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Success and Life Growth

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What’s your New Year’s Resolution? 5 Attitudes that stops Success’ Growth. We kill our own success and motivation unknowingly. These 5 attitudes have become part of our lifestyle and they are destroying our success’ growth. We must endevour to stop them in order to grow. I’ve written a similar post to this which you might also find useful. 6 attitudes to avoid if you want to be successful.

Not starting when you’re not ready: To be successful, you need to be mentally tough (Grit or determination). To be mentally tough is to be self disciplined. Forgo some or all present enjoyments in order to get the work done. For some, this is sensed as suffering. Living in the past: Few people’s reason for no achieving their goals is because they have failed. Starting big: To achieve anything, you must start small.

Never content: You can be the richest man on earth but still the poorest man and be the poorest and be the richest man. Waiting to have everything before starting: Similar to contentment. Like this: Like Loading... The Power in your Negative Emotions. They are called negative emotions (Jealousy, gossiping, backbiting, betraying, wickedness, jealousy e.t.c) because of the extent of damage they cause. These negative emotions overpower and damage us because we are not aware of them. In my post titled how to get started (Get started by stopping), I wrote “No one is perfect but the more you are aware of your negative sides, the more powerful you become”.

When you are aware of your bad behaviours, you’ll be more in control of yourself. It is never going to be a good thing when your neighbour or you is being overpowered and damaged with these negative emotions that can also empower us instead. What you might find alarming is that they might not know they possess these negative emotions. When you have power over your negative emotions, you’ll experience true happiness.

Like this: Like Loading... How to get Started (Get started by stopping) We all want to start but don’t want to stop. How will you stop without starting? One way or the other, we have to start before we can stop and vice versa. We are stopping our bad habits and starting excellence. Without stopping these bad habits, we cannot start. Without starting excellence, we cannot stop our bad habits. Dare to be different. In also one of my posts titled the mind and self blame, I wrote “When we have more fails than success, we are more likely to feel inadequate than learn from our failures.

Like this: Like Loading... Mindfulness – One of Life’s Ingredients. Life has it’s many ingredients that makes it enjoyable to live in. One of the ingredients of life is mindfulness. To be mindful is to be careful, to be careful is to be aware about your surroundings, to be aware is to be smart and being aware about your surroundings keeps you safe from life’s cruelty. You can’t be mindful without being patient. With patience comes mindfulness and awareness. Even though it can be really difficult to be patient, to achieve your goals, you need patience, to think about your surroundings, you need patience.

You cannot achieve anything in life without patience. In tough times, we have to find patience, we have to run to patience even when we have run out of it. Apart from being patient, another way to practise mindfulness is learning from your mistakes because this takes understanding and thinking. But, be mindful of your mindfulness. Like this: Like Loading... To be alone sometimes is the best Company. Some of us can’t do without keeping company with others, some of us can’t stand staying alone for 1hr not to talk of a day, some of us hate to be with companies and some of us love to be alone but according to science, ambivert is the best personality type i.e being an introvert and an extrovert in science of introverts vs extroverts.

I love to be alone and at the same time I love to be with people. When I’m bored, I always want to hang out with friends but I observed that when I’m not bored and alone, I feel being alone is great but we rarely think about spending time with ourselves when we are bored. Being alone is sometimes perceived negatively. Either you are not happy, you are depressed, you are jealous or pained.

Being alone leads to this negative perceptions becoming a reality. Irrespective of these negative perceptions, being alone can be the best company and has a lot of great advantages that I observed. “Most inventors and engineers I’ve met are like me. Like this: 5 Painful Truths about Life. How to Create Ideas when it isn’t coming. Depending on our life goals, jobs, hobbies e.t.c we might need to create ideas everytime.

Some jobs are passive like bricklaying, driving, some government jobs e.t.c don’t require creating ideas everytime. You do the same thing everytime, everyday, every year but some other jobs that are dynamic like writing, drawing, IT consultanting, teaching, architecture e.t.c require creating of ideas everytime. Creating ideas is a mental work and working your brain out everytime can be very distressing. As a writer, having to create ideas everytime is mentally challenging compared to using your physical strength. If you observe, the top jobs require you to create ideas frequently.

So if you want to be a boss and an achiever, you have to be ready to create ideas frequently. You have to be ready for that mental work. Below are the lists of things I do when it’s getting difficult to create ideas Take a tea break: This is something that helps me a lot. Like this: Like Loading... To be Smart, you must be Stupid! Who wants to be stupid? No one wants to be stupid and everyone wants to be smart. The sound of stupid itself is bothersome and thought provoking. We always want to do away with things that will affect our mind negatively and that’s why accepting being stupid will be difficult.

Apart from accepting being stupid is bothersome and thought provoking, accepting to be stupid takes humility. You have to be humble to say “I don’t know this”. In my article never be scared to fail, I wrote “Then I realised we came to this earth with knowing nothing which means we already came to this earth failing by not knowing. You might find this of my article useful. Like this: Like Loading... 6 Habits that cause Unhappiness. There are some habits we are not conscious of that cause unhappiness or some habits we are conscious of but difficult to change. Either way, we always endevour to eliminate anything that will hinder our happiness. To change those addicted habits, read these articles how to break addition habits and 10 Ways to Overcome an Addictive Personality.

Below are 6 habits to avoid to be happy: Not putting people in their place: Out of fear, being nice e.t.c we let people treat us like trash and take advantage of us. When we are being treated in these ways, we begin to feel insecure and ashamed of ourselves. People pleaser: Stay far away from doing everything to make people happy or like you especially at the expense of your comfort and when they wouldn’t even do the same. Not facing your fears: Not facing your fears lead to a lot of harmful things that causes unhappiness. Living in the past: Somehow, some people find it easy to hold on to their past failures and bad experiences. Like this: The Mind and Self-Blame.

