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In the third grade, at age 8, I jumped up in the middle of class and said to the teacher, “I get it! We're here to be capitalists, right? If I know where a well of water is and someone is thirsty, I don't tell them where the well is; I keep it secret and sell them a cup instead! That's capitalism, right?” She said that was a good description of capitalism. “Then I'm done here! I've come to tell them where the well is!” I pushed my school books off the desk; the books they were going to spend a whole year with that I had read in a weekend; and I ran over and climbed out the window! I walked miles to get home and was never going back. I already knew there was nothing there of value; there was only a lot to distract you with. I had already noticed what was missing. They made me keep coming back for years. Collaboration is the Process of Synthesis, occurring through non-competitive creative cooperation and the development of a shared knowledge base through the reduction of asymmetrical information, compartmentalization and hierarchy. Collaboration is the highest form of Cooperation, if it involves willing parties who practice Full Disclosure without thought of gain or advantage over the other parties. Collaboration occurs when these collaborators contribute their various assets, creative resources and knowledge bases towards a shared goal; the synthesis of their combined inputs result in the finished work. Of the five choices available for Conflict-Resolution, thinking first of others is the only chance of a win-win solution. It is a decision between Service to Self or Service to Others; The Lesser or Greater Vehicle of Hinayana and Mahayana Buddhism. For me there is only the mission: win-win for The All, The One that we are, with no one left out. When we enter this plane in infant human form, a veil of illusion descends upon us. This veil, that we think we are, is what cuts us off from the Source energy that is our True Nature. In the worst of cases, and today, in most cases, it is a veil programmed through trauma. "i"... am a guide, that, as the reason for the human journey, rejects the Control Systems from the very beginning, with The Will required to do it; then seeks resolution between contradictions found both within the outer world and the inner world within; who discovers, reveals and makes seen what is hidden or obscured, first for himself, and then for those who are ready to see it; which was the very reason for the journey. Here’s what I do for those who come to me. 1) I help them all to first unify and stabilize the very same impermanent structure within each of them that they believe themselves to be; in the doing of this phase, emotional obscurations are identified, addressed and resolved. 2) As that is occurring, i help them to negate and dis-identify from their sense of I-ness as that impermanent structure; it is not who they truly are. 3) Then, as is revealed within each of them the same Permanent Structure that lies behind the impermanent, i help to affirm That Permanent Structure as being who they Truly Are; even though for a bit yet, it will seem to come and go, because they leave the Bliss of it as the remnant’s of the impermanent structure snare them back, until the cognitive obscurations are identified, addressed and resolved. 4) So, i give them Works and a View to help them get back to That within, over and over, as their sense of I-ness shifts to living as/from That within, while the last of the impermanent structure is transmuted, or more precisely, used as food by That within (a religious, mystical, unitive experience is deconstructive, not constructive). As this occurs the Bliss phases end as they come to stabilize there and live from That Empty Fullness within as a structure, rather than a state or stage. 5) Then, i help as That within, merges with That without, and becomes the structure from which they live. As that occurs, there is a period of total inner silence and continuous awareness without any sleep at all. This 5th period lasted two years in ‘my’ case and i am now well into the 10th Bhumi and the eleventh year of ripening beyond that final silence. Though i have taught, or guided others continuously during all those phases of the journey, it is only this year that i have become able to write again without there being a question from another to create a response from within me; only this year that i can type the letter ‘I’. Much of what you will read of my words was written or spoke during the above mentioned periods of ‘my’ journey; there are over a thousand pages. For those who would be about this Work, or who know that the key to our struggles... is to reestablish connection with the Source Energy within us as we drop our illusory, programmed views; there is something i am to give you, and the doing of that is the very purpose for my existence. It took my entire life as a single-minded mission to end up with it; and required the sacrifice of everything that you or society values as dear. The cost of tuition is high for The Knowledge of Direct Experience; countless times I have paid that price, accepting that everything I was going through was part of the agreement, was towards the highest good for us all, and that it was necessary to attain this level of understanding. I was a natural-born heretic and never able to do anything normal; countless times I turned left when all others stampeded to the right. I have no money, no car, no home, no real possessions and nothing left for me to do but to deliver this package; to download back into our Collective Consciousness... The One that we are... what has been collected. I put this together for you on a donated laptop, used while sitting on a neighbors porch for the electric and internet, in the hills of West Virginia, USA. I have never charged a single person for help or guidance and have lived on the alms/donations from those who have been able to, so that I need not charge those who cannot afford help. Help me deliver the work of many lifetimes spent getting here, in order to be ready with this now when it is so needed. If you want to help, visit my sites and like or share my posts and videos, or visit my Patreon site, become a Patron and support me with monthly pledges, however small. Once upon a time, there were three mice that lived in a big cave system. They spent all their time searching for cheese to eat. One day they came upon a ginormous, hundred-foot tall, mile-long mountain of cheese filling up a huge cavern. It was more than they could climb over in a month, and more than they could eat in lifetimes; so they stayed there happily for years, growing fat and lazy. One morning they awakened to discover the entire mountain of cheese was gone! Not even a crumb remained; somebody had taken it all during the night. Immediately, one mouse went to go find more cheese. The second mouse started trying to figure out who took it. The third mouse sat down to wait for them to bring it back. I’m that first type of mouse, who took off 45 years ago on a Quest for Cheese during the 3rd grade when I realized what was missing. But I’m not coming back with it triumphant and cheering. I am but a step or two short of the entrance to the big cave; disappearing as I toss this little ball of cheese through the door and hoping someone will pick it up and start feeding everyone. It may not look like that big, glittering mountain… but it’s enough to feed us all if you’ll spread it around. The Quest tired me greatly, but left Wisdom in its place; i am still being taught by life and just this moment realized another Pearl of Wisdom denied to the young… The Journey of a Thousand Miles ends with a single step. I sure hope you really like cheese. (for the longer bio, see the .org site) I love Cheese

