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Greetings, my name is Oswald Ebenezer Dickinson, heir to the throne of the gentry, first of his name, and master of class. If you desire to become a dashing chap trained in the modern art of modish sophistication then you have arrived at the right place. Join me as I create the stigma of the modern bloke and tutor the next generation of gentleman.

Men’s Lifestyle. If you are reading this you are probably the typical person who's never really wondered fashion or think that it's just for rich guys or snobs.

Men’s Lifestyle

Additionally you probably think that it's frustrating and complex that's likewise false. Before we enter to it I will provide you some suggestions that may automatically raise your awareness of style. Proceed thinner Clothes look better and enhance your framework whatever the body type once they're well fitting. While I mention slender I actually don't mean skinny trousers and also other ill-fitting oddities of called fashion, think the matches of James Bond or some star on the red rug. Reduce the tags Clothes with ribbons that are disgusting which pay a massive section of a clothing thing are dreadful. Style continues eternally, tendencies are temporary A wonderful fitting lawsuit was a staple of men's fashion for years and years while fashion styles including skinny jeans and leather trousers go and come.

Exercise. Gifts For Whisky Drinkers. The 5 Reasons Why Manual Razors are the Best - The Gen Z Gentleman. Introduction Whether you’ve been shaving for a day, or several decades, you have probably wondered what the best shaving option is.

The 5 Reasons Why Manual Razors are the Best - The Gen Z Gentleman

We live in an age oversaturated with shaving products. Thousands of different kinds of manual and electric razors exist. Walking through the shaving aisle at the drugstore can be an overwhelming and intimidating process. My objective is to shave your trouble in half, and tell you the top 5 reasons you should be using a manual razor. 5. If you are anything like most gentlemen in the world, shaving is your least favorite part of the day. 4.

Did you know razors carry the second most amount of germs out of all men’s hygiene products? 3. Yes I know manual razors require cartridge refills which in the long-run become more expensive. 2. If you want to feel like a classic gentleman then a manual razor is a must. 1. It is a 100% true fact that no electric razor shaves as close and precise as a manual razor. Sincerely, Why Are Cuban Cigars So Popular in Modern Culture? - The Gen Z Gentleman. Introduction Cuban cigars are the most legendary tobacco product in the world.

Why Are Cuban Cigars So Popular in Modern Culture? - The Gen Z Gentleman

They are so popular that most people use the terms Cuban and cigar interchangeably. In addition modern culture has a fascinating way of romanticizing the image of the Cuban cigar. From Fidel Castro to Winston Churchill, many historical figures are forever ingrained in history alongside Cuban cigars. In North America Cuban’s convey a strong image of luxury, success and allure. Tradition The bountiful desire for Cuban cigars stems from their complex and proficient heritage. Years of cultivating tobacco in the same region has a favorable effect on the tobacco’s flavor. Production. How to Make the Perfect Old Fashioned Cocktail - Introduction There are many gentleman out there who do not like to drink their whisky straight.

How to Make the Perfect Old Fashioned Cocktail -

Those queer gents have solidified the prominence of one particular cocktail as the most masculine Cocktail ever blended. That cocktail is the Old Fashioned. The Old Fashioned is a bourbon based Cocktail that originated in Kentucky during the late 19th century. Though the Old Fashion’s origin is highly debated, the Pendennis Club in Louisville Kentucky assures with utmost certainty that it was mixed there for the first time. Fast forward over one-hundred years and the Old Fashioned remains to be one of the most popular Cocktails in North America for men. Recipe Ingredients: A couple dashes (1/8th teaspoon) of Angostura bitters.A double shot (2 ounces) of your favorite bourbon. Preparation: In an old-fashioned glass begin by combing the simple syrup or sugar cube with the Angostura bitters.

Please enjoy responsibly. If you would like to learn more about the crucial ingredient to this cocktail. Single Malt Saturday: The Classic Laddie – More Bite Than Bark - The Gen Z Gentleman. Information Distiller: Bruichladdich Age Statement: None Aged: American Oak ABV: 50% / 100 Proof Nose: Subtly salty with notes of honey, red apple and a dash of vanilla.

Single Malt Saturday: The Classic Laddie – More Bite Than Bark - The Gen Z Gentleman

Palate: Hints of cinnamon and brown sugar followed by vanilla and honeydew melon. Finish: Relatively quick to the finish with an aggressive bite of oaky flavors chased by salt and honey. Oswald’s Score: 85/100 Review I am usually not a fan of sipping on wood, but this charming whisky provides a bite of creamy oaky flavors that definitely are not for the faint of heart. Though this whisky is non-peated, I would not recommend it for new whisky drinkers.

The nose of this whisky is very complex and requires patience. The palate as I have mentioned is a tad a aggressive, but a seasoned whisky drinker will find it to be an absolute delight. Many people describe this whisky to be salty, and I definitely experienced that on the finish. Score: 85/100 I am happy to give this whisky a 85/100. Please enjoy responsibly. Sincerely, The Gen Z Gentleman - Choosing your first cigar can be an intimidating and humbling process. Choose the right one and you are sucking on stogies for life like you are fuckin' Churchill reincarnated. Choose the wrong one and that Cuban bastard will have yo.