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Marijuana School – Marijuana Certificate. Pure Analytics - Pure Analytics Cannabis Potency and Safety Screening Laboratory. Legality of cannabis by country. A visual summary of Cannabis laws throughout the World List[edit] See also[edit] References[edit] Hashish!: Updated 2nd Edition: Robert Connell Clarke, Mel Frank, Jason King. Solvent free Extracting - Cannabis Culture Forums. Hedron Analytical Inc. Marijuana Made Simple: A Beginner's Guide to Growing Like A Pro (9781931160889): Mediman. Liquid Ladybug Spider Mite Killer. Liquid Ladybug Spider Mite Killer.

March Biological Beneficial Insects. The spider mite is a destructive pest that attacks over 180 different ornamental plants and agricultural crops outdoors, in fruit orchards and greenhouses.

March Biological Beneficial Insects

Spider mites are about the size of the period at the end of this sentence and the damage they cause is more noticeable than the spider mites themselves. The spider mite feeds by piercing a single plant cell at a time and sucking the sap. This will eventually leave a tiny brown or white sunken spot and may cause distorted leaf growth. This causes photosynthesis to decline and can hurt agricultural crop production. Some species produce fine webbing around the leaves they’re feeding on and near the tops of the plants where humidity is lower. Cannabis Bureau. Cannabis and cancer. All the Young Dudes: Cannabis Pollen Collection and Use. Pot magazines like High Times are famous for publishing amazing pictures of cannabis flowers of mostly the female species.

All the Young Dudes: Cannabis Pollen Collection and Use

Cannabis is a dioecious plant, which means that the male and female flowers develop on separate plants, although monoecious examples with both sexes on one plant are found. Sibling crosses draw genetic traits from both the mother and father plant, the male plays just as important a role as the female does but its rare to see male cannabis plants in full bloom and pollen collection and use is almost a mythical craft. I will do my best in this article to shed some light on the ways pollen is collected and dispersed. Before we talk about collecting pollen let’s talk about staggering. This is a trick I learned by trial and error that allows us to get the maximum number of seeds per plant. Once the male is flowering well the females will be entering a window around day 21-24.

Ok, so now we have our male in full bloom and we have our females in the breeding room.

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Silicon: More than a Nutrient @ - A Hosted Site. The effect of silicon on sugarcane yield GH Korndörfer, HS Pereira and MS Camargo Universidade Federal de Uberlândia, Uberlândia, Brazil Studies evaluating silicon applications to sugarcane have demonstrated beneficial effects on yield.

Silicon: More than a Nutrient @ - A Hosted Site

Though not considered an essential element for plant growth, silicon is absorbed in large quantities and accumulates within the sugarcane plant. The accumulated silicon within the plant has been linked to: reduced pest attack and disease, reduced lodging, enhanced tolerance to frosts and water stress, and increased sugarcane photosynthetic capacity. The use of cement as a source of silicon was shown to increase cane yields by 14 t/ha in the plant-cane crop. Results suggest that silicon should be included in the fertilizer program as a "beneficial" element in order to maintain soil fertility, reduce environmental impact, and increase sugarcane sustainability. Key words: Calcium silicate, lodging, ratoon, slag, sustainability. Pacific Agri-Food Research Centre. The Pacific Agri-Food Research Centre (PARC) in British Columbia is one of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada's national network of 19 research centres.

Pacific Agri-Food Research Centre

The Centre consists of two independent research sites: Agassiz and Summerland. Both locations are Minor Use Pesticide Program sites that improve access to new and effective crop protection tools and technologies. The mission of the PARC Summerland Research Centre is to generate knowledge and technologies to promote sustainable and economically viable production of wholesome foods and novel bioproducts from high-value horticultural crops for local, national and international producers and markets. Summerland is the home of the Canadian Plant Virus Collection which consists of freeze-dried and live viruses maintained in perennial plants.

Areas of Research. PENCIL METHOD Medical Marijuana News Magazine. Canadian growers have been developing a variety of means to maximize cannabis potency and quality through environmental and nutrient-management practices.

PENCIL METHOD Medical Marijuana News Magazine

Atmosphere Control The plants shown being harvested in this garden (courtesy of the Urban Grower) were cultivated in a controlled-environment agriculture (CEA) system that allowed the grower to exercise perfect control over every environmental parameter in the growroom. Caucasian Mountain Dog Breeders - English Bulldogs - Canada's Guide to Dogs - Working Dog Breeds. Roblin, Ontario INTRODUCING THUNDERHAWK'S OUTSTANDING NEW SIRE: "Barristan The Bold" Barristan is CERF-Certified, OFA Cardiac Clear, and Penn-HIP xrayed.

Caucasian Mountain Dog Breeders - English Bulldogs - Canada's Guide to Dogs - Working Dog Breeds

Thus, Barristan will not only contribute size and stunning type to our lines, he will also be able to build on what we have already accomplished genetically in the breed!!! Barristan will be bred to two of our girls, Jade and Versailles, this fall. True Stories: CO's Protecting - ThunderHawk  Caucasians. Maahes. Origin[edit] The first recorded reference to Maahes is from the New Kingdom.


