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The Tantra Festival Survival. Tantra Festival Guide - Solluna Tantra. SourceTantraYoga. Free Offer. Tao Tantric Arts: Articles on Sacred Sexuality and Conscious Relating. Tantrik Studies. Understanding Tantric Sex & How To Actually Incorporate It Into Your Life. If you’re not entirely familiar with tantric sex, you may be under the assumption that it’s simply about having marathon sex sessions.

Understanding Tantric Sex & How To Actually Incorporate It Into Your Life

And while that in itself may sound both wonderful and incredibly intimidating, the actual tantric experience is so much more than that. What Is Tantric Sex? Tantric sex is an ancient Eastern spiritual practice that is meant to broaden one’s consciousness and to connect the polar masculine and feminine energies. Practicing tantric sex can enable you to reach new levels of sexual energy by exposing sexual energy you never knew you had. You and your partner will undergo an intense focus of concentration that can ultimately allow you to experience hours of incredible sex, intense orgasms, and a new connection to both each other, yourselves, and the outside world.

The 5,000-year-old practice of tantric sex is about enlightenment and reverence for your partner that extends far beyond an orgasm. Where Do You Begin? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 1. 2. 3. 4. What is Tantra?: Setting the record straight — Tantrik Studies. "Tantra" is now a buzzword in the modern Western world.

What is Tantra?: Setting the record straight — Tantrik Studies

We see it on the covers of popular magazines and books, usually linked suggestively with the notion of superlative sexual experience. Though almost everyone has heard this word, almost no one—including many people claiming to teach something called tantra—knows anything about the historical development of the Indian spiritual tradition that Sanskrit scholars refer to as Tantra. What these academics study as Tantra bears little to no resemblance to what is taught under the same name on the workshop circuit of Western alternative spirituality. It would take a much longer post to explain why that gap is so wide—it's a deeply complex issue of cultural mediation and strange misunderstandings. However, my book Tantra Illuminated presents a comprehensive overview of the original Indian spiritual tradition that was articulated in Sanskrit scriptures called tantras (which is where the name came from).

To learn more, please read my book! Néo-Tantra : la voie de l’occident. Néo-Tantra : la voie de l’occident Par Laurence Heitzmann et Laurent Lacoste Le Tantra est un chemin de conscience.

Néo-Tantra : la voie de l’occident

La moindre des choses est donc que nous nous demandions pourquoi nous écrivons cet article. La première raison en est simple : si nous apparaissons ainsi sur le site et la newsletter de Meditationfrance, c’est d’abord pour que vous nous connaissiez mieux. La seconde est plus complexe : au gré de nos diverses lectures et recherches sur le sujet du Tantra, dans notre tentative de mieux connaître ce que nous transmettons, nous avons rencontré les mots de nombreux philosophes, d’érudits, de maîtres, d’enseignants. Une chose nous a cependant touchés à plusieurs reprises : dans nos lectures d’écrits d’enseignants ou de philosophes contemporains érudits et renommés, souvent occidentaux, nous avons quelquefois trouvé des commentaires critiques à propos du Tantra occidental. Mais alors, comment définir ce Néo-Tantra ?

The real story on the Chakras — Tantrik Studies. Over the past hundred plus years, the concept of the chakras, or subtle energy centers within the body, has seized the Western imagination more than virtually any other teaching from the yoga tradition.

The real story on the Chakras — Tantrik Studies

Yet, as with most other concepts deriving from Sanskrit sources, the West (barring a handful of scholars) has almost totally failed to come to grips with what the chakras meant in their original context and how one is supposed to practice with them. This post seeks to rectify that situation to some extent. If you're short on time, you can skip the contextual comments I'm about to make and go straight to the list of the six fundamental facts about the chakras that modern yogis don't know.

(See the postscript for a precise definition of 'chakra'.) First let me clarify that by 'the West' I mean not only Euro-American culture but also the aspects of modern Indian culture that are informed by the Euro-American culture matrix. 'But does that matter? ' 1. So many!