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Full Global Listing. Nonprofit Tech Job Board. Jobs - Association of University Technology Managers. _UALR jobs. Search Jobs (39) To view open positions, please enter your search criteria below.

_UALR jobs

You may view all open positions by not specifying any search criteria and clicking the Search button. Welcome to the UALR job site! We are pleased that you have selected UALR as your employer of choice. The application portal has been designed to be easy to use and job specific. To view the position details and/or apply to an open position, click on the position title or the View Details link in the specific posting. PLEASE NOTE: Thoroughly read the question before choosing your answer to the supplemental questions. Bureau of Labor Stats Occupations. Coding Bootcamp Graduates Report 38% Salary Bump. GROWING FOOTPRINT: Expect fierce scrutiny for the coding bootcamp industry, especially now that some programs may be eligible for federal aid.

Coding Bootcamp Graduates Report 38% Salary Bump

Many providers make bold, seductive claims, promising “99% job placement” and big salary bumps after graduation. Are they too good to be true? In a new study by Course Report, a directory for the boot camp industry, 89 percent of bootcamp students reported finding a new full-time job within four months of graduation, and enjoying an average salary increase of $18,000. The data, collected from a survey of 665 graduates from 44 bootcamps, offers a glimpse into a business that is increasingly popular among young, educated adults. Hiring Outlook in Higher Education IT. Personnel Hiring Outlook in Higher Education IT Campus information technology departments are looking for candidates with skill sets in mobile, big data and more — but will the best talent be lost to the corporate sector?

Hiring Outlook in Higher Education IT

By David Weldon12/11/14 With cloud computing, mobile technology and big data analytics on the rise, a lot of change is coming to campus IT departments. That is both good news and bad news. Casting a Wider Net Deborah Scott is already feeling the recruiting pain. Career Center Jobs - Higher Education Career Center by University Business. _Campus Technology Architect Information Technology Baltimore, MD. Under Armour is the chosen brand of this generation of athletes... and the athletes of tomorrow.

_Campus Technology Architect Information Technology Baltimore, MD

We're about performance - in training and on game day, in blistering heat and bitter cold. Whatever the conditions, whatever the sport, Under Armour delivers the advantage athletes have come to demand.That demand has created an environment of growth. An environment where building a great team is vital. _HigherEdJobs. _HigherEdJobs Arkansas. _UAEX jobs policy. The University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service, in establishing its policies and procedures, is bound by University of Arkansas Board of Trustees Policy as well as policies and procedures issued by the State of Arkansas Office of Personnel Management.

_UAEX jobs policy

Quick Links: PeopleAdmin CES Employment site Applicant site I. General Guidelines. _UARK Supervising Employees. Supervisors at the University of Arkansas are responsible for hiring, managing, developing and evaluating appointed or hourly employees assigned to them.

_UARK Supervising Employees

It is the responsibility of the supervisor to set expectations for employee performance, provide the necessary resources for employees to complete their work, monitor employee progress and offer regular feedback. Classified Positions Classified positions are grouped or classified by the Arkansas Uniform Classification and Compensation Act with positions that have similar duties and responsibilities, and require similar knowledge, abilities, skills, education, and experience. Each classification is assigned to one of 30 pay grades. _Non Profit Jobs in Arkansas. _Arkansas Nonprofit Alliance jobs. _Nonprofit Jobs in Arkansas. _Northwest Arkansas Public Relations Society of America jobs. Job Bank As a service to the community, the Northwest Arkansas Chapter of PRSA is pleased to offer a job bank.

_Northwest Arkansas Public Relations Society of America jobs

The job bank will help the members of the NWA chapter know about job openings in the public relations and communications field. The job bank also benefits employers who are seeking to hire public relations and communications professionals. Admin Compensation $100k. 12 Weeks To A 6-Figure Job : NPR Ed. A student at the coder boot camp at General Assembly in New York City learns more than "Hello, world.

12 Weeks To A 6-Figure Job : NPR Ed

" Courtesy of General Assembly hide caption itoggle caption Courtesy of General Assembly A student at the coder boot camp at General Assembly in New York City learns more than "Hello, world. " Courtesy of General Assembly Marlon Frausto is in pursuit of the new American dream. Every day he wakes at 5:30 a.m., commutes 45 minutes by train, and studies until 9 or 10 at night. At age 26, Frausto has gone back to school. Several computing-related fields overlap with web development, all with different education and experience requirements. The Future of Digital Education. Nine months ago, a team of top scholars, practitioners, and leaders from a range of industries were brought together by ACPA to address the issues facing digital educators, students, and administrators in Higher Education.

