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Why Ontologies? In short, an ontology is the specification of a conceptualization.

Why Ontologies?

What does that mean from the perspective of the information sciences? Wikipedia's definition: "formal naming and definition of the types, properties, and interrelationships of the entities that really or fundamentally exist for a particular domain of discourse. " This basically means, like all models, that it is a representation of what actually exists in reality. A statistical or mathematical model attempts to represent some behavior in terms of a statistical or mathematical formula. The equation shown in the figure below is from the US Census Bureau and models the distribution of incomes in the United States for people making $100,000 per year or less: The Erwin Entity Relationship (ER) diagram below is a model that represents a JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) object showing the entities User, Friends, Business, Neighborhoods, along with their relationships with each other. JSON ER Logical Model.


ElasticSearch. Getting started with Palladio – Miriam Posner's Blog. NOTE: Scroll down to get to the tutorial itself!

Getting started with Palladio – Miriam Posner's Blog

Updated November 2015 for Palladio 1.1. If you’d like to use this tutorial in the classroom, or if you want to alter it and make it your own, there’s a version on Github you can do whatever you want with. Palladio, a product of Stanford’s Humanities + Design Lab, is a web-based visualization tool for complex humanities data. Think of Palladio as a sort of Swiss Army knife for humanities data. It’s one package that includes a number of tools, each of which allows you to get a different angle on the same data. Palladio is relatively new and still under active development which means that you will almost certainly encounter bugs!

Eliminate Duplicate Content in Faceted Navigation with Ajax/JSON/JQuery. One of the classic problems in SEO is that while complex navigation schemes may be useful to users, they create problems for search engines.

Eliminate Duplicate Content in Faceted Navigation with Ajax/JSON/JQuery

Many publishers rely on tags such as rel=canonical, or the parameters settings in Webmaster Tools to try and solve these types of issues. However, each of the potential solutions has limitations. In today's post, I am going to outline how you can use JavaScript solutions to more completely eliminate the problem altogether. Note that I am not going to provide code examples in this post, but I am going to outline how it works on a conceptual level. Easy Frontends for Simple Search API Using GoT Data. The wait is over!

Easy Frontends for Simple Search API Using GoT Data

The sixth season of Game of Thrones is in full swing. In preparation for the new season Glynn Bird put together a searchable database of Game of Thrones characters using the Simple Search Service. Building on his work, I created a custom frontend for the Game of Thrones searchable database. Here, I explain how I created this page, and show how easy it is to spin up your own custom user interface for searching the Seven Kingdoms. Connect the Frontend. Mvc.JQuery.DataTables. King Industrial Realty - Website and Search Application. King Industrial Realty is Atlanta’s premier industrial real estate firm, serving metro Atlanta businesses for over 30 years.

King Industrial Realty - Website and Search Application

They teamed up with the experts at Digital Scientists to design a custom web application (incorporating Google Maps and faceted search) to help users find the right industrial space to meet their needs. digital strategysolution architecturewebsite developmentapplication developmentreal-estate mapping The new King Industrial website gives users the ability to browse more than 100 million square feet of warehouse, manufacturing, distribution, high tech and service center space throughout metro Atlanta. Users can now access accurate and detailed industrial real estate listings online for free. Local experts at King Industrial Realty also offer free property visits and commercial property management advice. Our project partnerships spanned over 2 years, and engaged members of their Marketing, Sales and IT teams.

Open Source Search Engine. E-Commerce for NAV: What is Faceted Search? RavenDB - Documentation - 3.5 - Faceted Search. When displaying a large amount of data, often paging is used to make viewing the data manageable.

RavenDB - Documentation - 3.5 - Faceted Search

However it's also useful to give some context of the entire data-set and a easy way to drill-down into particular categories. The common approach to doing this is "faceted search", as shown in the image below. Note how the count of each category within the current search is across the top. BackboneIndex. Dido uist. TheNewDaysDawn - Silk.

Tools datacards - Data Journalism Tools. User Interfaces Supporting Casual Data-Centric Interactions on the Web - PDF. 1 User Interfaces Supporting Casual Data-Centric Interactions on the Web by David F.

User Interfaces Supporting Casual Data-Centric Interactions on the Web - PDF

Huynh S.M. Computer Science and Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2003) B.A.Sc. Computer Engineering, University of Waterloo (2001) Submitted to the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science and Engineering at the MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY August 2007 Massachusetts Institute of Technology All rights reserved. Author... Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science August 27, 2007 Certified by David R. 3 User Interfaces Supporting Casual Data-Centric Interactions on the Web by David F. 5 to my parents who are my constant source of courage 5 7 Acknowledgements I would like to thank my thesis advisors, David R. 9 continued from previous page My friends have made the journey much more fun.

