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Pas de veine. Tattoo & ink gallery - Mozilla Firefox. Sofia's Journal: Wrist Tattoos. A girl I work with has tattoo sleeves covering each arm.

Sofia's Journal: Wrist Tattoos

They're not quite finished yet but they are, quite literally, a work of art. It got me contemplating tattoos again. I always gravitate towards wrist tattoos. Something about the delicate skin on the inside of the wrist and the harsh contrast of dark ink makes an interesting pairing. Some I'm currently loving... The Making of a Tattoo Flash. Free Tattoo Designs: Tribal, Gemini, Cross, Star, Butterfly, Che.

_k Y n s t_ Inked Magazine. 11/24/09 / Photographer: Amy Postle / Stylist: Genevieve Espantman / Author: Jennifer Goldstein Agent Provocateur bustier and panties; Chinese Laundry shoes.Ellyse Amelia is studying to be a vegetarian chef while writing a novel about a blood-sucking vampire.

Inked Magazine

She lives in Brooklyn, NY, but gets tattooed in south Florida. She’s done most of her recent artwork in pencil, but she’s covered in ink. Yes, Ellyse, 22, is definitely a woman of wide and varied interests. “I guess that’s true,” she laughs. Other outlets for her creativity are the pencil drawings and collages she does, the book she’s writing about a lesbian vampire who’s stuck in what could be considered vampire purgatory, and, of course, her tattoos. She went on to get more artwork than the other women in her family, and much of it—including a passage from The Prophet, by Kahlil Gibran, and a line from the Emily Dickinson poem that begins, “If I can stop one heart from breaking”—has been inspired by her love of literature.

Rose Tattoos. Tattoo DesignsA category wise collection of Tattoos.

Rose Tattoos

Get images of tattoos on body. Sarahtree. Pheonix_Tattoo_by_zachlost. 40 Koi Fish Tattoos. Koi fish tattoos are as varied and as popular as the animal they represent.

40 Koi Fish Tattoos

Koi tattoo designs are often combined with splashing water, cherry blossom and lotus flowers. Koi fish are a species of carp (Koi is the Japanese word for carp) that are specially bred to have wild, brilliant color schemes. Originally a ravenous pet species that stirred up silt in waterways, the Japanese have inbred them and turned them into gemlike marvels. The general symbolic meaning of koi and koi tattoos is good luck. Interestingly, the Japanese assign different symbolic meanings to the fish depending upon the way it behaves, either in the pond or in the wild.

Japanese Koi Fish Tattoos The Japanese word Koi translates as carp, but also as love, therefore koi fish are a symbol of love (the kind of love you have for your lover, not for your parents for example). In Japan, the koi as a symbol is very masculine. Tattoo. Tattoo Art - Tattoo 50 Incredible Tattoos Inspired By Books.

The Trade Journal for the Professional Tattooer. Tattoos, Artists & Girls. Tattoo Art Works Al-Haut. Cherry Blossom Tattoo Designs. The cherry blossom is a beautiful flower that grows on cherry trees and that is closely related to the rose (cherry fruit comes from another kind of tree).

Cherry Blossom Tattoo Designs

Cherry blossoms, which are most commonly found in Western Asia and Eastern Europe, have become popular cultural and social symbols in China and Japan, across different forms of art, including tattoo art. Cherry blossom tattoos are often inked in the style of vines that wrap around the body or as the entire tree with blooming flowers. Saved Tattoo. TATTOOCONV.FR. Ink It Up: Archive. 0 tags xemieex asked: To the person who wants script acros their chest ... I have exactly that and swallows on each shoulder it is surprisingly easy to hide but also you'll be surprised how little attention it gets apart from holiday times when it's very obvious eg bikini little tank tops etc !

Xxx infinitely-dreaming-of-you asked: I really want to get a sentence in fancy writing across my chest but am worried about the repercussions because it will be so visible... Tattoo Artist Creates Impressive Freehand Tattoos On The Spot Without Any Sketches. For some, getting a permanent tattoo can be a huge commitment – it is, after all, for life.

Tattoo Artist Creates Impressive Freehand Tattoos On The Spot Without Any Sketches

But what about a tattoo that you never even got to see before it was applied to your skin? Because that’s exactly what Jay Freestyle, a talented tattoo artist in Amsterdam, does – he creates his art directly onto his clients’ skin without any previous sketches. This practice works for Jay because he’s an extraordinarily talented artist. From photorealism and geometric designs to modern abstract art or watercolor tattoos – he does it all. But the catch is that his tattoos are totally extemporaneous. Jay’s motto captures the essence of his artwork; “Give me a piece of your skin and I’ll give you a piece of my soul.” Tattoo Ideas Central.


Bleu Noir. Accueil Lile aux tatouages. ***BRUNOKEA*** Horiyoshi The Third - Clothing and Accessories - Horiyoshi III. Treeoflifetattoo. Contrariwise: Literary Tattoos. YOUR MEAT IS MINE Yann black tattoo - Mozilla Firefox. Fuck Yeah, Tattoos!