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Decoupling Explained. If you're interested in this series, there's a good chance you've heard at least some of the buzz in the Drupalverse about "headless" or decoupled Drupal.

Decoupling Explained

Or perhaps you watched Dries' keynote from DrupalCon Barcelona or read his recent blog post about the future of decoupled Drupal. Whatever the case may be, this series will help walk you through the build out of a simple decoupled blog. In Dries' terminology the demo site we'll be building is "fully decoupled. " While it would be trivial to adopt similar techniques to build a progressively decoupled site, let's dig a bit deeper into what it means to build a decoupled Drupal site. Traditionally, Drupal sites are monolithic in the sense that Drupal is responsible for content management as well as rendering the front-end pages for the entire web site. Early adopters One of the early adopter success stories to this approach is NPR, with their Create Once Publish Everywhere (COPE) approach. The decoupled approach Implications and "gotchas" Microservices Architecture for Content Management Systems using AWS L…

Todomvc/examples/firebase-angular at gh-pages · tastejs/todomvc. Firebase & AngularJS. AngularJS. !!!TodoMVC. Thoughts and Works by Evan Plaice. launches content API and headless Drupal site. Do you ever watch This Week in Tech with Leo Laporte? launches content API and headless Drupal site

If you don’t maybe now is the time to start. Last week, Four Kitchens helped TWiT with the launch of their new content API based on Drupal 7, with a headless website that is the first of many new TWiT apps sure to be appearing. Content as a Service It’s no news that for content to be truly portable, it needs to come from an API.

TWiT recognized that fact long ago, and during their latest website redesign they decided to jump feet first into a new system for publishing their content. If you’d like to consume TWiT the same way their website does, the API documentation is available on Apiary. View TWiT API documentation Headless Drupal Instead of using all of Drupal, TWiT opted to use only the robust content management tools, and left other pieces like the theme system untouched. The front end is an Express app using Dust to render templates. Powered by open source Saucier on GitHub Check out the case studies.

Fourword: The Four Kitchens blog. Fourword: The Four Kitchens blog. With the first party API building tools built into Drupal 8 core, there’s been a lot of talk about building semantic APIs in Drupal; when, how, and why you should or should not.

Fourword: The Four Kitchens blog

However, a commonly overlooked piece of this picture is how to go about actually consuming these APIs. As it turns out, consuming an API, even a well designed one, can present a number of challenges. Four Kitchens realized this when working with to launch their new website and public API. is one of the oldest and largest podcasting networks, with a loyal and active developer community who have created a number of applications and websites using data.

The new website is powered by Drupal and provides both a public and private API using the RESTful module. The private API is consumed internally by a Node.js application, which takes the data from the API and turns it into the web pages. What does Saucier do? Routing and templating Caching Try it! This article is reproduced with express permission from the author (Sandeep Sood, VP Engineering… – Medium.

This article is reproduced with express permission from the author (Sandeep Sood, VP Engineering, CapitalOne) Off with its Head: The Future of Your Enterprise CMS Before the Enterprise CMS Only a few old-timers still remember.

This article is reproduced with express permission from the author (Sandeep Sood, VP Engineering… – Medium

Back in the day, there was just a guy with a beard who sat in what used to be a broom closet, surrounded by servers & routers. He looked like a wizard and he even had a wizardly name: web master. This didn’t help. There were other problems. The Solution to Every Problem. Cockpit CMS. GitHub - tivac/crucible: API CMS UI powered by Firebase, mithril, and my own dwindling sanity. Oh, and acronyms.