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Derek Hutchison Native Wood Self Bows. I've been making bows of all types (Longbows, flatbows, composites & crossbows) for over 40 years.

Derek Hutchison Native Wood Self Bows

It is self bows (bows made from one piece of timber rather than laminated) which are my main passion.I'm based just north of London in the UK. This site shows some of the bows I've made, with some hints, tips and my bowyer's blog (which is the main source of info if you are making a bow).There are a few videos too, the Chinese Repeating Crossbow being perhaps the most unusual. (Ok it's not a self bow...) Click on the blue page links to the left to see the different timbers and styles of bow. I'm always keen to talk to archers and bowyers to share experience and stories. If you have questions, or want more technical info on these pages just ask ('contact me').

(Above) That's not an actual arrow being drawn, just a bare shaft to measure the draw distance, I'm pulling about 90 pounds there, hence the grimace!) View topic - Making a Selfbow video series. Build a Long Bow. These Popular Mechanics plans are for a wooden long bow, or a flat bow, and include arrow making information.

Build a Long Bow

Whether you try for perfect archery target shooting, or take your archery with a dash of small game hunting, you will find keen enjoyment in this ancient sport. Making the tackle is simple. Size of tackle: The first thing to know is what size of bow and length of arrow to use. This depends entirely on your physique, and particularly your reach. If your reach is 64 in., you can use an arrow 25 to 26 in. long, with a bow not less than 5 ft. 3 in. from tip to tip, Fig. 5. The long bow has a deep or "stacked" body, which is generally recognized as the best type of bow shape. The flat bow is easier to make than the long one and can be 3-4 inches shorter for the same arrow size. Want Your Very Own Longbow?

>>>FREE longbow Making TUTORIALS-CLICK HERE<<< Instead Of Paying Hundreds Of Dollars For A Mass-Produced bow! Learn How To Make Your Own Authentic English Longbow With Cheaply Available Material… Dear Longbow Enthusiast, I’m Sabrina Alam from Surrey, United Kingdom (Land of the English Longbow!) And am the founder of “The Bow Making Academy” an organisation I created with the aim to share the traditional craft of bow making with other bow-making enthusiasts! One Tree Wooden Bow: Traditional Archery Equipment Workshops. Bingham Projects, Inc. – Traditional Archery and Custom Bow Building Supply. "Bowyers Workshop-ABowyers Guide to building your own selfbow" Manual for Building a c. 40 lb. Longbow - (on 'The Beckoning') I would like to give a special thanks to Hans Schuurman for writing the Dutch version of this manual, and to Dick De Bruin for all of his work on the translation.

Manual for Building a c. 40 lb. Longbow - (on 'The Beckoning')

Dick De Bruin has put a great deal of his precious time into this so that I could put this page on my web site. Numerous revisions have gone back and forth between us, and his patience is greatly appreciated. Both Hans and Dick are members of Roger Ascham, Traditional Archery, a club associated with the British Longbow Society, and I invite you to visit them.

If Mr. De Bruin is any indication, the club is a fantastic group of people. The longbow design drawings are finally here!!! I get a number of inquiries about what woods are good to use, here is some of what I have learned (this is second-hand information, as I do not have personal experience with the woods mentioned). Introduction However the problem is that good quality yew is very hard if not impossible to come by these days, so I shall not consider it. The Bowstave. PaleoPlanet Forums. Selecting a bow for Asiatic archery: bow mechanics. My last article looked at the materials and cost of Asiatic horsebows.

Selecting a bow for Asiatic archery: bow mechanics

We discussed the pros and cons of fiberglass, laminated, and authentic horn and sinew bows. Bows of various types are available in all of these materials. Today, we look at how Asiatic archery has developed and changed, and based on this things to look for when selecting your own bow. Fastlinks Asiatic archery: a rapid history! Now, first for a quick history lesson, so we all know what we’re talking about. Recently, a number of these bows have been found in graves and working replicas based on their dimensions have been made, notably by Adam Karpowicz and Jack Farrell. An exact reproduction from grave excavations of a Saka (Scythian) bow, made by Adam Karpowicz of www.ottoman-turkish-bow.

Around the same time, the angular horn bow was in use in Egypt – this took the shape of a simple triangle when strung, and a semi-circle when drawn back. A carving at Persepolis, showing Persian and Medean soldiers.