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The Clopping Path Service

The Clipping Path Service (CPS) is a US-based post-production house. When it comes to solving any type of photo editing complication, WE’RE GAME! We have been providing multiple photo post production services all over the world even though we’ve set our work studios in Jamaica, New York. Along with experts and skillful graphic designers, we’ve been serving our clients for 16 years by providing the best photo editing techniques so that you can make it big in the image editing industry.

Neck Joint Service at $0.90​ - CPS. The ghost mannequin effect can widen your product’s visual appearance to your consumer.

Neck Joint Service at $0.90​ - CPS

It helps your consumer to get the idea of how your product can be useful to them. With actual model can cost you large amount of money. With ghost mannequin service, your costing will go down along with all the irrelevancy. Models can be sometime hard to get tough with not only price but also timing and scheduling.

Professional Photography Studio Equipments for Beginners. Image Post Processing: Photo editing is the last but an important photography studio equipment for beginners.

Professional Photography Studio Equipments for Beginners

To make sure that your image performs better than your competitors, editing them is as important as capturing them in the first place. You can edit your images by yourself if the amount is small, but if you have a bulk amount of images, you shouldn’t do it independently. Image editing is a tiresome and time-consuming task, so if you want to edit your bulk image, you might not get enough time for your photography, which is your strongest point. eBay Photo Requirements (2021) How to Edit Product Photos Using Photoshop - The Clipping Path Service. Product photos in online stores have a solid background all the time, and most of them are white.

How to Edit Product Photos Using Photoshop - The Clipping Path Service

The reason behind it is in a solid background; the focus goes right into the product. Not only that, a photo with a white background creates a minimalistic look to the image, and it looks amazing on web pages. As a retailer, it is your duty to provide your consumer with a clean viewing experience whenever they visit your online stores. But most of the beginners don’t understand that and uploads product photos with backgrounds full of distractions. Best Hand Drawn Image Cutout Service Provider. Do you know what is necessary for product photography?

Best Hand Drawn Image Cutout Service Provider

Most online retail shops maintain a stringent policy to keep and change the background of photo to white. The CPS in USA is a world-class clipping path service provider in this regard. In the post-production industry, we have been emerging all over the world, presenting the best image editing service since the establishment. When clipping the image, the important thing is to understand the details on how to clip the image effectively. Our designers can provide high-end finish and ensure perfect images for your targeted consumers. E-commerce Product Photo Editing Services for Online Stores & Brands. For eCommerce stores as well as online retailers, eCommerce product photo editing is essential in a significant way.

E-commerce Product Photo Editing Services for Online Stores & Brands

Attractive product images reveal the beauty of product images, and when presented, it results in generating more sales. No matter how well a photographer shot a product image, without retouching photos and following the proper online platforms image requirements you won’t be able to use it. As a business holder or photography studio owner, doing clipping path for thousands of images and retouch them is very time-consuming. White Background Product Photography Full Guideline. If there are so many benefits of having product photos with white backdrop, we should always use that approach, right?

White Background Product Photography Full Guideline

The reality is that there are cases in which we fall short of the white background, we are unable to express what we are trying to convey, and we have to turn to contextual pictures, enabling us to: convey a richer message and a narrative Products capture the context in which we can convey the story behind the products and bring it to life in some way.

For example, using a different background to white, with some unusual aspect, helps us to differentiate ourselves from the competition and to be closer to our consumers: speaking directly to your buyers. Our customers find it easier to understand that the product is created for them if we give them a meaning. That’s why we can increase our sales by incorporating our images on social sites. Transmit motivation and ambition in an aspirational sense, offer a product that enhances the desire to buy it. Replace Photo Background from Image. Just remove the background from image is not only our main purpose but we also are committed to delivering edited images on time.

Replace Photo Background from Image

Besides isolating backdrops, we crop, edit, fix, retouch images as per your requirement. When eliminating background, our designers also focus on adjusting color, brightness, masking, retouching and all that at the same time. Our photo editors can make a little bit of further improvement so that the background seems to be a perfect match to its subject. It is to say that we will edit each detailing of your desired images on an urgent basis, meaning you get them in a couple of hours. We assure the fastest turnaround time yet no short cut process we used to follow. Instead of applying any automatic techniques, our designers rather employ hand-drawn techniques. Pocket-friendly pricing lists is another specification when we do image editing job. The CPS believes in offering high-quality images for better user experience to our customers.

White Background Product Photography Full Guideline. Photoshop Image masking service at rock-bottom price - (CPS) The use of photoshop image masking techniques found helpful for images with soft edges.

Photoshop Image masking service at rock-bottom price - (CPS)

Designers work comes in action to create the cover of magazines, billboards or translucent clothes like chiffon or other sheer fabrics. High-quality service at Affordable priceComplete image masking with guaranteed satisfactionEnsure the excellent quality over the priceRemove background from imageAbility to create an RGBA file format which can helpfulQuick analysis, get the customized quote within 20 minutesDiscount for a large batch of imagesFastest turnaround time To meet the graphics designing needs, photo masking with photoshop is an imperative method for image editing. Attractive images are necessary elements since they can play an important role when it comes to branding. Nowadays, eCommerce stores or online business consider this outstanding service to make the product images stand out. Our professional graphing designing team consist of more than 200+ designers and two workstations. How to Change Background Color in Photoshop CC – 2021 - The Clipping Path Service.

How To Fix An Overexposed Photo in Photoshop CC 2021. The reasons for getting an overexposed photo are many.

How To Fix An Overexposed Photo in Photoshop CC 2021

As I already said, our eyes can process much more detail than a camera, so we can’t capture images by measuring the scene with our eyes. Our eyes can differentiate light and shadow, but our camera can’t. Another reason to get an overexposed photo is not measuring the Light Meter correctly. Every professional camera has a built-in light meter and if you want to avoid overexposure, then you must know how light meters work. The light meter settings have three modes and those are Matrix, Centre-Weighted, and Spot Metering. What if you need to focus on the middle? Now let’s talk about the third one: Spot Meter. 6 Best ways to share photos with clients in 2020 - Trusted, Safe & Secure.

Sharing images is the ultimate goal for any photography personnel.

6 Best ways to share photos with clients in 2020 - Trusted, Safe & Secure

Whether you are a professional photographer or you have a photography studio, you need to send your work to your clients after completing it as early as you can. Sharing your photos with your clients gets tougher when you have big size files. Lack of ensuring seamless image sharing capabilities many photographers lose their clients. This is one big issue for every photographer. Replace Photo Background from Image. How To Fix a Pixelated Image In Photoshop - The Clipping Path Service. What Is The Perfect Shopify Product Image Sizes ? How to Reduce Noise in Photoshop Fix Grainy Photos in Photoshop 2020. Amazon Product Photo Requirements in 2020. If you are an amazon product seller or planning to start business on amazon then you have to know, “how to take your own product photos?” You don’t have to be a professional product photographer or you don’t need any professional product photography setup. You also don’t need any professional knowledge on photography lighting or compositions.

If you have a digital camera or a smartphone, you can take your own product photos with some simple and easy photography setup. With some simple smartphone photography tips and right guidance you can capture like a pro. The most common product photo requirement is “white background product photography”. How to take pictures of clothes without mannequin? - Cliping Path Service Logo.