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Mario Smith

This is Mario Smith, the business owner of The Foxtrot Clothing in USA. We supply best quality womens’ and men’s clothing, patriotic clothing, American tactical apparel, hoodies, printed shirts, flag clothing, military tactical gear and more.

Shop T-shirts for Men. Shop Dresses for Women Online. Where to Find Stylish Women's Footwear Online? Footwear are one of the most classic piece of accessories one can wear.

Where to Find Stylish Women's Footwear Online?

It is minimal yet speaks volume. Finding a wide range might be a little difficult which is when online market steps in. We at The Foxtrot Clothing have one a lovely collection of stylish women's boots online suitable to everyone's taste, choice and comfort. Online shopping has become super convenient for everyone because searching for a good pair of footwear at one place is now very easy. 1. They are super comfortable and durable flip-flops to wear at home. 2. The first word that comes out after seeing them is stunning. 3. How Can I Buy Women's Tank Top Online? Online shopping is every women's favorite thing to do.

How Can I Buy Women's Tank Top Online?

It is the best when you want so casual tank tops because then all you need to do it chose from a wide range of tops, select your color and size and order. Buy stylish tank tops online and enjoy your time shopping at The Foxtrot Clothing. We have a huge range of tops which can uplift your mood in a second. Tank tops can be worn with jeans or leggings or with shorts. They are very versatile, light weight and can be worn casually or even at parties. 1. When One Initiative of Yours Helps Two Ways – It Is A Win-Win Situation? We at The Foxtrot Clothing online have recently started a new initiative that is going to benefit all of us in many different ways.

When One Initiative of Yours Helps Two Ways – It Is A Win-Win Situation?

Since the on-going pandemic has taken a devastating toll on the entire humanity, we have come up with something that shall contribute and help us in different ways. We feel it is an individual’s duty to helps one other in their own capacity. Buying Non-Medical Masks Online Just Got Easy. Face covers are literally the need of the hour right now.

Buying Non-Medical Masks Online Just Got Easy

The pandemic COVID-19 has left all of us shattered and made it difficult for everyone to breathe freely. In such harsh times, the only way you can possibly help all the front-line workers who are day and night working to eradicate this pandemic is by taking your own precaution at your personal level. Where to Find the Most Useful and Attractive Face Covers Online. The COVID-19 has taken a toll on the entire world and is nowhere stopping anytime soon.

Where to Find the Most Useful and Attractive Face Covers Online

While we see everyone fighting this pandemic in their own possible way, there are certain duties as citizens that we all must do. The need of the hour is to take adequate precautions and decrease the burden on the front-line workers who are doing their job every night and day. COVID-19 Breaks Out Like Nuclear Fusion - Best Ways to Defend Yourself - The Foxtrot Clothing. In this 21st century, with the advancement of medical sciences, scientists and doctors have tried to provide global citizens with cure or treatment to each disease that humankind had witnessed or experienced.

COVID-19 Breaks Out Like Nuclear Fusion - Best Ways to Defend Yourself - The Foxtrot Clothing

Even scientists and experts in the field of medical science are still working upon the cure of some diseases whose counter treatment is still unknown to the doctors. But certain incidents in human history have tested the efficiency of the medical sciences in preventing mankind from an epidemic apocalypse. For instance - the black death plaque or the great bubonic plague which the world witnessed in the 14th century saw the one - third of the world's population being wiped out. Following this incident, centuries after in the year of 1918, the world witnessed the breaking out of Spanish flu amidst the world wars. How to Buy Women's Bodysuit Swimwear Online for The Perfect Summer Look? With so many options floating the market, at times you could get confused as to what to finally select and wear to look drop-dead gorgeous!

How to Buy Women's Bodysuit Swimwear Online for The Perfect Summer Look?

Isn’t it? Well, when it comes to sexy swimsuit and cute nothing suits, the chances of you getting confused multiples surely. What Are The Types of Women's Matching Sets Online? Are you looking to buy women's matching sets online?

What Are The Types of Women's Matching Sets Online?

