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Online Graduate degree options

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Advance Your Career & Accelerate Your Masters. Supply Chain Management Earn a MicroMasters credential from MIT’s #1 ranked Supply Chain Management Program to advance your career.

Advance Your Career & Accelerate Your Masters

What You Make of It. Fullstack Academy. Why should I attend Fullstack Academy?

Fullstack Academy

If you want to build a career in software development, Fullstack offers you the best launchpad. Through a combination of thorough admissions, a carefully crafted curriculum & educational structure, and top-notch instructors, Fullstack's program takes passionate students with a base of programming skill and makes them into professional software engineers. We know what it takes from a professional, personal and mental level to be a top-performer.Why Fullstack JavaScript? Full-stack JavaScript is the FutureWe love Ruby on Rails and Python/Django (we built our successful startups using those two stacks). However, the web industry waits for no developer or technology.

Data Scientist

Core Curriculum. All students are required to take the following 6 core courses (05-600, 05-610, 05-650, 05-630 or 05-631, 05-671 and 05-672): 05-600 HCI Pro-Seminar: Communications in HCI This course has three objectives to strengthen HCI communication skills for work in industry: to expose students to the world of HCI through research and industry expert talks; to give students the opportunity to sharpen their English writing skills; And to introduce students to conflict management, teamwork and active listening skills in order to give them tools to collaborate more efficiently on multi-disciplinary teams.

Core Curriculum

Community and Leadership Transformation. Taking advantage of the region’s unique geographic and demographic landscape, Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary uses Fresno and the surrounding areas as an “urban laboratory” to train current practitioners and emerging leaders to impact urban centers.

Community and Leadership Transformation

Students will develop excellent organizational leadership skills in order to effect sustainable change. Partnering with The Center for Community Transformation (CCT), The Master of Arts in Community and Leadership Transformation (MACLT) is a flagship program for the FPU Biblical Seminary. The CCT seeks to provide a faith-rooted, institutional engine and catalyst for systemic and sustainable transformation of a unique region into communities characterized by abundance and peace. The CCT is head-quartered on the seminary campus.

Highlights. Ministry, Leadership & Culture, M.A. The Master of Arts in Ministry, Leadership and Culture is an innovative and holistic educational experience designed primarily for pastors currently engaged in ministry.

Ministry, Leadership & Culture, M.A.

This three-year program, conducted primarily in an online classroom, includes instruction from strategic, global Anabaptist leaders and is grounded in the Anabaptist tradition. The program requires students to serve in your local church for 10 hours per week, attend a weekly 90-minute synchronous discussion via video conference, attend three one-week retreats in North America, and create their own cross-cultural experience before graduation. Each student will be assigned a coach or spiritual director to help him or her develop into a highly equipped ministry leader.

Highlights. Online Master's Degree Leadership > MS Leadership Degree. Overview Now offered in hybrid format at Northeastern's Charlotte campus.

Online Master's Degree Leadership > MS Leadership Degree

As today's workforce continues to diversify, leadership tasks and responsibilities have become more complex. The Master of Science in Leadership prepares you to meet these evolving challenges by helping you cultivate a personal leadership philosophy. Online Master's Degree Leadership > MS Leadership Degree. College Navigator - National Center for Education Statistics. Claremont Lincoln University. “Tell me a story.”

Claremont Lincoln University

Whether you have a child or just remember being one, you’ll remember hearing this request. Telling stories has been a fundamental part of human communication for thousands of years. It’s also been a major tool for change. Think of religious leaders using stories and parables to illustrate their philosophical points and inspire their followers. Claremont Lincoln University. Potential Career Paths for CLU Graduates. Where your master’s degree can take you.

Potential Career Paths for CLU Graduates

Claremont Lincoln University. Become a driver of lasting and sustainable social change The M.A. in Social Impact teaches the capacities needed for mindful leaders—particularly, though not exclusively in the social and civil sectors—to envision, implement, and adapt efforts that generate positive and sustainable impact within their organizations and communities—and beyond.

Claremont Lincoln University

If you are an emerging leader with an entrepreneurial spirit, the M.A. in Social Impact can help you develop the skills and perspectives you need to act as an intrapreneur within your organization, a change agent in your community, or the catalyst for a new social endeavor. Claremont Lincoln University. The M.A. in Ethical Leadership teaches working professionals about leadership, ethics, and ethical leadership while transforming them into ethical leaders in a diverse, globalized world.

Claremont Lincoln University

You will be led through a unique series of online courses that integrates personal mindfulness, professional awareness, and global consciousness for skillful leadership in any organizational context. The program begins with a professional assessment and introduces you to leading-edge practices for self-awareness and mindfulness. You then learn about leadership and decision-making from various ethical, economic, philosophical, cultural, religious, humanistic, and contemporary traditions. By the end of the program, you will develop concrete skills—such as collaboration, conflict resolution, communication, and managing in diverse settings—for putting this newfound wisdom to work in your professional context. Claremont Lincoln University. Claremont Lincoln University.

