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Best Hybrid App Development Framework in 2021

What is Application Performance Monitoring & How to Efficiently Scale It? The Mobile App Development Process - Steps to Ensure App Success. Quick Summary: With so many mobile apps being released in the app store and play store daily, developing a mobile app has gained popularity.

The Mobile App Development Process - Steps to Ensure App Success

However, off the total number of apps created yearly, a small percentage only makes the cut to these giant marketplaces. Therefore, you should aim for an effective process of mobile app development to ensure your app is the best in your niche. Here is a comprehensive blog highlighting the important aspects of the mobile app development process you should know about. Best iOS App Development Tools to Build an iOS App in 2021. Quick Summary: When creating an iOS application, having the correct collection of iOS Development tools is critical.

Best iOS App Development Tools to Build an iOS App in 2021

There was a period when iOS development was challenging due to Apple’s limitations. Identifying critical criteria, selecting the appropriate programming language, and using other iOS app development tools are all necessary steps in developing an iOS app. Apple goods are well-liked in the tech community due to their high quality and dependability. Apple has released a variety of gadgets over the years, including desktop computers (MAC), laptop computers (MacBook pro), tablets (iPad), phones (iPhones), smartwatches (Apple watch), iPods, and more. Developing for iOS is not as complex as developing for other programming languages. Things to consider while Integrating 3rd Party services in your Mobile App. Quick Summary: Creating a fully functional and feature-packed mobile app from scratch is not only challenging but also costly and time-consuming as well.

Things to consider while Integrating 3rd Party services in your Mobile App

To match consumers’ ever-growing demands and expectations across all types of mobile apps, you need to rely on efficient third-party service integrations to create a seamless user experience for your audience. This blog will cover all the important considerations to pick the right third-party services for your mobile app. Mobile app development is one of the most lucrative and important business tools in today’s technological era to capture millions of users’ attention and interest.

Top Mobile App Development Trends in 2021. Quick Summary: The mobile app development industry’s future is brighter.

Top Mobile App Development Trends in 2021

Apps are no longer confined to simple purposes such as ordering food or leaving reviews. Apps may also control your household appliances, check your health, and call for help if you’re in danger. These are the latest trends in mobile app development, which we’ll go over in more detail later. The mobile app development market is changing at a breakneck pace due to the digital environment we are all living in. How to Select the Right Database for your Mobile App? Quick Note: Selecting the right mobile app database can be tricky, especially as there are many options available in the market.

How to Select the Right Database for your Mobile App?

Before selecting the right database for mobile apps, you need to understand your requirement and then select the right database for that function accordingly. This is a quick guide on selecting the right database for your mobile app for your app requirements. Mobile App Database is responsible for storing all the user information and making it available when needed in the proper context.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an iOS App? - A Complete Analysis. Quick Summary: So you have decided to develop a mobile app for your business and chosen iOS as the right platform to reach your potential audience.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an iOS App? - A Complete Analysis

Next thing to do is consider the cost to develop an iOS app for setting your iOS app development budget. This blog will give you a quick guide on various factors affecting the iOS app development costs for your next iOS project. The cost to develop an iOS app is an important topic to cover in mobile app development. iOS is one of the leading mobile app development platforms that is generally the preferred choice for businesses to have their apps on. When we compare iOS to Android from developers’ point of view, developers tend to gravitate more towards iOS development. How To Upload An App to Google Play Store? Quick Summary: Developing the ideal mobile app for your business can change the way your brand and business is perceived.

How To Upload An App to Google Play Store?

It can open up many new possibilities for you to connect with a wider audience with more conversions and buzz around your app. In addition, choosing Android as the right platform for your mobile app can expose your app and business to one of the largest marketplaces in the mobile app development world. App Security - Vulnerability, Best Practices, Testing Tools & Checklist. Quick Summary: All tasks that introduce development teams to a safe software development life cycle are included in application security.

App Security - Vulnerability, Best Practices, Testing Tools & Checklist

Its ultimate purpose is to improve security practices by identifying, fixing, and, ideally, preventing security vulnerabilities in applications. The App Development Lifecycle is incomplete without application security. In this quickly evolving digital economy, it should be the primary focus. How to Design Mobile App Architecture in 2021? Quick Summary: Designing Mobile app architecture is a step-by-step process that must be finished before the development process can begin.

