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LED Retail Displays - A Sweet Marketing Tool. In today’s visually moved world, where the struggle for the money and customers attention has become fierce, learning to convert a retail setting into a stimulating and appealing platform for shopping is important to any business, big or small.

LED Retail Displays - A Sweet Marketing Tool

Good retail display dramatically increases sales and customers traffic. Retail store owners always look for the best ways to boost their sales. There are many ways to dazzle your customers so they won’t just walk on by. LED Retail Display is one of them if you want to consider something other than advertising campaigns and mailbox fliers. This type of visual marketing is eye-catching, cost-effective, safe, and a creative merchandising tool.

According to studies, the exterior and LED displays are the primary things that are noticed about a shop. 1. If you are not employing any type of storefront display, you are missing a great opportunity to expose your products and services to people who are passing by. 2. 3. Are You Paying High While Buying a Higher Resolution LED Display. When purchasing an LED display, no one wishes to pay higher by buying a higher resolution LED Display than is required to do the job.

Are You Paying High While Buying a Higher Resolution LED Display

On the other hand, you want to buy a display that delivers a crystal clear picture to your proposed audience. To safeguard that you are purchasing exactly the display you need and no more, it is important to understand the correlation between resolution and viewing distance. To some extent, recommended viewing distances are subjective, but can be roughly calculated on the basis of resolution, application, display type, and intended use.

The more the resolution you have, the clearer your display will appear. The size of the text is also a significant factor. Talking about resolution in depth:In an LED display, the resolution is the effect of a specification called pixel pitch, which defines the spacing of individual pixels. Buy Transparent Led glass display. Totally transparent high-tech glass façade with integrated LED's creating a seamless LED Display visual experience anywhere.

Buy Transparent Led glass display

Natural light and media content collide to enhance userbility and unique design into architecture: Animate any structure with the latest LED technology never missing an advertising opportunity. Unique in it's total transparency and abilty for the media content to radiate from both sides as the LEDs are integrated into the glass laminate. Transparent conductors, also embedded are used vua a PC to control the content, then content such as Logos, text messages and media animations can be displayed on both the outside as well of the inside. The Advertising - Architectural breakthrough of the future – available today Creativity without strategy is called art, creative with strategy is called advertising Jef I.

See the full colour demo below. The Rise Of Led Video Walls. Up till 80's, multi-image displays consisted of sets of slide projectors synchronized to an audio track.

The Rise Of Led Video Walls

While it was an effective and creative way of projecting multiple pictures on a single screen, it was very cumbersome and expensive. Animation or virtual movement could be achieved by using so many slides and clever programming, but still the results were not that great. However, this was the only concrete and affordable means to get a big, dynamic image at that time. Video projection was based on cathode ray tube (CRT) technology and was in its embryonic stage in early 90’s. Custom made LED displays and Signs. Your advantage with the LED Studio Whatever your visual requirement you will find the expertise to Specify, Source, Manufacture, Integrate or Install from The LED Studio.

Custom made LED displays and Signs

From simple moving message LED Displays to 360° LED information, Tickers, complete Factory Systems and Digital Signage through to large LED Screens, Billboards, Video Walls and event hire and staffing. We have extensive experience and industry involvement to be able to fulfill your needs however complicated, whatever the Size, Colour, Curvature, Venue, Interaction, Environment or Interface.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility and organic approach to display design. Within our dedicated and diverse team, we draw on an eclectic wealth of resource that makes the challenging into an achievable design creative. New ways of using outdoor led signs. LED signs in UK are more popular these days than ever before.

New ways of using outdoor led signs

Today, businesses are continually choosing these flat-panel displays to inform, advertise and entertain their potential customers. One of the great benefits of these signs is their brightness, which makes them perfect to be used outdoors. Entertain your Customers while they are in a Queue with a LED Tickers. LED Safety Signs and Displays – The LED Studio. Why are Safety Signs displaying statistics important?

LED Safety Signs and Displays – The LED Studio

Safety Signage and Display Boards are one of the main means of communicating health and safety information. This includes the use of LED Signs and Displays to display current statistics, alert signals (e.g. visual fire alarms), displaying health & Safety guidelines, eyecatching marking of dangerous areas or substances and for wayfinding purposes. In view of their importance, it is critical that all health & Safety Signs, Notices and Signals can be easily seen and understood.

LED Displays provide the perfect solution for this being bright, bold, eye-catching, highly visual from long distances and easily updatable Health & Safety Signs are not just a convenience, but a Legal obligation. Exciting Digital Signage Trends in UK with Led Display. Do you want something that will really impress your customers?

Exciting Digital Signage Trends in UK with Led Display

For this, outdoor led display proves to be an attractive tool for promoting businesses by visualizing high impact promotional messages. Recent trends and statistics show the growing use of Led displays and screens in all industries whether it is retails, corporate sector, education or hospitality. Today, we are at the peak of greatest and latest technology in digital signage that is really significant for today’s standup businesses.

Even the attitude towards the outdoor Led display in UK has technologically advanced now over the last six years. Nowadays, 84% of the UK retailers and merchants are opting for Led displays as an opportunity to raise brand awareness; this acts as a media powerhouse for many industrial sectors. “Outdoor Digital Advertising in UK Results in Huge Sales” Create Attractive LED Video Walls with the LED Studio. LED video wall is an innovative solution to all businesses that allows creating a unique and remarkable experience.

