With vast competition in the DTH industry, identifying the target for the company’s growth is very important.

Tips to Consider before Outsourcing Quality Assurance for Telemarketing. Are you aiming to achieve the highest C-SAT (Customer Satisfaction) among peers or consumers? Are you sure that all the calls or queries in the queue are answered with minimum average handling time (AHT)? Does your Net Promoter Score (NPS) fall behind that of competitors? Customer Support Outsourcing - A Need for NDR Processes. In the shipping and logistics zone, we usually came across a term NDR. Non-Delivery Report abbreviated as NDR is an acknowledgment of the delivery of the orders which could not be delivered. It also specifies the reason for non-delivery. Expand Customer Base and Revenue for DTH. Today, the way television networks and live-streaming options are enabling a wide range of content; the responsibility of cable and network providers is turning out to be more crucial. However, the credibility of any major brand or network operator begins with effective customer experience.

Increase your Company’s Revenue by Outsourcing Telemarketing Services. Telemarketing is a time-tested method of getting leads or generating sales. This can involve cold calling a database of customers and informing them about your product or service’s benefits. Outsource to Curb Your Debt Collection Woes. In the present times, businesses are hard-pressed with the challenge of investing, saving, giving debts, and even retrieving the owed debt back in a timely way which puts financial pressures on them. Unfortunately, this results in the delay of their payments and clock-up outstanding bills. Also, this can lead to distraction from core business goals and unnecessary wastage of time and money. Customer Experience - Why is it hard to build a reliable Strategy? Content Moderation Services to Protect Your Online Presence.

In today’s digital world, with everyone having access to social media and other sites, content publishing is on the rise. And there is uncertainty about the type of content which can harm societal relations, sentiments, and even the name of the brand. 6 Ways to Deliver Consistently Impeccable Customer Service. In this age of everything being automated and fast, trust and seamless communication do not come easy.

Outsource Telemarketing Services to Keep Business Intact during Covid-19. As the Coronavirus pandemic is constantly pushing countries into lockdown, massive business transformations are taking place. However, it is normal for businesses to fluctuate between ups and downs. Why Should You Outsource to India for eCommerce Business Growth? The e-commerce sector has made a drastic effect on the lifestyle of people. Proud to Be Recognized as Top BPO Service in India! In our increasingly digitized world, it’s essential for companies to stay on top of ever-changing technologies to maintain a competitive edge.

Since 2011, Octopus Tech has been helping companies stay agile in a dynamic world. We’re a leading call centre and web design outsourcing service in India committed to creating efficient solutions for our clients across the globe. Content Moderation Services: An Emerging Opportunity for Improving Brand’s Reputation. The Changing Dynamics of Customer Support Outsourcing in 2020. Why Your Business Needs Multilingual Call Center Services.