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PowerPoint Storytelling Tricks

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Tips on Preparing PowerPoint Presentations. We Use PowerPoint to Make Our Slide Design Dreams Come True…and So Can You. We Use PowerPoint to Make Our Slide Design Dreams Come True…and So Can You. Forbes Welcome. Microsoft PowerPoint, Universally Designed - The ACCESS Project - Colorado State University. Purpose PowerPoint, the nearly ubiquitous presentation software from Microsoft, is commonly used in higher education to illustrate and reinforce the key points of a lecture.

Microsoft PowerPoint, Universally Designed - The ACCESS Project - Colorado State University

A universally-designed PowerPoint presentation enhances student learning by presenting information in a variety of formats—text, images, and multimedia. In addition to accommodating the different ways people learn, taking a Universal Design for Learning (UDL) approach to PowerPoint will also help you avoid technological barriers that may inhibit students’ ability to obtain important information. The dominant theme of this module is universal access of presentation materials, both in the classroom and in the study space. A lecture or presentation may include audience members who encounter any number of temporary or permanent barriers that prevent them from obtaining all of the information in your presentation.

As an educator, you strive to reach the maximum number of students. How To Display Pop-Up Text In PowerPoint By Hovering Your Mouse Over an Object. Create a Video From a PowerPoint Presentation With Office Mix - BetterCloud Monitor. Your slide recordings are essentially screen captures or screencasts, but you can add interactive elements like written notes, and also include a recording of yourself presenting using your webcam.

Create a Video From a PowerPoint Presentation With Office Mix - BetterCloud Monitor

Once your slides are recorded, you can create a complete video that includes those recordings alongside static slides and other media elements. Check out instructions in the video (and text below) for both. To record yourself presenting slides: Click the Record button in the ribbon.Click Record Audio or Record Audio Video.If you have animations, you can click Next to trigger them.Optionally, write on your slides to emphasize points or add content.Click Next to progress to the next slide and continue recording, or click Stop to pause/stop recording.Preview by clicking Preview Slide Recording.If you need to re-record a slide (or all slides), click Delete Slide Recording or Delete All Recordings and begin at Step 1.Click Close. PowerPoint / Studio ‘13: Tabs Interaction. PowerPoint Video Template - SEO Promo Video. PowerPoint Kinetic Typography - Sparkles Motion Graphic Effect.

How to Use Morph Transition in PowerPoint. Looking Sleek with Smooth PowerPoint Transitions. A major problem that people have when creating presentations is a lack of fluidity and cohesiveness between slides.

Looking Sleek with Smooth PowerPoint Transitions

Not only do smooth transitions make the deck more aesthetically appealing, but they also remove interruptions in the flow of information, which can give an audience an opportunity to tune out. Below I will discuss some transition techniques from a basic to a more advanced skill level. Test some of these out on your next presentation and seduce your audience into a state of both relaxation and attentiveness. The Simple Fix Since people are generally more concerned with the style and content of their slides, they generally tend to neglect the transitions tab on their PowerPoint ribbon.

PowerPoint Pendulums: Hidden Pivots and Harmonic Motion. One trick I seem to be using an awful lot in PowerPoint recently is a hidden pivot.

PowerPoint Pendulums: Hidden Pivots and Harmonic Motion

Yesterday my colleague Scott shared a video (link) he had found of a set of pendulums carefully created to produce a really elegant and beautiful display when you set them all off together. Of course it didn’t take someone long to say “Now let’s do this in PowerPoint”, which I’m assuming/ hoping was tongue in cheek. However for some bizarre reason I felt like the best way to unwind after working on projects all day in PowerPoint, was to make another animation in PowerPoint… …and, this was the result: Compared to the original: Once I had looked at the video, and accompanying description that conveniently included the details of how they got the pendulums to work, it seemed fairly easy to create the effect in PowerPoint.

Most of the cool animations in PowerPoint are anchored on the centre of the object you are animating. The PowerPoint Blog. Animation - Creating Accessible PowerPoint Documents with Microsoft Word 2010. Animations and sounds are used on PowerPoint slides to add visual effects and create a lively presentation.

Animation - Creating Accessible PowerPoint Documents with Microsoft Word 2010

Animations can also be used to provide interaction by adding quizzes using buttons and checkboxes. When animations that provide meaningful content are utilized in a presentation, they must be made accessible or an equivalent alternative must be provided. This tutorial reviews ways to make animated content accessible. Using the Animation Pane The Animation Pane is very useful in many ways. How to Create Lifelike, Moving Creatures in PowerPoint. Sometimes, working on a project gives you new opportunities to come up with new animations in PowerPoint that you previously didn’t think were possible.

How to Create Lifelike, Moving Creatures in PowerPoint

Recently I worked on a project featuring copious amounts of insect imagery, and a colleague came up with a creative way to get them to “crawl”. This got me thinking about animations in PowerPoint, and how they could be used to illustrate a whole range of moving things, including other animals, people and more. Effective visuals are a great resource for anyone who needs to give a presentation, because visuals combined with speech serve to increase understanding, which is a phenomenon backed by science.

Talking Characters In PowerPoint – Animation Training. How to do a Typewriter Animation in PowerPoint. In presentation we often use (famous) quotes to make a point, highlight an idea and create some provocation.