Create Attractive LED Video Walls with the LED Studio

They are nothing but high grade monitor screens that are put together to create larger screens. These walls deliver seamless pictures in any shape or size required. Digital Signage Systems - The LED Studio. Why Buying an LED Display From a Rental and Staging Company May Not Be Your Best Bet. Leyard Named the Market Leader in Narrow Pixel Pitch LED Video Wall Displays. Research details developments in the LED display market key manufacturers analysis and forecast 2021. Does the Future of Digital Cinema Mean the End of Motion Picture Projectors?

Does the Future of Digital Cinema Mean the End of Motion Picture Projectors?

Does the Future of Digital Cinema Mean the End of Motion Picture Projectors?

LEDDoes the Future of Digital Cinema Mean the End of Motion Picture Projectors? Source: Does the Future of Digital Cinema Mean the End of Motion Picture Projectors? Share this Post: Recent Tweets Tweets by @TheLEDStudio Archives Back to Top. LED Tickers for Displaying Quality Imaging for your Business. When talking about an LED Ticker, people often think of a Wall Street trade floor, with quotes from the stock market blurring by with cryptic symbols or foresee the sports score boards or boards with ads scrolling by at a casino. While all these are quite popular applications, we at The Led Studio have come up with unique and innovative ways to integrate LED Tickers into artistically informative displays.

An LED Ticker is an incredible compliment to a business’ digital signage. Not only it is unique, but the colors, brightness and the movement also attract the eyes of the visitors. In addition to this, businesses can broadcast much more than information about sports or stocks. With the comprehensible browser-based software, you can input customized messages showcasing a new product, or welcome an important visitor, all by using your smartphone. LED Factory Signs and Production Display Systems. Traditionally, most LED display providers purely supply LED panels into industrial environments and have not been concerned with the industrial process that lies behind the requirement. The strong engineering and industrial background of The LED Studio continues to make us first choice for industrial and professional users who require Data Acquisition , Monitoring and Display Systems.

We can provide complete factory display and process fitout from production to presentation. The Andon and Line Monitoring solution. Global Small Pitch LED Display Market 2017 By Manufacturers. LED or LCD: Finding the best video wall solution. LED or LCD: Finding the best video wall solution | Digital Signage Today LEDLED or LCD: Finding the best video wall solution | Digital Signage Today inShare0 Source: LED or LCD: Finding the best video wall solution | Digital Signage Today Share this Post: Recent Tweets Tweets by @TheLEDStudio Archives. A Brief about Electricity Power Consumption of Outdoor LED Signs. One of the most critical factors that should be considered before buying an outdoor LED display is its power consumption and electricity ongoing expenses.

Especially, when it comes to super high brightness LED signs, electricity consumption is more of a concern. In the UK, we often get asked by the people, how much electricity do LED signs consume? Should they purchase an expensive energy saving LED sign product? To get such queries answered, there is a need to compute the energy consumption of LED sign over its life span and compute the electricity bill with local electricity charges. We are providing you with a general overview on how you can calculate the approximate energy cost and make your decision of buying an LED sign in UK.

Energy saving Vs. Energy saving LED signs in UK uses lower voltage, i.e. about 2.8 V, which results in cutting down around 50% of the total power consumption. Hyundai Signs to New Piccadilly Lights Proposition. Moscow Billboard Targets Ads Based on the Car You’re Driving. How LED Displays can Improve Productivity in a Factory. Have you ever gauged how you can enhance the productivity in your factory? Circular 360° LED Displays Signs - theledstudio. A revolution in display systems A leader in 360° LED Displays, we are driven to provide customers with the best visually stimulating solutions incorporating state-of-the-art LED technology.

A team of professionally trained engineers inspect and ensure product quality, reliability and performance. Global LED display market in 2016 up 7% to reach $4.5 billion. Global LED Display Screen Market- Barco , Mitsubishi Electric , Absen , Unilumin , Liantronics , Lighthouse. LED Sign Display - A Smart Choice for Business Owners. There are lots more compelling evidences for buying an LED sign display for your business than “they look great.” (However, that is true!) LED Pharmacy, Chemist Signs and Displays - Ledstudio. Things you may not know about LED Displays. Financial LED Displays, Tickers and Currency Rateboards. Increasing Popularity of LED Video Walls. Making LED Signs Eye Catching With Simple Ideas. Large LED Display Screens for Video walls. Led video wall with the large graphic and video displays. Guide to Using LED Signs. We offers LED Financial Displays, Tickers and foreign exchange boards for banks and other financial dealerships.

Things to consider when selecting an outdoor LED Video Wall. Every project is unique and begins with a notion, concept or vision that others may not have even thought of earlier. With a dramatic increase in popularity of LED video wall solutions, more and more companies are beginning to offer products to meet this high demand. With this increase in providers, choices for outdoor LED displays on the market have also increased today. LED Ticker Sign in Entertaining Customers Waiting. Preserving Your LED Displays in Extremely Cold Weather. Winters have come and apparently a very cold one this time. From December to February, temperature reaches to minus levels.

Take Your Event to the Next Level with LED Video Wall. Whether it’s a corporate occasion, concert, fashion show, sports competition, trade show, auction or fundraiser, an event’s planning should be left in hands of the experts to ensure the best results. Event planning depends on the capability of the planner to select the right piece of equipment. For example, event managers committing the mistake of renting/ buying projectors for the outdoors functions will realize it later that the quality of the image was poor and it has spoiled the whole event.

Top Mistakes Committed While Creating Content For LED Video Wall. Options to Customize an LED Ticker. Outdoor LED Display Screens during Extreme Environmental Conditions.