How to Design Mobile App Architecture in 2021?

This article lays out how the application’s various components should be organized and linked to one another. It outlines recommendations that should follow throughout the development process to provide a well-written program that is easier to test, expand, and maintain. Cost to Design an App - How to Estimate your Mobile App Design Cost? Quick Summary: What has the biggest role in setting the first impression on the user and making them decide if they want to continue using a mobile app or not?

Cost to Design an App - How to Estimate your Mobile App Design Cost?

While the mobile app’s performance, security, and contents are essential, it is always the mobile app design that catches the users’ attention first. Mastering the art of mobile app design is not a cakewalk, and hence it is important to understand the various factors affecting the cost to design an app. In this blog, we will break down the app design cost considerations for you. REST API Development Best Practices to Follow in 2021. Quick Note: APIs have become a rapidly growing field where every software you use today will involve API to some extent. API-related jobs are also rising to new heights every year. With each passing year, the security concerns around poorly written web APIs are also on the rise, which is why there is a need to know and practice some of the REST API design best practices to prevent such instances.

An API dictates a set of rules that define how devices or applications can connect and communicate with each other. Latest Android 12 Features - What's New in Android. Quick Note: Curious about what is new in Android? Is Android 12 going to help Android match Apple in terms of security? What are the major changes in Android 12? There is a lot to unpack with Android 12.

That is exactly what we will do in this ultimate breakdown guide about Latest Android 12 Features. Android has always primarily been about personalization and giving users the choice, flexibility, and the experience of using one of the best mobile operating systems in the device of their choice, budget, and preference. Guide on Mobile App Redesign Steps To Make It Market-Ready. Quick Note : There are more than 8 million apps worldwide across all platforms! To compete in such a closely packed market space, your app needs to match its function with its design and appeal to your potential customers to keep their attention and interest. Redesigning an app has many layers and aspects that should be discussed at length before taking the leap of faith. We have summarized the best practices for app redesign in this comprehensive blog for you. Redesigning an app is often looked at as a last-minute panic solution to avert a crisis that has fallen on the company thinking about it.

However, this is a global stigma and holds no ground. iOS App Development Best Practices. Quick Summary: iOS app development platform is the most trending hotspot for businesses and developers to create next-gen future-ready and scalable mobile applications. While there are many iOS app development tutorials and guidelines, they often miss the inside tricks. We will cover the iOS app development best practices that can help you improve your iOS app performance. One of the many advantages of iOS app development that appeals to aspiring mobile app developers is the extensive collection of varied developer resources available to use. iOS platform is known for its priority to improve functionality, maintain consistency, and ability to standardize the entire mobile app development process. How to Find App Development Companies Near Me? Searching the net for ‘How to Find App Development Companies near me?’

Have an urgent app requirement for your business needs? Finding the best App development companies near you can be challenging and tedious if you do not have a plan of action laid out from the start. App development is a rising sector, which will only grow in terms of relevance and popularity as we proceed in the next technology-driven era.

There are more than 1000s of app development companies all around the globe. Hence, choosing the right partner for your app development requirements can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Android App Development Best Practices. Android vs iOS App Development - Ultimate Comparison. How Much Does it Cost to Develop an Android App? Latest iOS 15 Features - WWDC 2021. Pre & Post App Launch Mistakes to Avoid at All Cost. Top Java Development Tools For Faster Project Execution.

How to Make Angular SEO Friendly Website with Angular Universal?

Kotlin Vs Java: Comparing Mobile App Programming Language in 2021. How to Make your Angular Responsive Web App Design? Dedicated Certified Java Programmers. Vue.js vs. Angular: Which Javascript Framework to Choose in 2021? Flutter Vs Swift - Comparison of IOS App Development Tool in 2021. Kotlin vs Flutter - Comparision of Popularity, Performance in 2021. Top Mobile App Design Trends in 2021. Top Mobile App Design Trends in 2021.