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Google+ Pages Quickly Adopted By 61% of Top 100 Brands. 61% of the world’s top 100 brands created pages within a week of Google’s recent Google+ Pages announcement, according to research from BrightEdge. That’s good news for Google. Clearly the brand interest is there, and coupled with interest from celebrities, this should help user growth. Still, interestingly enough, only about 13% of the brands that created pages displayed a link to them on their home page (the number is more like 53% for Facebook). That news isn’t quite as good for Google. It seems that the brands want to make sure they’re found on Google+ if people are looking, but aren’t too concerned about making sure all of their visitors know that their Google+ Page is a good place to follow them. “In this early phase of a Google+ presence, brands appeared to be having mixed success at building social networks around their Google+ presence,” the firm says. Google+” class=”aligncenter” width=”616″ height=”468″ />

Theme Zoom. Google+ Business Pages Could Hurt Your Brand. Untitled. A Look At Google+ Direct Connect For Google+ Pages. Along with the big announcement of Google+ pages yesterday, a search-specific feature called “Google+ Direct Connect” was also announced.

A Look At Google+ Direct Connect For Google+ Pages

The Google+ Direct Connect functionality will help to give Google+ pages more visibility in the search engine results pages when custom operators are used. What Exactly Is Direct Connect? Last month, Google retired the “+” operator, most likely in anticipation of the Direct Connect release. Now Google+ Direct Connect leverages the “+” symbol for those looking to go directly to a Google+ page in search. Instead of typing in “YouTube Google Plus” Direct connect will allow you to type “+youtube” to be escorted directly to the Google+ page, no results required. Let’s looks at Direct Connect in action.

Upon clicking on that link (or hitting enter when query is completed) users will be escorted directly to the Google+ page bypassing search results altogether. Connect Your Website Tips On Becoming Added To Direct Connect Answer? Recent Google+ Posts & "Add To Circles" Buttons Are Coming To Google's Search Results. Earlier today, ‘All About Content’ reported that Google+ data was showing in Google’s organic search listings. Two different items are now appearing in the search results pages, recent Google+ posts and an “Add To Circles” button. The only caveat? These results will only show for select Google+ brand accounts that have been approved for Direct Connect.

Even those brands who have been approved for Direct Connect may have to wait, as these features are being rolled out slowly. Here’s a look at the new additions: Google+ Posts Whether or not you currently have a Google+ account, Google+ posts will be infiltrating search results for brands that have direct connect enabled. With these additional results, WWE can effectively eat up more real estate in the results, a real benefit for reputation management. “Add To Circles” Button If a searcher is logged into Google+, even more of the social network will appear. How Can You Get This? Related Topics: Channel: Social | Google: Google+ | Top News.