Navigated Search. Purpose Every time I've needed faceted search capabilities, I've had to rewrite the JavaScript to do it.

Navigated Search

This plugin hopes to do away with that. I tried looking for an existing plugin that did what jQuery Facets does, but surprisingly I couldn't find any that offered the functionality that I wanted. Hopefully others will find this plugin useful too. Pagination using ServiceStack, BootStrap & jQuery – Building a Classifieds Site. In this post, I’ll explain how I introduced paging into my Classifieds project.

Pagination using ServiceStack, BootStrap & jQuery – Building a Classifieds Site

There are a number of different ways to accomplish this, including writing your own jQuery plugin. However, where possible, I prefer to take some shortcuts as I am in need of a quick solution & there are some great / well tested plugins out there. Simple and fast .NET Web Services framework. Add ServiceStack to your project to get started The way to get started with ServiceStack is to just add it to your project via NuGet.

Simple and fast .NET Web Services framework

Typically this means adding it to an Empty ASP.NET Web Application if you're just creating ASP.NET web services, but could also mean a Console Application or a Windows Service if you're creating a self-hosting ServiceStack service instead. These packages include the Free Usage Quotas listed below. The list of supported packages are also listed on Pagination using ServiceStack, BootStrap & jQuery – Building a Classifieds Site. MixItUp.

In-place Pagination using Backbone.js and Laravel (shop tutorial #4) - Maks Surguy's blog on PHP and Laravel. This tutorial is one more addition to my “Building a shop with Laravel” tutorial series. In the previous tutorial, I showed you how to implement very nice “Smart search” feature using Selectize.js plugin to make user experience a bit nicer: When I develop web applications, I care a lot about the user experience and how easy it is for the user to get to the desired page. In this post I will explain the concepts behind making in-place pagination for your PHP apps that allows the user to view many pages of content without doing a page refresh, aka “In-place pagination”.

The real, working demo of this type of search is also available at: CSS Content Filter. A slide-in filter panel powered by CSS and jQuery. Browser support ie Chrome Firefox Safari Opera 9+ A well-designed filter is a powerful tool users can take advantage of. It is actually an essential feature if your website has lots of content, distributed across different categories. For an e-commerce, it is a way to increase conversion rates by reducing the time needed by the user to find what he’s looking for. Building this kind of features is never easy: filters highly depend on the website content; besides a filter panel shouldn’t be distracting, the main focus should be the content/products.

Searching the ParisWeb conferences - Pixelastic. 05 Sep 2016 I've been going to ParisWeb almost every year since it started ten years ago. I missed the first one and the 2012 edition (I was living in New Zealand at that time. I guess it's a good enough excuse). I cannot say how much I learned from this event. Front End User Interface Final Technical Report. Designing Faceted Search: Getting the basics right (part 2) 1. Introduction In our last post we looked at some of the fundamental issues in designing faceted search such as layout (e.g. where to place the faceted navigation menus) and state (e.g. whether they should be open or closed by default).

Search Filtering vs. Faceting – A Useful Distinction – Search Tools Consulting. I’ve found that distinguishing between the overall concept of filtering and the specific technique of faceting is useful for evaluating and improving search. Search Filtering is reducing a search result by removing result items that don’t match a certain criteria. For example, a user could filter a search by removing Excel files from results, or limiting shoes to size 7. In the simplest case, this is done by issuing another search specifying or disallowing the new requirement.

This new search may or may not have any matches in the index, so it may lead to a dead end of a no results page. Search Faceting is a specific type of filter: the system displaying relevant metadata sets about results items, such as file type or shoe size, and allowing users to choose among them. As first defined by Marti Hearst in the Flamenco project, the classic faceted user interface includes the number of items that fit both the current search criteria and the value for the facet choice. Examples. Solr-faceted-search-react. Building responsive grids with React Bootstrap - Gary Sieling. Solr PHP search UI. Faceted ecommerce search - ReactJS Example. GitHub - algolia/instantsearch.js at master. Faceted ecommerce search - ReactJS Example. SearchKit - ReactJS Example. Add jQueryUI Accordion - Docs - Office Dev Center. Note: The SharePoint Framework is currently in preview and is subject to change. SharePoint Framework client-side web parts are not currently supported for use in production environments.