Taking responsibility for all your actions is great for mind but also harmful for the mind. We take all our responsibilities and also for others. We take others’ responsibilities either because they are not strong enough, irresponsible, we are too soft/weak to tell them to take their responsibilities or we don’t know our responsibilities. For whichever reason, self blame can be harmful to the mind. I am someone that leaves no responsibilities behind, never would I take another’s responsibilities except if they are irresponsible which I know it’s not a good reason to take others’ responsibilities.

“I accept responsibility for things I cannot control and sometimes it becomes a very heavy burden.” – roamingcarolyn in self blame Consequences When we have more fails than success, we are more likely to feel inadequate than learn from our failures. When you take others’ responsibilities, being taken for granted has a high probability of occurrence. Solutions Like this: Like Loading... How to Value Yourself. One of the reasons we compare ourselves to others or we want to be like others is because we don’t value ourselves. We have already brought ourselves down even before others bring us down because we compare ourselves. We want to compare ourselves with others because comparing yourself with others will make you feel better than them, in control of them or powerful.

You might want to think that you are being hated when you are advised not to compare yourself with others but is so we can value ourselves. “Unless you have been in their shoes, view life the way they do and gone through their experiences, you are comparing yourself to information that can in no way be accurate. – Ulenda Myburgh in 7 ways to start to value yourself” Comparing your life with others when we all have different DNA’s (i.e we are all different) is a journey of no return. When you begin to understand the philosophy of no one is better that anyone, you will start to value yourself.

Like this: Like Loading... When Friends Leave in Bad Times. It can be very terrifying when friends leave you in bad times. Especially for those that trusted those friends and relied on them in bad situations. It’s either some of those friends make you feel they are not ready to hear your problems, they are happy you are in that situation or are ashamed of you and leave. In my article 5 thought provoking questions that will change your life, One of the questions was “Are your friends your enemies?” If you had known who your friends were, you might not have been in the situation of your friends leaving you in bad times.

Don’t hold any grudges when your friends leave because the effect it can have on your health can be detrimental. You have to heal from the bad situation you are in first. If you hold any grudges knowing fully well you are still in that bad situation can cause harm to yourself and others. In my post trust, I wrote “Of all the things to use to form trust was with rust. Like this: Like Loading... The Misery Behind Contentment. Having the skill of contentment is great but can enough ever be enough? We all have different standards of living that is comfortable for us but we would be happier if we had enough funds to live a higher standard. If living a lower standard than what we are living now is perceived as a curse or a bad thing, can we ever be content? If we would be happier if we had enough funds to live a higher standard, can we ever be content? No one wants to live a lower standard but with the misery of contentment, you have to have the skills of SavingManaging i.e living a bit lower than your standards andCutting your coat according to your size If mastering the art of contentment, you have to develop these above attitudes, then are we cursed?

Like I wrote earlier, everything in life has it’s own value depending on our life perspective. You might also find my article how to be content useful. Like this: Like Loading... Never be Sorry for these Actions. We are being made to be sorry for some actions we need not to be sorry for. Being controlled to feel like a bad or evil person when we act in some certain ways not because the actions were not healthy for the human race but because it makes others feel intimidated by you, jealous or bitter. When they begin to behave in those bad ways, we should know that we should not be sorry for any action we took that made them behave that way and not change our actions. For advising: The truth is bitter they say.

Some people don’t like hearing the truth or don’t like people advising them. Some will go to the extent of telling you to mind your business. If you see something that you think is wrong or it is not going to help your neighbour (Friends, family and strangers) and you don’t let them know and advise them, the feeling of guilt might haunt you for the rest of your life when that bad thing or those bad things happen to them. For succeeding: Don’t be sorry for succeeding. Like this: 4 Reasons to Immediately Overcome your Fears. Your comfort zone is your danger zone. You are greatly limiting yourself for greatness when you decide to remain in your comfort zone. It is a comfort zone because our body, mind and soul feels relaxed but it is when you’re done relaxing that you realize your comfort zone was your danger zone. Below are the reasons your comfort zone is your danger zone. High risk of being a bad person: When you see people accomplishing things your fears are limiting you to accomplish or doing things you wish you could if you were not fearful, you are at a high risk of being a jealous, bittered and pained person which will lead you to behave badly to others also making your a bad person.

High risk of being perceived as not good enough: Sometimes, we don’t know we are the cause of our problems. Higher risk of more fear: When you’re bold, things will fear you but when you’re fearful, more fears will creep in. You might also find these of my articles useful. Like this: Like Loading... Don’t Wait till you’re Ready.

I’ll start this article with the popular saying “No pain no gain”. The only reason you decide not to work because you are not ready is because of pain. Deciding to work when you are not ready causes pain to us physically and mentally. The bible says in Proverbs 10:4 “Lazy hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth.” This phrase means it is the “hardworking” that will eat and will be successful. If the bible supports pain, it means you can or must start when you are not ready. In my write up titled the #1 secret to success, I wrote “If you’re asked what is the #1 secret to success, what will your reply be?

In my article the key to eternal happiness, I wrote “The key to eternal happiness is to create happiness from nothing. Like this: Like Loading... 4 Motivations for Dark days. 5 Thought Provoking Questions that will Change your Life. Scared Bad things might Happen? Just do these #2 things! Rule out the Urge to Settle for less and be Strong. You Started to Finish and not to Stop. Sad? Why not try these three things! The Significance of Self Acceptance. 4 Behaviours you’re not in Control of your Life. How to Deal with Negative People. Take a Break and Re-evaluate. Avoid Focusing on Being Liked but Being Hated. Be #1 on your Priority List.