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What Is Lymphedema and How to Prevent It? Early Symptoms and Treatment for Sciatica. Do you experience pain that radiates from your lower spine to your buttock down the back of your leg?

Early Symptoms and Treatment for Sciatica

This may be a symptom of sciatica. Sciatica occurs when the sciatic nerve becomes pinched usually because of a herniated disk in the spine or an overgrowth of bone on the vertebrae. While mild sciatica usually goes away over time, here are some signs you should visit a doctor or a therapist in Florida: Sudden severe pain in the low back or legNumbness or muscle weakness in your legHaving trouble controlling your bowels or bladder If the pain does not improve through self-care measures, your health care provider may suggest the following treatment methods:

Watching Out for the Early Signs of Arthritis. Contrary to popular belief, arthritis does not just affect the elderly.

Watching Out for the Early Signs of Arthritis

Lifestyle and work influence the development of arthritis. Living an unhealthy lifestyle and sedentary habits can contribute to more joint problems at a younger age. As a therapist in Florida, we have helped multiple clients with managing their arthritis. Understanding Muscle Spasms and What Causes Them. A mild twitch or severe pain commonly experienced in the thighs, calves, foot arches, hands, arms, abdomen, and sometimes along the ribcage may just be a Muscle spasm.

Understanding Muscle Spasms and What Causes Them

Controlling Cancer Pain: Relief for the Pain. Cancer pain does not happen in every cancer patient.

Controlling Cancer Pain: Relief for the Pain

But when they do, it can be difficult for the patient. Therapeutic Massage for Pain Management. The Flagler Institute provides physical therapy services in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Therapeutic Massage for Pain Management

From helping patients function better to supporting them in gaining more confidence, we aim to help address the pain and discomfort that they feel. Understanding What Is Gua Sha and Its Health Benefits. Gua Sha is a natural, ancient Chinese healing technique that involves scraping your skin with a massage tool to improve your blood circulation.

Understanding What Is Gua Sha and Its Health Benefits

This alternative therapy may offer a unique approach to addressing health issues like chronic pain. Using a smooth-edged instrument known as a Gua massage tool, the technician applies massage oil to your skin and gently scrapes your skin with short or long strokes to stimulate microcirculation of the soft tissue which increases blood flow. Gua Sha addresses stagnant energy, called chi, in the body and reduces inflammation. The Flagler Institute, your most trusted Physical Therapy Services in West Palm Beach, Florida, brings you four health conditions that Gua Sha can help: 3 Tips for Improved and Better Pelvic Floor Health. Many of us don’t realize what the pelvic floor does daily.

3 Tips for Improved and Better Pelvic Floor Health

The pelvic floor is a group of muscles and connective tissues attached to the bones at the bottom of our pelvis. 24/7, our pelvic floor is responsible for supporting the function of urination, bowel movements, sex as well as pregnancy, and delivery in women. It also keeps our bladder, intestines, and reproductive organs in place. Common Myths About Acupuncture. Physical Therapy Services in West Palm Beach, Florida offer more than recovery and pain management programs.

Common Myths About Acupuncture

At The Flagler Institute, we provide a diverse set of support programs to help you truly recover and achieve wellness. Getting the right treatment for your condition can be a difficult and complex process. Notes When You Are Starting for Yoga. When you have a dream, your thoughts and efforts are invested in it alone.

Notes When You Are Starting for Yoga

However, at some point, we encounter challenges that sway this focus into other areas. When we are in pain or discomfort, we cannot dedicate our full attention to the things that matter. The Benefits of Physical Therapy. With a comprehensive capacity, The Flagler Institute has been regarded as a reliable therapist in Florida.

The Benefits of Physical Therapy

We hold our physical therapists (PTs) in high regard. We are proud to have a team of trustworthy PTs ready to serve patients. There are many benefits to getting physical therapy services in West Palm Beach, Florida. Different Pain Types and Classifications. Is It Possible to Have Stress-Free Recovery? One of the biggest goals for patients is recovery. Through this, they can live life the way they used to. However, this does not always come easy. This isn’t the same for every patient, given the fact that the treatment for their condition is not the same.

For patients with impaired mobility, recovery may be a lot more challenging. Is there any way to have a stress-free recovery? Recovery seems like an impossible thing to achieve, especially for people who are diagnosed with chronic medical conditions and those with impaired mobility. The truth is, there is no such thing as an immediate and stress-free recovery.

Stress-free recovery seems impossible, but it is up to patients on how they will manage their situation. Simple Non-Invasive Pain Management Techniques. Patients struggle with a lot of aspects in their lives. Regardless of the severity of their condition, most of them may encounter the same challenges. And one thing that almost every patient can relate to is experiencing pain. Is there an immediate treatment for this? The feeling of discomfort brought by pain is something that patients need to endure. Given the weight of their situation, the pain only adds up to the burden. Aside from getting the help of healthcare professionals, there are also simple pain management techniques that patients can do in the comfort of home. Hot or cold compress Get instant relief from a homemade hot or cold pack.Therapeutic massage A relaxing massage works tension out of muscles.Mind-body techniques Breathing exercises and meditation help ease muscle tension.Exercise Physical activity helps end the cycle of pain and improves mobility.Music therapy Listening to music is a great distraction from the feeling of discomfort.