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Application Mobile Pour Les Nuls. 50 Free Bootstrap 3 Templates and UI Kits. We have collected 50 Bootstrap 3 templates for you to freely use in your next project.

50 Free Bootstrap 3 Templates and UI Kits

We have purposefully omitted all of those starter, bare-bones and unstyled templates from this round-up, of which there are a multitude freely available on the web. We instead have focussed on highlighting 50 fully-featured, creatively designed, and of course, free Bootstrap 3 templates, that we are sure you will love and appreciate. We have categorized the themes and templates into the following sections: Landing Page Templates, Single-Page Templates, Multi-Purpose Templates, Creative Agency Templates, Portfolio Templates, Coming Soon Templates, Material Design Templates, Style Guide Templates, and finally a selection of fantastic Bootstrap built UI kits.

Home - A to Z CSS. Les évènements. Rewritecomd comparison sting string. Établir un profil de compétences : deux outils pour vous aider - Région au Travail. Avant de s’attaquer au contenu du profil des compétences, il est important de définir ce que l’on entend par « compétences » et « profils de compétences ».

Établir un profil de compétences : deux outils pour vous aider - Région au Travail

De nombreuses organisations définissent une compétence comme étant l'ensemble des connaissances, des habiletés, des aptitudes et autres dont un employé fait preuve dans l'accomplissement de son travail, et qui donne lieu à un rendement professionnel supérieur (Agence de gestion des ressources humaines de la fonction publique du Canada, 2006; Spencer et Spencer, 1993). Certaines définitions incluent également les qualités, ou traits personnels, et les valeurs. À titre d'exemples, mentionnons les bonnes relations interpersonnelles, la capacité de travailler en équipe, la compétence technique et la fiabilité. On dégage 4 composantes du profil des compétences : 1. Dans la mesure où les connaissances acquises ont de fortes chances d’être appliquées dans le milieu professionnel, elles sont d’un grand intérêt pour la dotation.

Bootstrap themes, templates, and gallery. Accéder à une base CouchDB via l'interface REST. Ça y est?

Accéder à une base CouchDB via l'interface REST

Vous avez installé CouchDB? Il est temps maintenant de s'en servir! Dans cet article, nous allons aborder les concepts de base et voir comment accéder à une base CouchDB via l'interface REST. Erlang Programming Language. Example - couchdb4j - Example code - CouchDB library for Java using JSON. Unconventional architectures that might scale (I) I’m experimenting with some unconventional architectural ideas (at least from a Java developers view) while designing a new architecture for Dutch broadcaster VPRO.

Unconventional architectures that might scale (I)

In this series of blogposts I’ll try to explain some of the concepts; please feel free to point out issues/caveats I failed to notice! Some aims of the architecture ReliablePerformant & Scalable (VPRO is running high traffic sites like 3voor12 and agnostic frontend (and preferably backend)Web OrientedMaintainableOffers option to create new concepts and deliver to yet unknown platform with existing content Conceptually I would like to solve this by creating ‘services’ (no, not talking about ‘classical’ SOA here) around specific domains. For example everything about writing articles, like for instance workflow, would be in the ‘articles’ service. On top of that a REST/HTTP based layer would be created to provide the necessary API on which websites, widgets or mobile applications can be build. Apache CouchDB and Java. Example - couchdb4j - Example code - CouchDB library for Java using JSON. Thoughts on development using CouchDB with Node.js. I was recently on a client facing project for Bocoup and needed to store millions of tweets that contained sentiment analysis of the text.

Thoughts on development using CouchDB with Node.js

From this sentiment gathered along with other various metadata, I was tasked with creating a scalable API that could query/filter the data retrieved. This post will discuss the Why and the How behind my first experience with CouchDB and how I created a better development environment in order to deliver a polished product. Why CouchDB? First and foremost, I have a "background" with MySQL, SQLite and SQL Server from previous employment and college. Nothing with NoSQL solutions. I had very simple requirements: Easily put data into the store && easily get data out of the store. Le Dev du futur. Polyfractal/elasticsearch-inquisitor. Elasticsearch. Document oriented Store complex real world entities in Elasticsearch as structured JSON documents. Elasticsearch

All fields are indexed by default, and all the indices can be used in a single query, to return results at breath taking speed. Couchbase - Mobile Developers. Todo Lite is an example app for collaborative task list management.

Couchbase - Mobile Developers

It illustrates many of the Couchbase Lite features, including document CRUD, binary attachments, view queries, authentication, and sync. Once you have it up and running you can read the source code to see examples of using Couchbase Lite in action. Open the Terminal application. Terminal is usually located in the Applications/Utilities folder. Move to your working directory Change to the directory that you want to store the ToDo Lite app in. Building a Real-time SMS Voting App: Scaling Node.js and CouchDB.

This tutorial uses the Twilio Node.JS Module and the Twilio Rest Message API This is the third in a multi-part series of blog posts on building a real-time SMS and voice voting application using Node.js.