Some Egyptologists have suggested that Maahes was of foreign origin; [3] indeed there is some evidence that he may have been identical with the lion-god Apedemak worshipped in Nubia and Egypt's Western Desert. As a lion-god and patron, he was also considered the son of Ra and of Bast,[4] the feline war goddess and patron of Lower Egypt as well as Sekhmet, the lioness war goddess and patron of Upper Egypt.

Since his cult was centred in Per-Bast (Bubastis in Greek) or in Taremu (Leontopolis in Greek), he was more known as the son of Bast. As he became a tutelary deity of Egypt, his father was said to be the chief male deity at the time - either Ptah, or Ra who had by this time already merged with Atum into Atum-Ra. Considered to have powerful attributes, feline deities were associated with the pharaohs, and became patrons of Egypt. Name[edit] 26 Beautiful Free Retro Fonts.

Woodsmaneh! cool growing info. RespirAide300T_Manual.pdf (application/pdf Object)


Whistler Backcomb Hotels. Flushing. Video. Bagwell Supply Ltd. - Home. Home - High Times: Cannabis Cup. LED Grow Lighting for Indoor Growing, Aquariums, Controlled Environment and Warehouses - LED Grow Lights by Apache Tech. Watering Cans, Watering Wands, Garden Hoses & Water Timers - Pumps, Irrigation & Watering Supplies - Discount Specialty Farm, Greenhouse & Garden Supply Store: Horticulture Source. Super soil.MOV. (2) Rain Barrels. Build a Hydro Generator. The Great Canadian Glass Gathering « { Glass Working } - Glass JULY. 23-30,2008 a whole week of demos, collabs, workshops, and fun.

The Great Canadian Glass Gathering « { Glass Working } - Glass

Any and All GlassWorkers welcome!! Held on Redbeard's organic farm only 20 min. north of pemberton, BC. This summer, the pemberton festival (tragically hip/tom petty, etc.) will attract over 40,000 people to our backyard. We have a campground, amphitheater and stage, art gallery, outbuildings, and we've reserved a 60x20 ft tent/canopy with sides for work stations plus sandblasting booth and other cold working music, cold beer, and glass galore!! This event is being generously sponsored by Puff, Praxair and Andrighetti Glass. The schedule is still coming together, we're looking for volunteers for demos, musicians. Glass Pipes - Glass Medicinal Cannabis Resource Centre. Emerald Triangle. StumbleUpon Video. Strains of Yesteryear.

CANNABIS CULTURE - A retrospecive of the best marijuana varieties from the 70's and 80's Colombian Gold Colombian Gold came from the highland Colombian valleys near the equator, as well as on the coast (the Caribbean and the Pacific).

Strains of Yesteryear

This was specialty pot offered commercially in the mid-70's, for about $60 to $100 per ounce. It was seeded, but most of the seeds were undeveloped, white and useless. A few rare, viable seeds were found that were dark, small-sized and roundish. The buds were leafy and the most beautiful golden blond color. Antioxidant supplement created for people who smoke medicinal marijuana. The first antioxidant formula designed specifically for users of medicinal herbs.

When you smoke or vaporize you bring heat and combustion byproducts into your lungs. (vaporizing to a lesser extent) Research has shown that people who smoke are deficient in specific vitamins, so we included those in this supplement. The smoking also causes oxidative stress on your body so we included a combination of different antioxidant as well as a mineral complex to help offset mineral depletion. If you are using Medicinal Marijuana we want you to protect your health with CannaVites™. The clinically studied ingredients in CannaVites™ were specifically chosen based on their benefits for people who smoke. Neem Oil for Powdery Mildew? - Cannabis Culture Forums. Looking for the highest producing indoor strain!! PLZ SHED SUM LIGHT. NEW GROW TRAILER FINISHED!!! Free Shipping for Seeds from 2BSEEDS. Growing with molasses. How do I Recognize, Control, and Prevent Powdery Mildew? - 420 Magazine.


Urban Grower Online. CBD. - Hydroponic Nutrient and Fertilizer Injection Systems. Seeds. Humboldt Countys Own Purple Maxx - Gallon. Products Description Humboldt County's Own Purple Maxx is completely organic.

Humboldt Countys Own Purple Maxx - Gallon

Works well in soil or hydroponics, indoors or outdoors. Contains no hormones or plant growth regulators. Purple Maxx is a combination of organic compounds that encourages plants to "stack" their flowering sites closer together, producing more flowers. Bush Master by Humboldt County's Own - Product Review. Humboldt County’s Own Bush Master is a very powerful tool for the Marijuana grower’s arsenal.

When used right, it can perform miracles on your Marijuana plant.


Grow Marijuana: Growing Medical Marijuana Plants Like A Pro. Cannabis Worm Tea - Turning Simplicity into Perfect Design.