How to do a Typewriter Animation in PowerPoint

There a several ways of displaying a quote, depending on the style of your presentation and also your speaking profile an non-animated slide may be sufficient. Sometimes, you want to use a simple animation like displaying the quote slowly letter by letter to read along or let work on the audience. PowerPoint "Morph" brings animation to Microsoft's widely used presentation software. Over the years, various tools have debuted in an attempt to usurp PowerPoint’s role as the de facto presentation software for the masses.

PowerPoint "Morph" brings animation to Microsoft's widely used presentation software

But neither tech giants like Apple and Evernote nor smaller startups have been able to spread into classrooms and boardrooms in the way PowerPoint has, thanks to the latter’s tight integration with other Microsoft Office products, and its robust feature set. With new features announced by Microsoft today, that feature set is taking another step forward.

PowerPoint’s two latest features aim to make presentations look ultra-professional without taking forever to build. Pictogram Characters for e-Learning – Dianne Hope's e-Portfolio. Using PowerPoint to create some of your own custom characters for e-Learning can be pretty rewarding.

Pictogram Characters for e-Learning – Dianne Hope's e-Portfolio

The Articulate e-Learning Heroes weekly challenge #53 Create Your Own E-Learning Characters with Pictographs challenged participants to create pictogram characters for a specific industry or learning topic. I chose to create some characters for “events planning” – ie wedding characters. I started by looking through the resources provided for the challenge – in particular, “Create Your Own custom Characters for Online Training” by Tom Kuhlmann and this YouTube video “PowerPoint tips: simple ways to create awesome custom graphics.

I would also recommend this article by Tom Kuhlmann – “7 Ways to Create Characters for Your Online Training Course“. I created my characters completely from scratch after reading and watching these resources – this approach is popular because it’s simple and you don’t need to have graphic design skills. Like this: Like Loading... A Three-Step Process to Create Hand Drawn Custom Characters. In previous posts we discussed how visual thinking helps us focus on core concepts and teaches us to communicate those with graphics and other visual elements.

A Three-Step Process to Create Hand Drawn Custom Characters

We also looked at ways to practice developing your visual thinking skills so that you can effectively apply them to your course design. In today’s post we’ll look at how to create custom characters that you can use in your visual thinking activities and course design. PowerPoint for Graphic Design. How I Created These Handy People Icons in Powerpoint. Using the Morph transition in PowerPoint. Note: This feature is only available if you have an Office 365 subscription. If you are an Office 365 subscriber, make sure you have the latest version of Office. PowerPoint has a brand-new transition type, Morph, that can help you make smooth animations, transitions, and object movements across the slides in your presentation. You can apply the Morph transition to slides to create the appearance of movement in a wide range of objects, such as text, shapes, pictures, SmartArt, WordArt, and charts.

Check out the video below for a quick intro to using the Morph transition, and read on for step by step instructions. The Best Animation Tools, from CrazyTalk and Toon Boom to Free Web Apps. Thanks to some new, easy-to-use tools, kids of almost any age can create their own animated films By Jennifer Stern and Joyce Kasman Valenza Move over, Shrek. Step aside, Toy Story. Ditto, Kung Fu Panda. Anthropomorphic Characters in e-Learning – Dianne Hope's e-Portfolio. The Challenge This design was inspired by the e-Learning Heroes weekly challenge #113 Anthropomorphic Characters in e-Learning which was to “share an e-Learning example using one or more anthropomorphic characters”. Anthropomorphism is the attribution of human characteristics and purposes to inanimate objects and is used extensively in children’s literature. Some of the classics that immediately spring to mind are Dr Seuss (with “The Cat in the Hat” top of this list), Pinnochio, Peter Rabbit (Beatrix Potter), Kenneth Grahame’s “The Wind in the Willows”, Charlotte’s Web and Alice in Wonderland, and in movies such as Toy Story, Finding Nemo and Happy Feet.

Animate Faster with PowerPoint Morph. The PowerPoint® Blog Archives. Inserting an image using the preset Picture Placeholders seems like a super shortcut, until things get frustrating with why images do not insert the same way every time a Picture Placeholder is used. The reason, almost always, is knowing there are two types of Placeholders – and each handles images differently. Here is an explanation and example using a Content Placeholder vs. How To Create Animated Gifs For PowerPoint and Keynote Presentations.

How To Create Animated Gifs For PowerPoint and Keynote Presentations .As I have mentioned before (in this post and this post) animated GIFs are a fun way to elevate the sophistication of your presentation design. If you decide to add animated GIFs to your presentation, your audience will be delighted that you took the time to evolve beyond static slides in favor of slides that move. The animated slides below demonstrate the captivating beauty of presentation slides that move: 7 Free Tools For Creating Digital Screen Content - ScreenCloud. Content creation. Unless you’re a graphic designer, it can be a phrase that’s said with dread. Yet an increasing amount of marketers, CEOs and customer service representatives are faced with creating content for online and offline channels.

If you’re asked to create content for your digital screens, this can pose even more of a problem. What size should it be, what format? Where do I get images from, how can I get it up onto the screen when I’m done? Stop. Creating content for digital screen displays is just as easy as creating for the web or social media. 1. Best for: brochures, presentations, tenders and slide decks Canva is the Netflix of slidedeck creation tools. Thousands of images. Untitled.