This article describes how to add the jQueryUI Accordion to your web part project. This involves creating a new web part, as shown in the following image. You can also follow these steps by watching the video on the SharePoint PnP YouTube Channel. Prerequisites Complete the following steps before you start: The developer toolchain uses Webpack, SystemJS and CommonJS to bundle your web parts. Acquire the external library, either via npm or download from the vendor.If available, install the respective framework's TypeScript type definitions.If required, update your solution config to not include the external dependency in your web part bundle by default.

Dev Center - Office-Add-in-Auth0. Office Add-in that uses the Auth0 Service to Simplify Social Login The Auth0 service simplifies the process of using social login provided by online services such as Facebook, Google, and Microsoft. Node.js. Database Collection - SearchBlox Documentation - SearchBlox Server - Wiki. Searchblox allows the user to index the records from the database table and search for values easily. The Many Facets of Taxonomy. This is the third in a series that has become real-life examples of taxonomies found in my kitchen. Part 3 of “Taxonomy of Spices and Pantries” looks at where and how facets can be used as multiple categories for content. NutchTutorial - Nutch Wiki. Could You Hand Me the Dry Rub Please? Tree testing is an effective technique for evaluating navigation and taxonomy. In an environment devoid of visual design and cues, tree tests are useful for assessing existing site navigation and proposed site structure changes.

Using my kitchen, I devised a plan to test the findability of my kitchen’s spices and pantries. Card sorts versus tree tests. Card Sorting a Kitchen Taxonomy. GitHub - appbaseio/appbase-js: streaming client lib for Javascript. Appbase.js Documentation. Step 0: Creating an App Log in to Appbase Dashboard, and create a new app.

Appbase.js Documentation. Appbase.JS is a minimalistic library for data streams. Simple Search Service: Faceted search API made easy. Apache Solr - Open Semantic Search Appliance. How to implement faceted navigation in Azure Search. Ckan. Analyze/Visualize Data - Data Resources in the Health Sciences - Library Guides at University of Washington Libraries. Information ontology facet search. Siddharth Mehta's Blog. Solr: Not Just For Text Anymore. How do I view results as a grid, especially for database, CSV and MongoDB collections? – SearchBlox Help Center. Simple-search-service/ at master · ibm-cds-labs/simple-search-service. Google Drive Indexing Connectors for SharePoint.

Database Collections – SearchBlox Help Center. Apache SOLR Search – Find Everything. Confluence Mobile - SearchBlox Server - Wiki. Web Layout Best Practices: 12 Timeless UI Patterns Analyzed. User Intent Affects Filter Design. Entity - Using Drupal Search and Facet APIs with CiviCRM Data. How to Add Amazon-Like Faceted Search to Your WordPress Site. Simple Search Service: Faceted search API made easy. Faceted navigation in PHP and MySQL Tutorial - part 1. Navigated Search. Building facets navigation. Search Engineering 101. Designing Faceted Search: Getting the basics right (part 2) The Onto-CropBase – A Semantic Web Application for Querying Crops Linked-Data. Working with Open Refine.

Open Refine. Deploying Linked Open Data: Methodologies and Software Tools. A Tool that Gets You From Data to Insights: Keshif – Keshif. The Faceted Browsing Code <div. Sales Questions / Download Requests. Designing Faceted Search: Getting the basics right (part 3) Learn about Bitnami. Faceted search tutorial - Searchify. DtSearch Product Line Features - Databases, Other Fielded Data, Data Classifications Objects and Faceted Search. "A study on academic search engines: comparison between dynamic queries" by Stefan Ganchev Ganchev. Federated Search – An overview. A new DOR opens: How the J. Paul Getty Museum is reimagining digital collection information management.

Postgres full-text search is Good Enough! Fulltext search with PostgreSQL is definitely an option to consider - Liip Blog Liip. Big Data Resources. Awesome-bigdata/ at master · onurakpolat/awesome-bigdata. THG Innovation. Josh Forman-Gornall. Deprecating Rivers. How to write a Logstash input plugin. Faceted Search 3.0 – implementation of Search Suggestions - SharePoint - notes from the field. Faceted navigation best (and 5 of the worst) practices. How to create a custom search engine in 15 minutes and deploy it for free! - Saskia Vola. CloudSearch – Start Searching in One Hour for Less Than $100 / Month. Srchulo/jQuery-Facets. MVC Music Store - Home. Solr Faceted Search Example.