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The Majestic Reading:Quran

The Quran, "The Reading," is a confirmation of the Torah and the Bible, and it affirms, confirms and repeats the Faith and Law that was sent in them both.

TMR Blog13 Betrayal Of Satan. How To And Not To Follow Your Thoughts. Peace = Shalom = Salam Our thoughts influence what we perceive, the process is guided by what we understand based on our knowledge that we have accumulated through experience and learning.

How To And Not To Follow Your Thoughts

Problems arise when either we have no knowledge or when the knowledge we have does not coincide with the truth about reality. This makes it difficult to decipher information correctly as the framework we are using to perceive the world is not grounded in the truth. True Knowledge is contained in the Books of God, specifically the Quran which cannot be altered from its original form. With this Knowledge, you can form a foundation that will allow you to use your thoughts and perceive reality for what it really is. Most of Mankind has no knowledge and are incapable of critical thinking. True Knowledge comes from the Books of God. Many Men make others astray with their thoughts without Knowledge. EP 70 The Book, The Book, The Book. The Majestic Reading: Quran. Peace = Shalom = Salam A study of the history of Mankind will quickly reveal that a recurring pattern exists.

The Majestic Reading: Quran

As the saying goes, ‘History repeats itself’. As memory fades and the consequences faced by earlier generations are forgotten, similar events begin to occur. Every generation has eventually been destroyed, and this one is no different. Historians provide several explanations for this collapse, but the truth is that it is due to the destitution of true faith amongst Mankind, other than the rubbish they have faith in. This Life is a war for your Soul. We are at that point now. If you think the War of God will not come to these people, know that the Quran tells us that what we have today does not reach a tenth of what was brought to the ancients, case in point, they lived up to a thousand years versus our mere hundred. TMR Blog16 War Of God. The Majestic Reading: Quran. Salam = Peace = Shalom Each Man learns through new experiences and ‘knowledge’ gained.

The Majestic Reading: Quran

Thus each Man constructs his perception of reality. However, true reality is singular, and if our perception of reality does not align with the true reality, then we are astray. There are things in life which may have no right answer, for example, whether the color red is more beautiful or blue. But for the really important questions in life, like, is there a creator? The arrogance of Man very often keeps him from seeing reality, because when his fundamental beliefs are questioned, he does not ponder why they may be flawed, but rather automatically attacks the one questioning his beliefs. Chapter 109 is often referenced by the so-called Muslims of today when they encounter anyone whose opinion differs from theirs. Everyone has a way, what is often referred to as religion. EP 70 The Book, The Book, The Book. Truth About The Quran. Peace = Shalom = Salam.

Truth About The Quran

The Majestic Reading Website And Reader Walkthrough. How To And Not To Follow Your Thoughts. TMR Blog 15 Chapter 109 The Rejecters. The Majestic Reading Website And Reader Walkthrough. TMR Blog 14 How To And Not To Follow Your Thoughts. Quran Chapters 31-114 Audio By Alafasy With Absolute English Translation. The Majestic Reading: Quran - Blogs & Articles. The Majestic Reading: Quran. Peace = Shalom =Salam Preordainment or fate is touted by many who say everything that will happen is fixed and cannot be changed for every soul.

The Majestic Reading: Quran

Today, most of the people who call themselves Muslim believe that their fate was decided when they were born, and God knows who will go to Hell and who to the Garden when we arrive into this World. Obviously, these people only call themselves Muslim and by the true definition are certainly not. If God knew what the outcome for each soul was before she arrives into this World, then how can this life be a trial? Quran Chapters 1-9 Audio By Alafasy With Absolute English Translation. Do Not Tinker With Origin Of Mankind. Salam = Peace = Shalom The truth regarding the inception of Man has been completely obscured by the Theory of Evolution, which is used to argue that Man evolved from lesser organisms.

Do Not Tinker With Origin Of Mankind

This is part of a concerted agenda to take the necessity of a Creator out of the equation and explain existence as a result of happenstance. We have reached the pinnacle of this now, with most having bought into the Satanic Scientific narrative and rationalizing existence through the theories put forth. Man was created by God, and God has ordered Man not to tinker with the creation of Man. This means we are not to manipulate the building blocks of life, our DNA, in any way. The emphasis on vaccinations these days is one example of how, on a large scale, they plan on fundamentally altering our DNA, and thus our creation. EP 69 - Gog And Magog, End Of The Earth. TMR Blog 9 This Life, a Deception. How Can Reading The Quran Help You? Many opinions exist about the meaning of this life, but the truth about it has always been the same.

How Can Reading The Quran Help You?

The Quran is the Truth about this existence and it repeats what all other prophecies brought before it. It reminds us of our purpose in this life; to serve God. This life is a trial to see how many will see past the deception and realize that we are altogether nothing in front of the Almighty God who created us, as well as everything else we see and do. He has commanded us to do certain things, forbidden us to do others, and He has clearly outlined these directives in the Quran, as well as through the Torah and the Injeel. Although the Torah has been hidden and the Injeel mutilated by Mankind, in their original form the Quran confirms them. When you come to the understanding that this life is but a test and that the only things we will take with us when we die are our faith and deeds, it is simple to see what our striving should be, fulfilling our obligation to be in servitude to God.

TMR Blog 9 This Life, a Deception. The Majestic Reading: Quran. Salam = Shalom = Peace Whether recognized or not, every human has questions about his existence, where did we come from?

The Majestic Reading: Quran

Where are we going? Why are we here? TMR Blog 8 Jesus is the Messiah. Read Quran In English And Arabic. The Quran is the product of the revelation of God’s command to Mohammad by the Holy Spirit, Gabriel.

Read Quran In English And Arabic

Most so-called Muslims today do not read nor understand the Quran, rather they recite it in Arabic with little to no understanding of what is being said. TMR Blog 5 Two Truths. The Majestic Reading: Quran - Blogs & Articles. Peace = Salam = Shalom Most people think that a barter system is archaic and that the current banking system is an advancement over it, what a joke!

The Majestic Reading: Quran - Blogs & Articles

The current financial system is based on the collection of interest or usury, which enslaves all who take loans from it, and the resulting debt slavery. God prohibits usury, which is the same thing as interest, a distinction without a difference. Usury or interest is paying “rent” on money borrowed or lent. Any amount of interest for loaning money is prohibited by God, and the only money clearly created by God is Gold and Silver. The Majestic Reading: Quran - Blogs & Articles. TMR Blog5 Two Truths. 5 Factors That Define the Best Quran Translations. TMR Blog6 Interest or Usury.

The Majestic Reading: Quran - Blogs & Articles. 4 Things to Know Before you Read Quran Online. Holy Quran is the religious book of the Muslims or of the ones who follow Islam. Each and everything about the Islamic religion is written in the Quran. Many people recite the Quran in Arabic and also read the translation in English or other languages to understand each concept better. Given below are the 5 things you must know before you decide to read Quran Online: EP 66 - Healing and Disease. EP 68 - The End of This Generation.