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The Heating Company

The Heating Company pioneered Under Tile Heating to New Zealand in 1994 and has continued to expand our product range of heating, cooling, ventilation and accessory products.

Factors To Consider When Buying Heated Towel Rails – The Heating Company. A few years ago, heated towel rails were believed to be just a luxury item.

Factors To Consider When Buying Heated Towel Rails – The Heating Company

Today, they are considered as one of the important components of modern bathrooms. No wonder why more and more homeowners are now thinking of buying one for their bathroom. Here are a few factors you may consider when buying your own heated towel rail. Aside from the fact that it can add decadence and a modern touch to your bathroom, a heated towel rail can also help keep your towels dry and warm all the time. Heated towel rails can likewise reduce dampness and add warmth to your bathroom. Given the number of designs and brands available today, choosing the right warmer that will best fit your preferences can be a bit tricky. Shade Towel warmers also come in different shades ranging from white to copper to black. Storage and Size Before picking a warmer, determine first the number of towels that it needs to hold and the number of people who are using the bathroom.

Free Standing Or Attached. Highest Quality Heated Towel Rails Online, Auckland. "EASY FIX" Heated Towel Rails If you are looking for highest quality and latest designed Heated Towel Rails (HTR) at affordable prices don't go any further.

Highest Quality Heated Towel Rails Online, Auckland

We are the importer and distributor for patented "Easy Fix" Heated Towel Rails. The present and now old HTR design has 4 legs and feet that are extremely difficult to install because you need to "exactly" measure and level the feet fixing positions and then line these up to the legs and ensure the fixing is lined with knogs and batons. Not to mention you may need to drill through porcelain tiles. The present and now old HTR design is a nightmare situation and takes many hours of frustrating labour. "Easy Fix" has solved this problem and we have cut the installation time by at least 70%. Terry from Chatswood says : " Thanks the heated towel rail is now up and running.

More "Easy Fix" benefits: We have a comprehensive range of Stainless Steel Towell Rails ranging from 8 bars to 12 bars. Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems NZ, Home Ventilation System Auckland. Ventilation What is all the fuss about?

Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems NZ, Home Ventilation System Auckland

Gases, toxins and pollutants can cause concern in poorly ventilated buildings. Examples of toxic substances from include: Carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide and notrigen oxide from heating and coolingAirborne toxins from household cleanersPollen, dust and dust mitesVolatile Organic Compounds (VOCS) and formaldehyde emissions from furniture, carpet, finishes and building materials Heat Recovery Ventilation allows the building to regulate its fresh air supply and discharge stale air and toxic gasess whilst maintaining a high indoor comfort level. What about Moisture Control? As homes become better insulated and more airtight the risk of mould, mildew and decay increases. Panel Heaters: The Cheaper Way to Stay Warm During Winter.

The Heating Company offers high-quality panel heaters at very affordable prices. Their Redwood panel heaters are specifically designed to suit the living conditions and climate in New Zealand. Unlike other heating systems, panel heaters are cleaner, easier to install, and cheaper. They are ideal for your hallway, bedroom, living areas, and small rooms. – theheating

Heating Company: The Most Reliable Supplier Of Quality Underfloor Heating NZ Products. Hotwire Under Tile Heating The Heating Company pioneered Hotwire Under Tile Heating (UTH) in 1994 so you can be assured of quality products and or installation.

Underfloor heating NZ can help make your home more comfortable by keeping your floor warm during cold days. It can also help remove dampness while reducing mould and cleaning. The Heating Company is known as the pioneer and the most reliable provider of high-quality Hotwire Under Tile Heating (UTH) products. – theheating

UTH provides comfortable warmth to the floor and room temperature whilst removing dampness.

Heating Company: The Most Reliable Supplier Of Quality Underfloor Heating NZ Products

It is not expensive to install or operate (typical bathroom operating 4 hours per day = approx 20 cents per day). There is nothing like walking into a warm bathroom or kitchen on those cold mornings and evenings. Reduces mould and cleaning. You can choose to have under tile heating installed in your home by one of our Registered Installation Agents or you may wish to install it yourself. This system has been further improved by quality controllers and InsulAte Mat that improves performance.

We offer a spooled cable for the tradesmen and a DIY mat for the weekend warrior. Warranty Hotwire UTH has a 25 years manufacturer warranty if installed by a certified THC Installer or a 10 years manufacturer warranty on DIY supplied product. Key Benefits Of The Heating Company's Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation. With the absence of a good ventilation system, your home may not be as healthy as it should be.

If you want to maintain a healthy indoor environment, you should have a good home ventilation system. Installing a mechanical ventilation heat recovery or MVHR system provides many benefits. Some of these benefits are listed below. – theheating

Fresh air is very vital not only to the health of your family but to your house as well.

Key Benefits Of The Heating Company's Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation

This is one of the reasons why the demand for Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery or MVHR systems is continually increasing. Here are some key benefits of installing MVHR system from The Heating Company. Easy to install One key benefit of the MVHR system is its easy installation. Summer bypass. Keep Your Home In New Zealand Healthy With Proper Ventilation System.

Creating a balance between the air coming in and the air going out is the primary goal of a proper ventilation system. The Heating Company has the top notch Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation which can help ensure your home's health and remove polluted moisture from your homes. – theheating