It could seem to you like a difficult and confusing task, but we are here to ease it out for you! Well, all you need to have is a fair idea of the different types of women’s matching set outfits that are available online. So, in this post, let us quickly give you a tour across the different types of pajamas or matching sets that are available for you. These sets vary based on their design, quality price, and body shape. Basically, the matching sets are sub-divided into three types and they are daywear, contemporary, and traditional. Traditional Sets Traditional pajamas are more like men's pajamas. How Long the Coronavirus Lives on Our Clothes? - And How to Wash Them? Throughout the history of mankind, people have witnessed different epidemics and pandemics threatening the lives of humankind to the verge of being an incident indicating the apocalypse.

How Long the Coronavirus Lives on Our Clothes? - And How to Wash Them?

Most likely it started in the form of plagues in the early medieval times, for instance - the Black death plague devastating the world especially the eastern Europe form 1346 -1353, which was followed by the Spanish flu which came amidst the world wars of the 20th century. Finally, in this, millennium we are witnessing the onset of the new Pandemic known as the coronavirus or the COVID 19.

No cure has been found which could treat this virus properly and help in curbing its effect. Statistics state that around more than two hundred thousand people have been affected and the death toll has risen more than 11,000 in this past week. What Can One Wear While Working Out? An active lifestyle is something everyone aims to achieve.

What Can One Wear While Working Out?

For that, regularly working out and exercising is important to lose those extra pounds, keep the heart pumping or maintaining your shape. As important as it is to follow a proper workout regime, it is also important to choose the right activewear in order to optimise your workout. Here we have the best activewear to buy 2020 for women to feel confident and comfortable. #1. Covid-19: An Outbreak That Brought Disaster. Corona Virus has taken all over the world since a few months now. It started in China but with a blink of an eye it soon spread to over 140+ countries. This virus has no antidote and the research is still bring done. The symptoms of this deadly virus are as regular as dry cough, high fever or continuously sneezing. The spread of this virus is through air when an infected person sneezes or coughs. This virus enters your body through eyes, nose or mouth. So far the COVID-19 outbreak has done a lot of damage and according to World Health Organization as of 16 march 2020 over 1,70,000 have been reported and in over 150 countries.

Recently WHO has sent in some other precautions for everyone to follow because this virus spread very easily and cannot be detected until 14 days of testing. A Quick Guide to Buy Women's Tops Online from The Foxtrot Clothing. When it comes to buying tops, tees, and tanks, women could be lot fussy and choosy! And, rightfully so! With unending varieties, styles, and patterns available, it can be a real task to buy tops for women online. Buy Footwear for Women Online. A shoe is not only for a walk – it is for much more. At Foxtrot, we have an exquisite collection of slippers, boots, and footwear for women to get a toe-curling experience of shopping for today’s woman.

Buy the latest collection of women's designer boot from us and add style to your outfit in minutes. Be it stilettos or flats, we have something for everyone. Do not miss out on making a style statement with our stylish ankle length, thigh length and knee length gorgeous women's boot online. This winter does not let the snow foul your play! Cape Robbin | Back Stage Women's Chunky Block Heel Black Open Toe Mid Calf Straps Rhinestone Heel Vegan Friendly View full product details. Buy Womens Matching Sets. Designer women's matching sets for a stylish YOU A perfect piece of clothing is difficult to find – says who?

Check out our extensive collection of designer womens matching sets that will pump up your sexiness in no time! Add zing to your closet with the exclusive designer pieces from Foxtrot! Shop matching sets and two-piece outfits for women at cheap prices from Foxtrot Choose to be a stunner in your circle by selecting our range of womens matching sets online. Choose from different prints, textures, designs, sizes and colour combinations. Leaf Print And Striped Side Contrast 2 Pieces Set Imported S.M.L Leaf print and striped side contrast 2 pieces set includes a hooded cropped top with short sleeves and a high waist full leggings. 95% Polyester 5% Spandex Blue HHF Leaf Print And Striped Side Contrast 2 Pieces Set... View full product details Size Guide. Trendy Women's Activewear Online. Comfortable and trendy womens activewear for the modern YOU With the rise in the number of sports that women are actively participating in these days, we have got a wide range of womens activewear online for a modern diva!

We do not believe in compromises and so, we present to you a versatile range of trendy womens activewear so that you can just go on and enjoy your sports or your time at the gym! Check out the lovely range of track pants, leggings, sports bra and more! Dresses for Men - Buy Mens & Boys Dresses Online from The Foxtrot Clothing. Dresses for Women - Buy Ladies & Girls Dresses Online from The Foxtrot Clothing.