One Path, Many Mountains - Many Paths, One Mountain

Sustainability: The Great Transition to The Green Path. Collaboration is to Reduce Asymmetrical Information. The False-Front Teddy Bear- How to Find the Good Fight at the True Front Line. Round n Round We Go- How to Break the Destructive Pattern in Relationships. Think different. Love or Fear? Let us Explore Space PLEASE? Terence McKenna - Nobody is smarter than you are Kinetic Typography. TheLastCollaborator is creating Mental and Emotional Wellbeing. Basic needs for monthly living expenses.

TheLastCollaborator is creating Mental and Emotional Wellbeing

I have no home, no wife, no family but all of you, and I can carry every thing I own. There is nothing i will ever really buy, no where I ever want to go, nothing I want to see or experience, unless it be towards the work I do for others. For two decades I have never ever charged a single person, but my sessions were always face to face, so in a string of people I would help, there was always someone with means who gifted me in return for our work together.

By living off those gifts I never had to charge. Sometimes I have lived well, sometimes poorly. I have been everywhere, with everyone. Now, in switching to this public, internet and long distance way of helping others globally, and isolating myself in the Danish farm area, I have lost that string of face to face friends I help. No matter how you may picture me to be living, the reality at this moment is this... My work is going viral, in that i had about 100 shares yesterday.

The Last Collaborators

  1. thelastcollaborator Feb 3 2013
    Well, maybe it's a glitch. ordinarily whenever anybody has picked a pearltree or became a team member they show up in a list you have at your main ptree under private messaging. You are not showing up... so, would you mind picking a Pearl and asking to team up?
  2. thelastcollaborator Feb 3 2013
    Hello Mushin, just thought I'd ask. Again, what you just described, historically has most often resulted in the aboriginal peoples knowledge base being plundered and all they are left with is pill bottles. I am sure you know that and can understand my stance. Very nice to connect with you if you are on the other team. They sure need someone's help nowadays. Might I sugest we move to private messaging?
  3. mushinmatowamble Feb 3 2013
    I am committed as the founder of The Order of Earth to a new configuration for the wisdom continuum collaborating the ancient wisom of aboriginal peoples with leading edge western scientic discoveries. I am currently involved in two projects Maka Si Tomni (Lakota Nation) and Naath Nuer tribal sustainability in Southern Sudan. Mushin
  4. thelastcollaborator Feb 2 2013
    Yes, those look great! Good work. i have been told by soemone who knows that i and now we are the only pearlers doing that! That is the only way to 'teach' with these pearls. I looked at them first as a mind-mapping tool and am going to be linking my blog and a vimeo channel to them soon. Please lets help each other and collaborate. Visit my Pearl and read the 'notes' with the green and black yin/yang symbols and see if you are aligned with my views and goal. There are also notes inside Many Paths One Mountain and Sustainability. Can you give me 20 mins and some feedback? Thanks
  5. nonsensename Feb 2 2013
    It's nice to finally find someone who cares about the look of the pearltree! Thought I was the only one. Check out my Topiary Collection pearltrees if you want. I am especially happy with the way Hollywood Undead, AWOLNation and Charlie Parker turned out. Like a man a plan panama.
  6. thelastcollaborator Jan 9 2013
    Lol! No problem. Yes to aways organizing! Wow! And yes to appreciating how Pearltrees allows our collaborative energies expended to produce a good return on our investment. It really works. Happy Pearling
  7. timepeaces Jan 9 2013
    Ok well sometimes Msgs are a bit confusing. So my reply about Sci-Net was to someone elses msg. Though it's relevant for my pearls. L8trs Happy Pearling
  8. timepeaces Jan 9 2013
    Oh the only thing I like to se in a member is someone that sometimes helps organize pearls. Not a requirement though. L8trs