If you have questions or concerns about application requirements, please contact the Office of Admission at 909-667-4485 or Commitment to Inclusion Claremont Lincoln University admits qualified students of any race, color, national or ethnic origin, sex, age, disability, religious tradition, sexual orientation, and gender identity to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the University. Claremont Lincoln University. Claremont Lincoln University. University of Washington. Master of Library and Information Science Residential MLIS The majority of classes in the residential MLIS program are delivered in the traditional classroom setting on the University of Washington campus.

However, because not all courses are offered in an on-campus mode, residential students will take some online courses throughout their degree program (for example, information technology or special topics courses). The Residential MLIS program takes two years full-time to complete. University Online Articles. Information Technology (IT) Concentration. Emphasizing the use, implementation, management and evaluation of information technologies for a wide range of organizations, the IT concentration will prepare you to work in a diverse information technology landscape.

Career Opportunities To pursue the Information Technology Concentration you must complete and submit the Information Technology Concentration Declaration of Intent form. This will allow the program coordinator to track student progress and communicate with you via the email list. Declaration of Intent Concentration Declaration of Intent (PDF | Word) Things to know… The concentration is a credential which appears on your transcript, and is completed within the context of the MLIS program.You may not earn a concentration and a certificate based on identical coursework.Your concentration program must be approved by the coordinator of the IT Concentration.

Columbia University School of Professional Studies. * Enrollment in this program does not meet the full-time requirements for an F1 student visa. The Executive M.S. in Technology Management is a 16-month executive format program framed by five multi-day residencies. The curriculum includes required or core courses; elective courses in six areas of focus: C-Level Management, Data Management and Analytics, New Business Ventures, Entertainment Technology Management, Cybersecurity, and Digital and Business Transformation; executive seminars; and the Master’s Project. Activities during the residencies connect directly to the other program components. Throughout the program, coursework is supported by a leading-edge online learning platform designed to enhance and extend the face-to-face residency experience. Full participation is critical for degree completion.

Online Master Nonprofit Technology

MCAT. PSM Implemented Programs by State. Rutgers Online Brochure. MS/PSM Computer Info Systems. The master of science in computer information systems at Elmhurst requires the successful completion of 10 courses for a total of 7.50 credits (30 semester hours). Required Courses CS 501 Windows Application ProgrammingCS 504 Computer Network ConceptsCS 511 Local Area NetworksCS 530 Database Systems and ProgrammingCS 545 Wide Area NetworksCS 550 Web DevelopmentCS 570 Internetworking TechnologiesCS 575 Special Topics in Computer Information SystemsCS 590 Independent Study BUS 551 Organization BehaviorMBA 509 Project Management. PSM Program Locator. MS Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship - Tech. _IT Career Paths 2015 - Guide to Credentials and Certifications. If you love technology, then the IT field can offer a number of opportunities and areas to specialize in.

As you hone in on your skills, you can validate your knowledge by advancing up the certification ladder to achieve new career heights. Whatever path you choose, we'll help you figure out the right steps to take. Concordia Nebraska. Lead for the greater good. MLIS Digital Libraries. ME Learning, Design, and Technology. Instructional Design Careers on the Rise As the Internet and related technologies continue to evolve, businesses and school boards across the nation are turning to technology to more effectively engage learners; improve performance; and improve the quality of learning experiences. Master Software Engineering. Penn State’s Online Software Engineering Degree. Master Project Management. An Increased Demand for Project Managers Corporations rely on project managers to oversee all aspects of a project so that everything flows seamlessly and the timeline, scope, and budget goals are met.

Master Nonprofit Management. Nonprofit Management Degree Overview. MS Global Tech & Development. School for the Future of Innovation in Society. Master Organizational & Professional Communication. Master Leadership & Organizations. Develop collaborative leadership skills and learn to add value to any organization through the Leadership and Organizations program as you integrate strategy, innovation, and the emerging practices that inspire individuals. You’ll learn how to effectively manage change within dynamic environments, assess risk, handle crisis, and promote philanthropy across a variety of sectors. Master Information & Communications Technology.

Sample Job Desc & Trends

Master Computer Science. Kent State. MLIS/MS - User Experience Design Concentration. SJSU iSchool. U of MD iSchool. Indiana U. _MPS Degrees Demand on Rise. MS Digital Innovation in Marketing. MS Digital Marketing and Advertising. Master Educational Technology and Applied Learning Science. MS Interactive Media. University of Nebraska - Lincoln. _Microsoft Virtual Academy Recertification. MS Data Analytics. MS Nonprofit Mgt. _US News Online Degrees. _HLC Directory of Institutions. _CHEA Dir of Accrediting Orgs (2014-2015) _US Dept of Ed - College Accreditation. _US News For-Profit Online Program. Master Public Admin. Master Project Mgt. MS HCI/d (Human Computer Interaction Design) _Top Instructional Technology Schools. MPS Technology Entrepreneurship. ME Technology, Innovation, and Education.

MSE Educational Design & Technology. MS Learning Technologies. MS IDT Instructional Design & Technology. MS IDT Instructional Design & Technology. SUNY Poly. MS Instructional Technology. MS Instructional Technology. ME Instructional Technology. _Top 10 Best Online Master's in Education Management (M.Ed.) Degree Programs.