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So your Motorola SURFboard Gateway SBG6580 is a pain in the… Last August when my introductory Comcast internet rate expired and Comcast raised the monthly modem rental fee my bill nearly doubled, so I decided to buy a cable modem instead of leasing one.

So your Motorola SURFboard Gateway SBG6580 is a pain in the…

Anytime I buy a piece of electronics equipment I try to buy the newest technology with the hope that it won’t be obsolete in less than a year or two. Less financial output from me and less electronics waste in recycle centers and landfills. I did a lot of research up front and compared a number of different modems, features, reviews and prices. My criteria list was fairly short: I wanted an all-in-one wireless router and modem, DOCSIS 3.0+, Wireless-N, Apple and Comcast compatible, with a max price of $150.

Based on the information I gathered, I reluctantly chose the Motorola SURFboard Gateway SBG6580. Initial set up was a breeze. Residents. San Francisco Property Information Map. Superior Court of California - County of San Francisco. San Francisco Property Information Map. Lifornia's Registered Sex Offender Search Results Page. ScreenedRenters. 790 California Street, San Francisco, CA. Landlord/Tenant Book Index - California Department of Consumer Affairs. Skip to Main Content DCA Entities | Disclaimer | About Us | Contact Us Consumer Publications - Landlord/Tenant NOTICE: Printed copies of both the English and Spanish versions of California Tenants: A Guide to Residential Tenants´ and Landlords´ Rights and Responsibilities are no longer available.

Landlord/Tenant Book Index - California Department of Consumer Affairs

At this time, it is not known when an updated version will be available in electronic or printed format. California Civil Code section 2924.8 Notice of Foreclosure Sale (Translated into English, Español, Chinese - 中文, Tagalog, Vietnamese - Việt ngữ, Korean - 한국어) (Posted on February 25, 2013) ScreenedRenters. 5 Things Your Landlord Won't Tell You By Chelsea Dickan 7 Tips for Moving By Melissa Landrus Three Creative Ways to Market to Renters.


Property Management Software - Rentec Direct. Landlord & Tenant Information. Skip to main content <div class="noscript-warning"><h2 class="noscript-warning--title">Warning: JavaScript is OFF</h2><p class="noscript-warning--message">This website offers functionality that requires JavaScript.

Landlord & Tenant Information

To easily turn ON JavaScript you can follow the instructions provided on the following websites:<a href=" Enable JavaScript</a> and <a href=" Download viewers, Text Only, Listen Now BrowseAloud Landlord & Tenant Info. Forms Center. Landlord/Tenant Book Index - California Department of Consumer Affairs. Fact Sheet 2 - Repair Issues. Common Questions About Repair Issues Tenants and landlords often ask the Rent Board questions about repair issues.

Fact Sheet 2 - Repair Issues

Tenants want to know how they can get the landlord to make needed repairs. If the landlord does not make the needed repairs, tenants want to know what recourse they have against the landlord. On the flip side, landlords want to know how quickly they must respond to a tenant's request for repairs or how they can lawfully gain entry to a tenant's unit in order to make necessary repairs. Topic No. 051: This Year's Annual Allowable Increase. Security Deposits – San Francisco Tenants Union.

New HUD guidance on criminal records puts landlords in a bind. Error500. Neighborhood Safety and Crime Mapping San Francisco Bay Area. The Richmond District Blog of San Francisco. Imagining The Outside District: San Francisco’s What-If Neighborhood. Across the western half of San Francisco stretch 1,017 acres of rolling greenery: Golden Gate Park.

Imagining The Outside District: San Francisco’s What-If Neighborhood

Over the course of its existence, the park, with its gardens, lakes, meadows, and museums, has cemented its status as a San Francisco landmark. However, what if the city’s 19th century planners had instead annexed the Outside Lands not for a park, but for residential development? Sprouting From Sand, a Park Transformed by the Gold Rush of the mid-1800s from a small port town into a thriving metropolis, San Francisco sought ways to incorporate aspects of East Coast cities into its planning and development. Early San Franciscans, inspired by the unveiling of Central Park in New York City in the mid-1860s, petitioned the Board of Supervisors to set aside land for a park.

"Pioneer Californians were proud of their isolation in the far west, but were also aware of their difference from the established, cultured East Coast," wrote historian Christopher Pollock. Richmond District Strategy. Photo credit: John Weiss, Flickr Creative Commons.

Richmond District Strategy

UPDATE: The Community Needs Assessment Survey is now closed and the results are currently being reviewed and analyzed. Please submit your comments to the project contacts. San Francisco Police Department - 124 Crime and Safety updates. SFPD Richmond District Police Station Weekly Update 04-07-2016 From Captain Paul Yep: In this newsletter I will provide even more Auto Burglary prevention information and some IRS scam advice.

San Francisco Police Department - 124 Crime and Safety updates

Please note in the recent incidents summaries portion the great work your officers are doing daily to make the Richmond the safest district in the City! *****Auto Burglary Alert***** Many of you have seen the news stories reporting a significant increase in incidents of auto burglary occurring throughout The City. The Officers of Richmond Station, working with inspectors, SFPD Crime Analysis Unit and plainclothes Officers from other police districts, are working around the clock to identify hot spots and trends, target areas where thefts often occur and increase patrols to combat this concerning issue….but we need your help!

Richmond district feels housing crunch - The San Francisco Examiner. By many accounts the Mission is Ground Zero for The City’s housing crisis, where more than 900 low- and moderate-income families have left in the past five years, and frequent protests aim to curb the neighborhood’s real estate frenzy.

Richmond district feels housing crunch - The San Francisco Examiner

But recent efforts by tenant rights organizations and city officials reveal parts of San Francisco perhaps previously considered immune to the housing crisis — including the foggy Richmond district — are also feeling the squeeze. “What we’re seeing in the Richmond district is that there are very nice, large flats in apartment buildings … that are coming on the market,” said Tracy Parent, organizational director of the nonprofit San Francisco Community Land Trust, which turns apartment buildings into resident-controlled housing. “Some cases don’t even have to list the property on multiple listing service,” Parent added. Richmond District Strategy.

Board of Supervisors : Eric Mar. Eric Mar District 1 Overview Eric was elected in November 2008 to represent District 1, the Richmond District.

Board of Supervisors : Eric Mar

In 2012, he was re-elected for a second term. For over two decades, Eric has been a dedicated and responsive advocate for working families, youth and seniors, small businesses and all the diverse residents of the Richmond District and San Francisco. Term Elected November 2008 for term January 2009 to January 2013 Elected November 2012 for term January 2013 to January 2017. Map Shows SF Drug Crimes by Neighborhood — The Bold Italic — San Francisco — The Bold Italic. - Plan a Trip. BART plans to close the tracks between San Leandro and Bay Fair Stations to perform critical repair work on select weekends starting in March and continuing through May 2016. The next closure is scheduled for May 28-30. During the closure a bus bridge will be provided to shuttle passengers between the two stations. Click here for track closure dates and times, as well as more information on the bus bridge.

1120 Clay St - San Francisco, CA. 1562 Jones St - San Francisco, CA.