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| For over 10 years, Evy and David have serviced the Fashion and Retail industries, making sure their clients are totally satisfied with every candidate they send. It's extremely important for them to have all of the necessary information from each client before embarking on a search for a particular open job order. They narrow down the candidates to send only the very best of the best. Their clients only receive a few select qualified resumes to choose from. It is their intention to make their client’s job easier. The Fashion Network understands that all of their clients are very busy. They want to make this process as simplified as possible. They have experienced Fashion and Retail recruiters to assist your company with every search, providing you with great one on one service. The Fashion Network's goal is to save you both time and money while finding you great employees for your business.

What It Takes to Become a Fashion Buyer. Not everyone with a passion for fashion wants to be a model or a designer; for many, the world of fashion buying is the perfect choice, allowing them to blend a love of style with an interest in business.

What It Takes to Become a Fashion Buyer

Fashion buyers are the individuals responsible for purchasing clothing to be sold in their company's stores. Attending trade shows, negotiating with suppliers, keeping abreast of trends, selecting pieces to be sold in stores—it's all part of this exciting career, but how does one become a professional fashion buyer? Education and Experience As with most corporate careers, the absolute baseline education requirement is to earn a high school diploma (or obtain a GED). Different companies will have different preferences, in regard to education, but a high school education is typically the absolute minimum. Unlike some careers, there's no direct academic path to becoming a fashion buyer when it comes to post-secondary education. The Importance of Passion Characteristics of a Great Buyer. 10 Amazing Perks of Working in the Fashion Industry.

When you think about what it’s like to work in the fashion industry, I bet one of the very first things that comes to mind is everyone running away from Meryl Streep’s Miranda Priestly character in The Devil Wears Prada.

10 Amazing Perks of Working in the Fashion Industry

But the fashion industry, while it can sometimes be cut-throat, has a lot to offer individuals that are passionate about fashion. With perks such as travel, glamour, and high-income possibilities, a life in fashion is anything but traditional. Here are some of the very best aspects of working in the fashion industry. Tons of Creative Fulfillment One of the more obvious and most enticing features of the fashion industry is that there is no shortage of room to be creative.

Networking Becomes Second Nature. Getting a Mentor in the Fashion Industry. Starting and running your own fashion business can be a difficult process.

Getting a Mentor in the Fashion Industry

As you look to expand your operation and hire new people, you may be unsure of the best steps to take that will put your business in the right position for the future. This is where having a mentor on your side can make a world of difference. Company managers around the globe have mentors both within and outside of the fashion industry that they rely on every day, including at fashion agencies in NYC. These professionals can help aspiring fashion designers, merchandisers, and buyers as they develop their career. As the relationship strengthens, mentors also prove to be invaluable to established organizations looking to grow their network and place in the fashion world. The Exciting World of Fashion Technology. Technology is and continues to be a huge player in essentially every major industry in the world today.

The Exciting World of Fashion Technology

As technology continues to develop and change so do various industries. The fashion industry is no exception, and as fashion technology develops and changes, NYC fashion recruiters are challenged to take notice and get on board. Although the connection between fashion and technology may be somewhat less obvious than say, the connection between technology and the advertising industry, fashion no doubt has been and continues to be heavily influenced by technology. The ongoing relationship between technology and fashion is important and isn’t going anywhere. Here’s what's new in the exciting world of fashion technology. The Role of a Fashion Photographer - It's not Just Pictures.

Contrary to popular belief, being a professional fashion photographer is more than just snapping photos while yelling “Yas, darling!

The Role of a Fashion Photographer - It's not Just Pictures

Strike a pose!” While the role may seem glamorous, the glamour doesn’t come without a lot of hard work, a specific skillset, and innovative creativity. How Social Media Has Changed the Game in the Fashion Industry. In the past decade alone, social media has managed to quickly revolutionize virtually every industry in the world, and fashion and fashion journalism are certainly no exceptions.

How Social Media Has Changed the Game in the Fashion Industry

Even the world's largest news agencies have had to transform the way their readers digest news, adding social media platforms to the forefront of their news deliveries. In the fashion world, social media has brought connectedness, innovation, and diversity to the industry. Instagram, for example, functions as a live magazine, always updating itself with the best, most current trends while allowing users to participate in fashion rather than just watch from afar.

Different Careers in the Fashion Industry. When you think of the fashion industry, what comes to mind first?

Different Careers in the Fashion Industry

You may picture tall models or think of your favorite clothing designer. 11 Realities (and a Few Misconceptions) About Working in the Fashion Industry. The Devil Wears Prada supplied us with 110 minutes of fashion-themed entertainment, but it also gave us a skewed view of what it’s like to work in the industry.

11 Realities (and a Few Misconceptions) About Working in the Fashion Industry

Can the world of fashion be intense? Sure. Is there tedious work for newbies in the field? Absolutely. Will you encounter insanely-demanding execs you’re convinced morph into werewolves when the moon is full? 10 Things to Consider Before Pursuing a Career in Fashion. The glitz.

