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TEDxWarwick - Charlie Price - Aquaponics (Getting More out of Less) Aquaponics For Profit. What is Aquaponics. Aquaponics technics exposed.wmv. Aquaponics: Go Commercial? Start Small. Backyard aquaponics: DIY system to farm fish with vegetables. Semi Commercial Aquaponics System- Bethel Farms. The WV Farm2u Collaborative. Our partnership with Pierpont State Community and Technical College has allowed the Collaborative to create a college-level certificate in Sustainable Agri-Business, helping to ensure that the farms will be there for future generations, while evolving them for the present.

The WV Farm2u Collaborative

This partnership has also resulted in a series of video training modules on subjects such as emerging agri-culinary market trends, value-added and specialty farm products, and the earth-to-table/buy local movement. The Collaborative for the 21st Century Appalachia® is launching a state-wide initiative in conjunction with West Virginia chefs to capitalize on marketing opportunities centered on the use of local food products in their restaurants. We have established strategically-placed hubs with major or high-profile restaurants and resorts as anchors, such as the Stonewall Resort at Stonewall Jackson State Park.

How We Began The concept for the Collaborative for the 21st Century Appalachia® was envisioned by Dr. West Virginia Department of Commerce Farm Fresh Orders Online. In the southern part of the state, technology is helping farmers in rural Monroe County reach new customers in the state’s capital, about three hours away.

West Virginia Department of Commerce Farm Fresh Orders Online

The non-profit Monroe Farm Market is operated out of Union as both a physical and virtual farmers market for fresh, local foods. On , member farmers log into the system to list how many pounds of tomatoes, cheese, baked goods, eggs, grass-fed beef, cucumbers or microgreens they have available that week. Customers pay a small annual fee to shop online. Then, once a week, market manager Keveney Bair and her team work with the farmers to fulfill the orders and deliver them to a pick-up location in Charleston. West Virgina Profile. West Virginia Department of Agriculture.

West Virginia’s agriculture community is made up primarily of small family owned and operated farms.

West Virginia Department of Agriculture

Approximately 80 percent of the Mountain State’s 23,000 farms have income of less than $10,000. But the state also leads the nation in its percentage of family-owned farms at just over 95 percent, giving those farmers great flexibility in what they choose to produce and how they choose to produce it. West Virginia Farms Feeding Families. Audrey Rowe, USDA Deputy Administrator of Special Nutrition Programs, visits with Alicia Powell and son Shawn at a West Virginia farmers’ market where the family is using WIC vouchers to help purchase fruits and vegetables.

West Virginia Farms Feeding Families

I recently took a drive out to Martinsburg, West Virginia to visit Orr’s Farm Market . The Orr’s market, like dozens in the area, stock fresh fruits and vegetables just harvested from the nearby fields and fertile orchards. In fact, more than 95 percent of Orr’s produce is grown just feet from where I strolled: an impressive display of berries, sweet corn, heirloom tomatoes, and a wide assortment of peach varieties of every imaginable type. But fresh and local produce isn’t all I found at Orr’s. You see, this market, along with many more around the country, welcomes participants in USDA food and nutrition programs–and that is very good news. I was fortunate to meet Alicia Powell and her son Shawn who were browsing the market for fruit salad ingredients. Agriculture, Walt Helmick for Commissioner of Agriculture Charleston, WV Protecting and Growing WV.

Farmer's Day. Welcome to the West Virginia Farm Bureau. West Virginia Department of Commerce WV FARMS GREW BY 14 PERCENT. West Virginia is well positioned to become a leader on the agricultural front, said Allen Arnold, founder of the Collaborative for the 21st Century Appalachia, a grassroots organization that is dedicated to preserving Appalachian culture and cuisine through sustainable farming practices and a buy-local emphasis.

West Virginia Department of Commerce WV FARMS GREW BY 14 PERCENT

“Knowing that it’s from not far away or that you’ve grown it yourself, or that it’s from a farmer that you know – there’s a trust level there. So there are more opportunities for small farms to do more than just eke out a living,” Arnold said. The 2007 census showed that the number of West Virginia farms grew by nearly 14 percent – more than triple the national rate. Most are smaller farms, with about half having 50 or fewer acres. Yet, this growth produced an increase in the total market value of state agriculture products by nearly a quarter, compared to the previous measurement five years ago. “Burpee seed sales are way, way up. WV Farm to Family - Farming/Agriculture.

West Virginia Department of Commerce From Their Farm. From Their Farm to Your Table By Leslie Fitzwater.

West Virginia Department of Commerce From Their Farm

Aquaponics Matures Into a Movement  Aquaponics Matures Into a Movement December 9, 2012 A video about two farmers and the aquaponics movement in Texas.

Aquaponics Matures Into a Movement 

By Brittney Martin For Reporting Texas A visitor could get lost in Rob Nash’s greenhouse. Swiss chard and tomato plants create a maze. Aquaponics is a word and practice created by combining “aquaculture,” or raising fish, and “hydroponics,” the use of recirculating water to grow crops. In a world where consumers pay more attention to sustainable farming, the slow food movement and organic cultivation techniques, aquaponics is taking off. But the field of aquaponics has no specific definitions or parameters. The Purist Adam Harwood lives and works on two acres of land in San Marcos. Harwood was reluctant to specify how much he spent on his three systems, but said they cost between $35,000 and $50,000 to set up. Harwood swears by the UVI system. The wastewater then moves through a degassing tank to remove harmful gases like methane and carbon dioxide. The Innovator The Nonprofit.