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OSU Extension Ed Tech. When we visited the NMSU Learning Games Lab in February, their team had some questions common questions about social media.

OSU Extension Ed Tech

They are working on refining their social media strategy and were curious about how they should tailor their messages to fit each social media platform (i.e. What a post on Facebook should look like compared to Twitter, Instagram, Google+, etc.) This is such a common question, we thought a blog post was in order!

Below is the “Don’t Wash Your Chicken!” Video produced by NMSU that happened to go viral. NBC News What’s your guess? This video is short and to the point. No matter which social media tool you’re using, you want to make sure any video you share is short and sweet. So, how would you go about posting this video to each social media site? Top 10 Tools for Designing Complex Scenario-Based Training Courses. PowerPoint and Presenting Blog: January 2016. PowerPoint and Presenting Blog: January 2016.

How to Add a Hyperlink to a PowerPoint Presentation. Hyperlinks make a presentation non-linear by connecting it with other slides, documents and web pages.

How to Add a Hyperlink to a PowerPoint Presentation

This guide demonstrates how to add hyperlinks to a PowerPoint presentation, so that they work both on a local computer and online. You’ll also learn other PowerPoint tricks, such as linking to a YouTube video, changing hyperlink color, configuring navigation and others. What PowerPoint objects can be assigned with a hyperlink? How to add a hyperlink: Advanced hyperlink techniques How to set up navigation Tips to enhance your presentation The options aren’t limited to texts and pictures; below you will find a list of all options available. Better Presentations - Better Results.

Traditional Opt In Form Technology continues to evolve.

Better Presentations - Better Results

Consumer attitudes change. Blog - Part 2. Interactive Learning Modules Based on PowerPoint™ Authors Rakesh K.

Interactive Learning Modules Based on PowerPoint™

KumarRakesh K. KumarDepartment of Pathology, School of Medical SciencesUNSW Australia Letter to the Editor. Creating Talking Books – a practical example of digital literacy development – Linking Learning. I have written about digital literacy quite extensively and you can read about various models of digital literacy in my recent post, Defining and Developing Digital Literacy.

Creating Talking Books – a practical example of digital literacy development – Linking Learning

I have also spoken about strategies for developing digital literacies, but have not specifically offered ideas for classroom activities. This post is aimed at sharing one practical idea for developing digital literacies – by creating talking digital books. This is not a new idea – there are countless resources online giving great information on how to engage in this type of activity with your students. It may be adapted for almost any age group, and is suitable for a huge range of concepts – fiction or non-fiction. Kids have been creating books for…well…forever! Today, we have a wide range of digital tools to enable students to create texts that encourage traditional literacy skills of reading and writing, as well as a range of digital literacies also, as they combine audio, visual, animation, multimedia and more.

Is Sway interactive? Yes I think it can do interactivity.

Is Sway interactive?

When I posted those links the Sway server was down (at least in my area) so I couldn't look at the examples. Since then I have looked at some of their posted examples. One of them had an excel chart, you can click on categories and the chart will be filtered At about 1:30min in this example, they show a "before/after" swipe interactive tool. Overview of Office Mix for Education. Created 1 year ago Duration 0:31:03 Office Mix is a free add-in for PowerPoint 2013.

Overview of Office Mix for Education

It is a powerful tool that makes authoring and sharing of online lessons / presentations simple. It allows you to make them interactive with quizzes and labs. It allows you to export lessons as mp4 videos. Select the file type you wish to download Slide Content. Show Us Your Best Folder Tabs Interactions #2. Powerpoint '13: Tab-tastic Flat Template. Create an interactive menu in PowerPoint Office Mix. This post is by Heather Ackmann.

Create an interactive menu in PowerPoint Office Mix

She is a new/old PowerPoint MVP. Old, because she’s been an MVP in Microsoft Office for years. New, because Microsoft got rid of Office MVPs, so she’s come over to the light side and is now a PowerPoint MVP. Best Websites for Free Powerpoint Templates. 1Share Share Tweet Email.

Best Websites for Free Powerpoint Templates

14 Different Types Of Animated Explainer Videos. Once, a client answered “cuttoons” to my question about which animation style we offered that he liked the best.

14 Different Types Of Animated Explainer Videos

After receiving the client’s answer, naturally, I sent over a couple of our cuttoons videos as examples. To make it easier, let’s call the client Bill. By sending some of our cuttoons work, I thought I was doing Bill a favor. However, the reply I received was nowhere near the reaction I expected. It wasn’t, “Yeah, this is exactly what I have in mind!”

Engage your audience with a Splainer! Everyone involved in marketing and branding knows that ‘style is substance.’ A single style never fits all. This is as true for video as it is for your company’s other marketing collateral. Digital Agency Promotion - Flat Design Concepts (After Effects Template) Choreography - Motion - Material design guidelines. Functional Animation In UX Design: What Makes a Good Transition? — UX Planet. Functional Animation In UX Design: What Makes a Good Transition? By Nick Babich Functional animation is subtle animation that has a clear, logical purpose. It reduces cognitive load, prevents change blindness and establish a better recall in spatial relationships. But there is one more thing. Animation brings user interface to life. How to Edit Free Vector Images in PowerPoint.