10 Things to Consider Before Pursuing a Career in Fashion

The glamour. The allure. The freebies. There’s nothing quite like the world of fashion. Unfortunately, there’s nothing quite so brutal, either. Why Internships Are a Must for Fashion Students and Grads. As the charmingly naïve Andy Sachs character (played by Anne Hathaway) taught us in The Devil Wears Prada, fashion internships—and, in Sachs’ case, entry-level fashion jobs—are not always glamorous.

Why Internships Are a Must for Fashion Students and Grads

Yet, they’re often an important part of securing a place in the ultra-competitive world of fashion. You learn the basics of fashion in school; you put into practice what you learned during an internship. There’s no doubt about it: You’ll do some mundane tasks during a fashion internship (coffee run, anyone?) , but being immersed in the environment and the connections you’ll establish will make it all worthwhile.

Not-To-Miss Fashion Trade Shows of 2016. Trade shows are the epicenter of the fashion world, bringing together up-and-coming designers, established designers, fashion buyers and sellers, and others in the industry—all in one place. If you’re a retailer looking to bring the latest trends to your store, a wholesaler looking to connect with potential buyers, or even a fashion guru looking for New York fashion agencies to help you land your next dream job, fashion trade shows present indispensable opportunities to network, find merchandise, form new partnerships, and much more.

Trade shows are especially important in the constantly evolving world of fashion, allowing industry professionals to access the latest designs. 10 Clothing Line Mistakes to Avoid. So, you have a great idea for a fashion line, and you want to start your own business. Many people have been where you are, thinking that they can wing it because their product is irresistible and unique, plus social media now gives you free marketing and promotion. However, when you’re starting a business, it is crucial to pay heed to what others before you have gone through.

Many designers have been in your position, and the challenges they faced starting their own clothing line can really help you avoid headaches of your own and increase the chances you’ll succeed. To make things easier for you, here’s a detailed list of 10 mistakes to avoid when launching your own clothing company: 1) Trying to Start Out Too Big You might like the idea of having a lot of variety in your line, but you run the risk of spreading yourself too thin and not doing anything particularly well. Five to ten styles is a good number to start off with. 2) Not Having Enough Money 4) Bad Marketing and Promotion. How to Start a Fashion Blog. Retail Staffing Agency NYC. How to Find Creative Inspiration in Fashion. Fashion and creativity go hand-in-hand. If you’re seeking a job in fashion apparel design, fashion marketing, or graphic design for the fashion industry, you’ll need to harness your own creative drive to be competitive. As top New York fashion agencies will tell you, success in these career paths depends on original, breakthrough creative initiative.

Get in the habit of creative thinking early in your career, and you’ll be rewarded with more than job success. You’ll enjoy the satisfaction of producing work that is innovative, trend-setting, and pleasing to the eye, and be surprised at the way new ideas keep coming when you least expect them. General “Rules” of Creativity Did you catch the error in that heading? Which Career in Fashion Is Right for You. Fashion Network © 2015 | All Rights Reserved 5 Penn Plaza 19th Floor NY, NY 10001. 6 Best Questions to Ask in a Job Interview. Getting ready for a big job interview? Congratulations! You’ve already accomplished something amazing. You stood out among the crowd of candidates whose resumes flooded the inbox of your prospective boss. Now it’s time to win in the next round of competition. That requires some well-thought-out preparation. Do Your Homework.

Best Makeup Tips for Your Job Interview. Preparing to land your dream job, or even your “stepping-stone-job” on the way to that dream, is exciting and a little scary. Why You Need Networking to Succeed in Fashion. If networking is important for getting ahead in most industries, it is life and death when it comes to fashion. It’s said that who you know is as important as what you know. Don’t be intimidated by these ideas, but consider them opportunities—just another way to follow your passion as you head down an exciting career path. How to Make It in Fashion: Industry Insider Tips for Success. Tips for MBAs Breaking Into the Fashion Industry.

Learn how to become successful in the fashion industry with some useful tips. – thefashionnetwork

Marketing 101 for Fashion Businesses. Licensing in the Fashion Industry.

Fashion is more than starting the next trend. There’s a business side everyone in the industry should know about. Learn about licensing in the fashion industry. – thefashionnetwork

Top 8 Trends of Spring 2015. It happens every year—spring rolls around with a new set of fashion trends and choices to make. Spruce up your Fashion Resume. An amazing portfolio is the perfect fashion accessory. Getting your foot in the door of the fashion world takes talent, connections, and the right skills to set yourself apart from other designers. Taking Your Look from Day to Night Is Simple! Going from work to play means, at the very least, “letting your hair down,” “loosening your tie,” and plenty of other images that recall a fashionable “Mad Men” lifestyle.

Start by planning a few quick, easy wardrobe adjustments to change your look and bring on your party mood. Whatever your workplace environment, after spending the whole day in your work clothes, you want to feel the difference when it’s time to go out and relax. You can dress it up or dress it down, as long as you make it fun. – thefashionnetwork

You may or may not be up for a 1960s nostalgia-fest, but whether you’re heading out for vintage-style martinis and steaks, or club-hopping to dance the night away, it’s a chance to have fun expressing yourself. Degrees That prepare you for a career in fashion. Fashion Network © 2014 | All Rights Reserved 5 Penn Plaza 19th Floor NY, NY 10001.