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No-sew Leather Pencil Case. I have been feeling slightly under the weather this week.

No-sew Leather Pencil Case

A lack of energy, a cold, sleepy, headachy... and I got slightly frustrated about it. So many things I wanted to do. So many unfinished projects on my table and in my head... At least, yesterday, I managed to get this one out of the way. Taking pictures, scanning and transferring the template actually took me much longer than finishing the project. This no-sew leather pencil case makes a perfect last minute gift. If you want to make one too, here are the - very brief - instructions. Embellish {a blog by Laura Wadsworth} Ugly bunny pincushion and bag charm (with patterns) Making a pincushion is a delicate task.

Ugly bunny pincushion and bag charm (with patterns)

Ofcourse, you don't want to make it so cute that you don't want to jab your collection of pointy things in it. On the other hand, you'll also want to make it look cool enough, otherwise you're reminded of your failed project every time you go crafting! My last pincushion suffered from the latter problem, so it was time to make a new one. Crochet - Collar Pattern. Crochet Collar Pattern.

Crochet - Collar Pattern

Söta filtdjur – Cute animal felties. Mollie Makes är en av mina favoriter när det gäller pysselmagasin. Jag har inspirerats av tidningen tidigare och bland annat sytt en liten filthamster som present åt en av barnens kompisar. Jag köper tidningen digitalt och laddar hem den till min iPad men det går även att köpa tidningen i tryckt format, på välsorterade tidningsställen. Mönstren går att ladda ner från MollieMakes hemsida. —-Mollie Makes is one of my favorites when it comes to craft magazines. Paper crafts / easy! Paper crafts.. / cool quilled flower. Beaded Collar Necklace DIY : Trinkets in Bloom.

One of the hottest trends right now are collar necklaces.

Beaded Collar Necklace DIY : Trinkets in Bloom

You see them everywhere. The June issue of Lucky magazine has them listed in the top 5 trends for Spring. Rabbit (Jun Maekawa): Instructions. Woodworking Toy Plans. Presentrosetter av tygband – Fabric gift bows. En gång i tiden lärde jag mig göra egna rosetter av presentband.

Presentrosetter av tygband – Fabric gift bows

På Pinterest och i bloggvärlden har jag på sistone sett exempel på presentrosetter gjorda av både tidningspapper, filt, kartor och måttband. Det gav mig en idé. Jag som har så många fina tygband hemma, varför inte testa göra rosetter av dem? Jag klippte 6 längder av varje band. Hur långa längder det ska vara beror på bredden på bandet, man får helt enkelt testa sig fram. I cut 6 strips of each ribbon. Tygrosetterna kan man använda på paket, som en brosch, på ett gratulationskort eller sy fast på ett hårband kanske? Paper Flower Garland Backdrop. I was inspired to make this paper flower backdrop by one of our favorite wedding websites.

Paper Flower Garland Backdrop

So simple and lovely, I can see a few other uses for this garland backdrop that goes beyond wedding. For now, it will remain a beautiful wall sculpture against our charcoal wall. Soft craft / Pretty smocking. How to Seam Granny Squares. April 19th, 2012 by Jess I love granny squares because they make it so easy to play with exciting colors.

How to Seam Granny Squares

Often, my squares end up with different colored borders, so how do I choose a shade to seam them? The answer’s easy: I can use any color because I use an invisible seam! This super easy technique creates a durable seam that disappears into your crocheting. Ready to get started? Step 1: Gather your materials: finished granny squares, a blunt needle, and your seaming yarn (I used a contrasting yarn for demonstration, but you may want to use matching yarn).

Step 2: Insert your needle into your first crochet stitch from the back to the front. Step 3: Repeat Step 2 on the opposite side. Sewing and Crafts / Handmade paper roses. Paper Rose Wedding Bouquet. This project, using paper roses to create a bouquet, has been on my mind since I posted the first paper rose tutorial.

Paper Rose Wedding Bouquet

It is timeless and elegant and though I show it here in the white, it could easily be made in any color or even multiple colors by printing the template on a colored letter weight paper. Here are my instructions: PAPER ROSE BOUQUET You will need: 24 prints of the paper rose template, scissors and hot glue, florist wire and florist tape, ribbons for handle and bow. 1a) Print 24 rose templates onto a letter weight paper. The PDF has 3 pages (large, medium and small) so you can print 8 of each page. Circle Zip Earbud Pouch Tutorial - Dog Under My Desk.

UPDATE: I have completely re-written this tutorial with all new photos and better instructions and it is available as a pattern in my pattern shop.

Circle Zip Earbud Pouch Tutorial - Dog Under My Desk

The free tutorial for personal use is still available below! I use a little zippered pouch to carry around my earbuds since they are the fancy microphone ones and I don’t want them to break or get tangled. Some of you have commented that you are looking for some small, simple gift ideas. This is definitely simple to make, and a little more fun than the typical rectangular zippered pouch! I can see these as the perfect gift for teenage cousins or nieces or girlfriends or even teacher gifts. First, download the pattern file HERE. Origami Mini Star. These cute little nickel sized stars are great projects for a number of themes -- Japan, Christmas, Fourth of July, geometry (pentagon), etc.

Origami Mini Star