In this post we’ll explore how to edit free vector images in PowerPoint. You’ll be able to use them in your presentations and online training courses. There are hundreds of sites to download free vector images that can be used for your presentations and online training courses. The challenge is that to edit most of the free vector images requires an illustration application like Illustrator or Inkscape (free). However, if you get them in .EPS format you may be able to edit the free vector images in PowerPoint. Formats to Edit Free Vector Images Vector images are not like bitmap images that are based on pixels. Generally speaking they’re made up of a bunch of shapes that when combined represent the image. Whether you purchase the vector images or get them for free, they are typically in one of two formats: .AI or .EPS and can be edited in an illustration program. The 7-Minute Guide to Flat Design 2.0.

Flat design is more than a passing trend. The aesthetic will continue to evolve and is sticking around thanks to its roots in design theory (minimalism, Swiss, clean typography, etc.). But what constitutes flat design? The Pros, Cons, and Future of Flat Design. What is flat design, anyway? You’ve likely heard its praises sung on blogs and in lists of design trends. This visually simplistic style has its roots in minimalism and can take a variety of forms, but is better defined by what it isn’t.

It isn’t 3D. The style’s name comes from its two-dimensional qualities, including flat shapes and the absence of details that create depth and dimension — such as shadows, highlights, and textures. It isn’t skeuomorphic. Design trends: Flat Design 2.0. Graphicriver. Sketch - PowerPoint presentation by DmitriyNova. RFX Animation Studio: Animated Explainer Video Production Company, Mumbai India - Explainer Videos. Ultimate Corporate Video Explainer Toolkit by signs09.

The “Ultimate Corporate Video Explainer Toolkit” package comes with 4 complete storyboards and 50 prebuilt scenes. This templates includes the storyboards, all the 50 scenes as individual aep files and dozens of vector graphics and animations. OPen one of the included storyboards an customize it through the automtaed controls. Aeyaz - Portfolio. Untitled. Explanation videos and Explainer Videos for every website strategy. Motion Graphics, 3D Animation, Video Production & Film. Flat Vectors, Photos and PSD files. Designers working together with reports 121,131 499 2 years ago Urban landscape in flat design 11,588 97 1 year ago Colorful social group 27,977 157 1 year ago Designer's office flat illustration 181,644 692 2 years ago Business brainstorming concept 35,543 181 1 year ago New. Templates - Free templates. 25 Useful Tools and Resources for Web Designers and Digital Agencies. High Quality Explainer Videos, Infographic Animations, Whiteboard Videos, Delivered Fast! - Mr Explainer.

Graphicriver. Graphicriver. Graphicriver. Show and tell for designers. A gallery devoted to making your Keynote & Powerpoint presentations look that much better. PowerPoint: Colored Tabs Interaction. eLearning Learning. eLearning Learning. Clichés: Light Bulb Pictures. Awesome ways to create a light bulb in PPT.

25 Snippets That Demonstrate the Power of Canvas & SVG. PowerPoint characters. PowerPoint. Responsibly. Player. Highlight Picture Effect in PowerPoint: Step by Step Tutorial. How to be a PowerPoint Animation Ninja (in 7 easy steps) How to Take Your PowerPoint Animation to the Next Stage. 15 Fresh Font Combinations for Your Presentations and Infographics. 10 Infographic Design Cheat Sheets. 15 Stunning Interactive and Animated Infographics (And What You Can Learn From Them) IT’S MORPHIN’ TIME – PowerPoint’s New Morph Transition. Tutorial: How to make an animation with PowerPoint 2016 - Phimtk.

Animated Infographics In 30 Minutes Using PowerPoint. Power Point Presentation 2016. HOW TO USE MORPH « Presentation Design, PowerPoint Presentation, PowerPoint Slides, PowerPoint Design. PowerPoint 2016 – new features. The New Morph Transition in PowerPoint 2016 – Prezi-Like Effect. The evolution of PowerPoint—introducing Designer and Morph. Hand writing effect animation with powerpoint. National Restaurant Association - PowerPoint Morph Touchscreen Presentations. PowerPoint Demo Video - Animations with Morph - 100% PowerPoint 2016. What happens when you combine PowerPoint Morph and Interactive Navigation? What happens when you combine PowerPoint Morph and Interactive Navigation?

Volo Tradeshow Animation - PowerPoint Morph. [Animation] What is Motion Graphics? Motion Graphics Style Animated Explainer Video by Reptile FX Animation Studio. NextGlass. Bilsi Explainer Video. Discover the 10 Most Popular Styles for Startup Promo Videos. Starving Entrepreneur. Mango Moose Video. DCHomeBuzz.