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DiasporaEngager is the premier global diaspora engagement Social Network platform that connects diasporas: African Diaspora, African immigrants, illegal immigration, etc. please visit the site:

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International Diaspora Social Network

Why Immigrants and Diasporas Cannot Easily Return Back Home. International Diaspora Involved in Education, Research, Development. Nations develop themselves because of the research, innovation, invention, and creativity of their people.

International Diaspora Involved in Education, Research, Development

Consequently, the poverty of certain nations can be linked to the education of their citizens. For instance, the gap of knowledge and development between universities in developed countries and those in developing countries is very huge because of the quality of their research, the environment, and the lack of resources. Even within any country, significant differences are found between the services provided at different educational institutions. If the developing countries must invest in their research institutions to reach the level of the research being done in certain developed countries, they must allocate a significant amount of their national budget.

Global Volunteering Platform With International Diaspora. Volunteering has become an interesting part of people’s lives.

Global Volunteering Platform With International Diaspora

While some volunteering jobs may be for humanitarian purposes, others have a business potential. It is delightful for someone to volunteer at a place of his or her interest. When people volunteer, not only do they bless themselves, but they also solve other’s problems that may stay unsolved otherwise. Unfortunately, countless people would like to volunteer but don’t know where they can find an opening in a town or country of their interest. At the same time, many organizations have volunteer openings, but they don’t know how and who to contact to get those jobs done. Join DiasporaEngager Today ( to Find Volunteering Opportunities Locally or Worldwide! In addition to advocating for their country, the global diaspora can play a crucial role in solving this problem. DiasporaEngager’s volunteering services are tailored to: Do you have a volunteering need or offer?

Thank you! Plateforme Mondiale des Diasporas: Connexion et Engagement. Pour diverses raisons, des gens quittent leur pays d’origine pour aller en aventure dans l’espoir d’une vie meilleure qui, malheureusement, ne se retrouve pas généralement comme initialement prévue.Plusieurs personnes et organisations dans le pays d’origine de la diaspora (en particulier les pays en développement) tournent la plupart de leurs besoins d’assistance vers leurs parents et amis à l’étranger, pensant que tous les immigrants ont réussi à l’étranger.Au même moment, rien n’est si gratuit pour la diaspora à l’extérieur.

Plateforme Mondiale des Diasporas: Connexion et Engagement

La plupart des choses «gratuites» que la diaspora obtient à l’étranger ne sont pas suffisantes pour durablement réussir. Trouver des opportunités avec la diaspora globale en vous enregistrant gratuitement sur L’importance de la diaspora est fort soulignée dans la plupart des débats portant sur le développement des nations ; mais les actions réelles, concrètes/pratiques, et non partisanes manquent cruellement. Engaging the Global Diaspora in Science and Technology. Scientists and researchers are needed everywhere to innovate and create new things that can help solve the world’s growing problems.

Engaging the Global Diaspora in Science and Technology

In most developing countries, several top intellectuals tend to migrate to developed countries, seeking better professional opportunities. With the massive migration of the educated people from their home country to other countries (brain drain), diaspora engagement in science, technology, and research is needed more than ever. Unfortunately, it is not easy for the professionals living in the diaspora to network with their home country and with their country of residence to offer their professional skills to address scientific and technological problems. Sometimes, the diaspora members are less paid in their country of residence, whereas their home country does not know how to tap into the potential of their educated expatriates?

Are you trying to find good scientific collaborators? We wish you the best. African Brain Drain. Immigrants and Diaspora Map. Diaspora Social Network. Diaspora Map. Brain Drain. Outline 1.

Brain Drain

What Brain Drain Problems Are We Trying To Solve? 2. How May We Help You to Solve a brain drain problem? 3. Who Uses the Services of the Brain Drain Platform 4. 1. Brain drain in the migration of the most educated people and asylum seekers from one country to another. Knowing that it is impossible to stop the brain drain, every Diaspora and her country of origin or country of residence will be better off if they can cooperate to find a solution to their problems.

If this looks like what you are looking for, click here to register a free account right now. Do you have any need in the area of: If so, you are at the right place. 2. To help alleviate the negative impact of rain drain, DiasporaEngager is committed to creating a global setting that allow asylum seekers, immigrants, people to develop themselves and their relatives who are living close or far away in a foreign land. If this looks like what you are looking for, click here to register a free account right now. 3. African Diaspora. 1.

African Diaspora

Diaspora Meaning In our context, the word Diaspora is referring to anyone who, for any reasons, is living in a country or town that is not his or her place of origin or ancestry or the place s/he calls home. Some people may call them an immigrant, a stranger, or an alien. International Diaspora Social Network.