The Future of Digital Education

The multi-pronged charge and full list of committee members can be found on the Digital Task Force website. What are the new competencies required to be an effective educator in a digital age? How can we best encourage new research? What are the emerging themes that require attention and resources? Holistic Experiential Learning in a Digital Age. Draft Report and Recommendations. By Ed Cabellon and Tony Doody, Co-Chairs of the ACPA Presidential Task Force on Digital Technology On behalf of the entire ACPA Digital Task Force, we are pleased to share with you all our draft report document, featuring our introduction and emergent themes for higher education, and recommendations for ACPA.

Draft Report and Recommendations

Before we submit our final report and recommendations to the ACPA Board of Governors, we are seeking your feedback, thoughts, and recommendations. It is important for college student educators across ACPA and all of higher education to provide perspective on things we may have missed, overstated, or understated in this initial draft. Please keep in mind that our goal for the final report is to have it contain: IntroductionEmergent ThemesRecommendations for ACPALimitationsRecommendations for the Future of the ACPA Digital Task ForceExecutive Summary Reports from All Four Subgroups We are grateful to the Dr. Higher Education is at a crossroads in the digital age of the 21st century. Why Blogging Is Key to the Future of Higher Ed. Teaching and Learning Why Blogging Is Key to the Future of Higher Ed A massive experiment at Virginia Commonwealth University involving 7,000 blogs could lead to a new view on how college students learn.

8 Storytelling Hacks to Navigate College and Career. Carol Barash Amidst a sea of change in higher education and career opportunities, your personal story is a boat to help you steer through stormy waters and navigate to sites of personal meaning and professional success. Long after people forget facts and figures, we remember stories. When you tell a story, your brain comes alive with memories, emotions, and the desire to act. And deep within the person who hears your story, the same three things happen.

Storytelling connects people through shared experience. If you want to learn more about how storytelling engages our shared humanity, this article by professor Paul Zack in HBR provides many resources. Here are eight ways to begin flexing your storytelling muscles to expand college access, career opportunities–and every aspect of life. _Instructional Technologist. Staff Assistant, Instructional Technologist Massachusetts Maritime Academy A special mission college within the Massachusetts state university system. _Job Search by Academic Careers Online. Information Technology orgs.

_Inform Process Consultant/IT and Course Support HigherEdJobs. JOB DETAILS: The University of Wisconsin-Platteville is hiring a full-time, 12-month academic staff member to work as an IT and Course Support person with UW-Platteville's Distance Learning programs. This position will provide technical service support to the Distance Learning Center staff and the Alternative Delivery Systems department and help oversee the students working the DLC helpdesk. Responsibilities will include support of the learning management system, working on technology projects and problem ticket management.

The position is an annual appointment beginning November 1, 2015. The work schedule is Sunday through Thursday, 1:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. The annual salary is $42,500. Required: _Digital Humanities Developer, Columbia University Libraries. The Digital Humanities Developer will provide technology support for digital humanities-focused projects by evaluating, implementing and managing relevant platforms and applications; the Developer will also analyze, transform and/or convert existing humanities-related data sets for staff, engage in creative prototyping of innovative applications, and provide technology consulting and instructional support for Libraries staff.

This new position, based in the Libraries’ Digital Program Division, will work on a variety of projects, collaborating closely with the Digital Humanities Librarian, the Digital Scholarship Coordinator, other Libraries technology groups, librarians in the Humanities & History division and project stakeholders. The position will contribute to building out flexible and sustainable technology platforms for the Libraries’ DH programs and will also explore new and innovative DH applications and tools.

Minimum Qualifications. _Digital Media Maven Tempe Job. Jobing Description. SJSU Emerging Career Trends Info Science. FLC Library - White Paper: Technology Transfer Playbook. APLU. Personalized Learning Consortium. _Web Database Developer. Responsibilities: The selected candidate will work independently to manage existing databases and web servers that disseminate critical Kansas Mesonet/Office of the State Climatologist weather data. _Employment Opportunities. _Communications Coordinator IPM. Position Summary: This position will serve as communications coordinator of the unit’s Integrated Pest Management Innovation Lab program (IPM-IL), including website content and social media.

_Beautiful web & mobile application design and development. Work in a team environment using multiple technologies, including PHP, Ruby, Python., .NET and many other programming languages. _All Positions.