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Academic Portfolio. Sharing Your Research – Librarian Design Share. With the ALA Annual Conference wrapping up, there are likely several librarians and library school students breathing a sigh of relief after completing a successful presentation.

Sharing Your Research – Librarian Design Share

Super proud of your poster? Feeling like your presentation slides were on point? April and I would like to encourage you to submit your poster / slide deck designs for an ALA Conference feature post. In the mean time, today’s post is a poster from a different conference: The Maryland-Delaware Library Association Conference in beautiful Ocean City, MD. Jenise Overmier, Instruction Librarian at American University in Washington, DC, created a great poster using a combination of Canva and Google Slides. I saw a presentation at the Collective Conference in Knoxville, TN this past spring that featured Canva. LabsterX - Full-stack web developer and IT consultant. GitHub - aaronjamesyoung/ajyplus: AJY+ - A skeleton developer theme for WordPress.

New Website: Some technical details. As I mentioned a couple days ago, I’ve built a new website!

New Website: Some technical details

I talked a bit about the “why” in the last post, but today I want to give a few details about the nuts and bolts. This will mostly be an overview without getting into the specific code I wrote. A Starter Theme for WordPress. Genesis Framework by StudioPress. Arkansas FFA Association. Yoga With Adriene – Free Yoga Videos & Online Yoga Classes. Baxter County Master Gardeners - Home. Visual Studio Community 2015: Setting Up a Site. This article was sponsored by Microsoft.

Visual Studio Community 2015: Setting Up a Site

Thank you for supporting the sponsors who make SitePoint possible. For this series of articles, we’re going to use Microsoft’s modern IDE: Visual Studio Community 2015, along with an assortment of useful tools that will probably be familiar, including Bootstrap, MailChimp and Adobe Kuler. Home – HSAToday. GeneratePress - Lightweight, Responsive WordPress Theme. GeneratePress. Designing a Responsive Website for Higher Education / Randy Jensen Online. Developers often hear that building websites is becoming easier with every new website-creation application that’s built.

Designing a Responsive Website for Higher Education / Randy Jensen Online

So easy in fact that web designers were suppose to become obsolete with the introduction of Front Page, then Dreamweaver and now apps that tell us to “stop coding and start drawing”. Every one of these applications was another nail in the coffin of the web developer. But as anyone in the industry knows, every day that passes, new technologies are being added to the modern developer’s toolbelt and building a website has only gotten more challenging. This all brings us to today. A brain dump of the last 12 months of development of the new Richland College website.

Welcome to the Old State House Museum. Our Big Kitchen Makeover: The Reveal. Close the Innovation Deficit. APLU is helping to lead the effort to close the innovation deficit -- the widening gap between actual and needed federal investments in research and higher education.

Close the Innovation Deficit

Recent budget battles in Washington, including sequestration, have left U.S. research funding relatively flat at a time when other nations such as China, India, and Singapore are dramatically boosting research funding to develop the next great technological and medical breakthroughs to power their economies forward. Working to close the innovation deficit has been the centerpiece of APLU's work, along with the Association of American Universities and The Science Coalition, to increase federal funding for research.

Watch: Learn Why We Need to Close the Innovation Deficit in 4 Minutes. 11 Essential Elements of a Perfect Blog Design (a Data Driven Answer) Gulf Shores Events - Gulf Shores Calendar - Gulf Shores AL. Home - Annual National Shrimp Festival. The conference for makers of the web. Purple Cow Restaurant Menus. Purple Cow Menuspclr-admin2015-09-16T17:07:55+00:00 Menus By Location Little Rock and Hot Springs Conway Brunch Menu Conway Brunch Kids Menu Sure, our service is terrific and the family-friendly atmosphere is great for kids.

Purple Cow Restaurant Menus

But it’s our food that keeps people coming back for more. Treat yourself to some of our classic diner specialties – famous burgers, grilled sandwiches and creamy shakes – or try something entirely new (if Fried Pickle Spears are wrong, we don’t want to be right). We never claim to be fancy, but we always promise to be good.

Arkansas Invasives - Taking the natural out of the Natural State. vSlider Multi Image Slider for WordPress. Showcase your portfolio, animate your header or manage your banners with vSlider 4.0+. vSlider is a wordpress image slider plugin where you can host multiple image sliders and upto 20 slides per slider.

vSlider Multi Image Slider for WordPress

More Features. Sobe Theme. Sobe is a lighthearted personal blogging theme for sharing life’s most memorable moments.

Sobe Theme

Choose between a one- or two-column layout by adding widgets, let your content stand out with post formats, add links to your favorite social networks, and customize with a site logo or header image. Sobe with optional sidebar Sobe is responsive, ensuring the transition between different devices and screen sizes is flawless for your readers. On the front page, your site title, description, logo, and/or header are displayed in a bold, prominent way, capturing visitors’ attention.

On other posts and pages, the header area is smaller to put the focus on your content. Lifestyle Theme by StudioPress.