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Mixing charts for gardening with hydrogen peroxide. Vertical Garden Patrick Blanc. Med mans personal mfts (medical film tables) Day 28 bloom - medical master kush - day 38 - uniformity is the key to the highest yeiled and quality day 28 bloom - medical master kush - day 38 - this should be a bumper crop with the equivalent of 9.5 1000 watt bulbs.

med mans personal mfts (medical film tables)

10-14 Flowering Shedule. Hi everyone!

10-14 Flowering Shedule

Ok, I've told you about the 12-1 Veg schedule,(see the link above) and a lot of members here are courageously making the switch and saving themselves a LOT in power bills during the vegetative cycles, and growing bigger, happier, and healthier plants with less troubles, using less power and less nutrients... The results have definitely exceeded all expectations in everyone's trials. The 12-1 thread has had more hits than all but two threads have in the entire time the site has been here, and its rocketed to the #1 thread on the entire forums in only the last 10 months.

Many growers who are growing on a rotation or choose to rotate plants through their flower room will find a diminishing light schedule difficult to use. I recently discovered the 10-14 flowering schedule when I noticed my Sativas wouldn't finish. Since then, Ive changed to flowering on a 10-14 schedule, noting it provides a special hurry up and increased pistil and flower production. Ex-Pharmaceutical Rep. Speaks Out. The Trichome by Matt Rize - Medical Marijuana. The Trichome by Matt Rize Cannabis has special trichomes to say the least.

The Trichome by Matt Rize - Medical Marijuana

The resin within these trichomes has encouraged our ancestors to work with this plant for millennia, spreading the seeds world wide. Cannabis resin contains strong smelling medicinal compounds that glisten in the sun to call extra attention. Trichomes, the resin gland heads, protect the cannabis plant from insects and predation by being sticky and intoxicating. Trichomes also protect growing seeds from the sun and wind by reflecting solar radiation and creating a physical barrier.

The Cannabinoids and Terpenoids in Resin: Cannabis resin includes: cannabinoids (THC, CBD, CBN, THC-V, over 90 discovered so far!) Most Cannabis varieties today can be classified by chemotype as: high THC/low CBD. What is a trichome? Kinds of trichomes: Resin glands are capitate stalked trichomes that go from clear to cloudy to amber when maturing. Trichome power: The Cannabis trichome serves multiple functions.

Conditions of Use : Tio Semillas Cannabis Seeds and Clones, The Best Marijuana Seeds & Clones. Tio SEMillas specialises in the trade of medical hemp seed.

Conditions of Use : Tio Semillas Cannabis Seeds and Clones, The Best Marijuana Seeds & Clones

Importing, stocking and supplying hemp seed is exempted from regulation under the 1961 u.n. Single Convention on narcotic drugs and affiliated international treaties. In countries such as Spain, freedom to trade hemp seed is clearly written into the laws in 2004. Section 28 allows us to send worldwide. Warning! Sometimes an exemption can be obtained for the industrial, medical and agricultural applications of hemp seed. Some nations prohibit the growing of Cannabis for industrial and medicinal use. Tio SEMillas has to work within the conflict between law and moral obligation. We expressly point out that all those who purchase seed from Tio SEMillas are responsible for their own actions in the future. As a Tio SEMillas customer you are required to comply with the following conditions: Tio Semillas has never given others permission to distribute Tio SEMillas seeds to or within countries where trade of hemp/cannabis seed is illegal. Untitled. SM90 - CouchLock Cafe. I have used SM-90 at the recommended 1:5 ratio.. but only for a small foliar bottle so wasn't so much.. like 125ml SM-90.. back in the day when I also had thrips, there was nothing bam I noticed right away after like oh shit, too strong or somethin.. it's botanicals, think it's very hard to fry anything with the SM90.. but dunnoo... but i did cycle these sprays with END-ALL sprays..ver.1, really too bad it's not on the market anymore, cuz with the bit i have left, this is what i also recently did to kill the mites when i got the og, bubba, block etc cuts, and one time and mites are completely gone. so maybe the sm90 did and was all the end-all, but just tellin ya the whole story.

I cycled foliars between the 2, so hard to say what did what. And since i alwayz foliar sray fulvic acid, regardless bugs or not, and alwayz have killed bugs in one shot, maybe fulvic acid foliaring is a good thing for bugs....?? I just spray it anyway... Live from the Garden! on USTREAM: Live broadcasts with Jorge Cervantes coming soon. Follow Jorge on Twitter for the l.

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Live from the Garden! on USTREAM: Live broadcasts with Jorge Cervantes coming soon. Follow Jorge on Twitter  for the l

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