Building a Real-time SMS Voting App: Scaling Node.js and CouchDB

In part one, we created the Node.js application and captured incoming votes over SMS. In part two, we created a real-time visualization of the voting using In this blog post, we will discuss tweaking our app to scale to thousands of votes per second and millions of total votes. Ie - Very fast web app development. Complete!

ie - Very fast web app development

We're on it Planned Offline by default: Hoodie stores data locally first and syncs them in the background when possible. Accéder à une base CouchDB via l'interface REST. Best NoSQL Databases - Features & Specs. Cassandra vs MongoDB vs CouchDB vs Redis vs Riak vs HBase vs Couchbase vs Hypertable vs ElasticSearch vs Accumulo vs VoltDB vs Scalaris comparison. (Yes it's a long title, since people kept asking me to write about this and that too :) I do when it has a point.)

Cassandra vs MongoDB vs CouchDB vs Redis vs Riak vs HBase vs Couchbase vs Hypertable vs ElasticSearch vs Accumulo vs VoltDB vs Scalaris comparison

While SQL databases are insanely useful tools, their monopoly in the last decades is coming to an end. And it's just time: I can't even count the things that were forced into relational databases, but never really fitted them. (That being said, relational databases will always be the best for the stuff that has relations.) But, the differences between NoSQL databases are much bigger than ever was between one SQL database and another. This means that it is a bigger responsibility on software architects to choose the appropriate one for a project right at the beginning.

In this light, here is a comparison of Open Source NOSQL databases Cassandra, Mongodb, CouchDB, Redis, Riak, RethinkDB, Couchbase (ex-Membase), Hypertable, ElasticSearch, Accumulo, VoltDB, Kyoto Tycoon, Scalaris, OrientDB, Aerospike, Neo4j and HBase: The most popular ones Redis (V3.2) Cassandra (2.0) Locations saisonnières, maisons, appartements et chambres d'hôtes à louer - Airbnb.

Tutoriel sur l'installation et la configuration d'ElasticSearch (partie 1) A Comparison Of NoSQL Database Management Systems And Models. Introduction NoSQL databases try to offer certain functionality that more traditional relational database management systems do not. Whether it is for holding simple key-value pairs for shorter lengths of time for caching purposes, or keeping unstructured collections (e.g. collections) of data that could not be easily dealt with using relational databases and the structured query language (SQL) – they are here to help. In this DigitalOcean article, we are going to try to introduce you to various popular NoSQL database management systems and explain their purposes and functionality, so that you can decide which one to use, or if they even suit your application's needs -- at all.

Kanso documentation. Developing applications Guides to help you get started building apps with Kanso. Here are some recommended tools and approaches, but since apps just use normal HTML and JavaScript, there are a whole host of frameworks and libraries available to you that may not be listed here. Exploring Elasticsearch. 3.1 The Search API The Search API is provided by the _search endpoint available both on /index and /index/type paths. An index search would be at /myidx/_search while a search scoped to a specific document type would be at /myidx/mytype/_search. Add search features to your application, try Elasticsearch part 3 : attaching indexation to events « Diving deep into JEE. Now that we are able to index, we should think of when whe should trigger indexing tasks.

A simple answer would be : whenever some indexed data has changed. “Changed” means change cardinality (add/remove) or change existing data. Either we invoke indexing tasks whenever we code an action that changes data or we use an event model which listens to precise events. 1 – JPA event model. Highcharts - Interactive JavaScript charts for your webpage. Exploring Elasticsearch. One of the most common use cases for elasticsearch is the ubiquitous query string with faceted drilldown, most frequently seen on e-commerce websites. Amazon is perhaps the best example of this. Let’s consider a search on for the term “Network Routing”.

After executing such a search one is presented with a familiar interface: top product results on the right two thirds of the screen, and a left sidebar with ‘departments’ such as “Books”, and “Electronics”, similar to what’s seen in the figure below. Mapping this sort of UI to an elasticsearch query is a matter of generating two sets results for a given query, hits and facets. Conveniently, elasticsearch lets you easily combine a regular query with faceting. Les modules Node.js et NPM. Bower - A package manager for the web.

Exploring Elasticsearch. Example - couchdb4j - Example code - CouchDB library for Java using JSON. Getting Started with CouchDB. NoSQL has been one of the most talked about topics over the past couple of months. This tutorial will introduce you to CouchDB, a NoSQL implementation and teach you how to get started with the platform. What is NoSQL? NoSQL is schema free -- you don't need to decide the structure up front. NoSQL [not only SQL] is a movement towards document stores that do not make use of the relational model.

The fundamental paradigm shift is in the way they store data. Réaliser une appli Web RIA avec ExtJS et Node.js. Installer Node.js. Un système pour réaliser des applications en ligne ou hors ligne. Node.js pour les développeurs jQuery. Les modules Node.js et NPM. HTTP_view_API. See also the official documentation for this topic. An introduction to the CouchDB HTTP view API. Basics Views are the primary tool used for querying and reporting on CouchDB databases. Query - How do I use a CouchDB username in a URL rewrite. NodeJS-CouchDB.