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Anthony Frer

‘Chicago auto appraisers’ was established in 1983, offering a complete range of appraiser services for our clients. Our certified professional vehicle appraisers have experience with all types of vehicles including classic car, exotic cars, collectibles and muscle cars. Our goal is to make sure all auto appraisals adhere to standards, ethics, quality and methodology. We are licensed and insured and have more than 30 years of experience as diminished value and insurance specialist.

Auto Appraiser

DV Auto Appraisal Service Is Just A Call Away. Chicago Auto Appraisers. The Chicago Auto Appraisers Review by Anthony m Frer. RevPages by Anthony m Frer Chicago Auto Appraisers Your car has met with an accident and now you need funds to get the repair services done.

The Chicago Auto Appraisers Review by Anthony m Frer

Is this your present situation? Thechicagoautoappraisers.kinja. Getting an insurance coverage over an asset is much more elaborate and attention-demanding that the agents might let it appear.


If you haven’t immersed your hand deep enough into the details, you might find yourself counting premiums without a real product. So when it comes to an auto appraiser, most people admit that they have caught the term on a fly by, but never really got into the gory nicks of the business. Throwing light on that, an appraiser is an examiner who has complete knowledge of what an insurance company covers. Though their exact roles vary from one insurer to another, they normally perform multiple tasks, the first of which being investigating and evaluating insurance claims, which usually conclude in the settlement. Following a claim, they determine if the loss claimed for comes within the scope of coverage of the given policy.

The process of inspection is quite far fetched and that involves calling the claimant’s physician to acquire additional information. How auto appraisers outweigh the insurance companies. When a vehicle undergoes damage or meets an accident, the first thing that pops up in the mind is its cost.

How auto appraisers outweigh the insurance companies

Those huge bucks paid during the purchase start appearing in front of the eyes. At such times, the only help one can get is ‘insurance total loss value’. This means that you can claim back the money lost due to the damaged vehicle. There are insurance providers who most of the people think will help at such times, but unfortunately, they don’t. Then who can help? Most of the people are not aware about these third party agents. Many times people share their not so good appraisal experience. Analysis of insurance diminished value. Vehicles involved in highway crashes and roll over accidents often come out mauled and beaten into a bulk of useless metal.

Analysis of insurance diminished value

Sometimes the assets can be resurrected into their previous road-worthy conditions, while in other cases, little can be done with them. However, there is a third situation where a choice has to be made between restoring the vehicle to a drivable condition or discard it to cough up that enormous expense. Not insurance companies but auto appraisers are your vehicle’s friends. Have you ever gone through a phase when your car or any vehicle got collapsed and you had no idea how to get back all the expenditure?

Not insurance companies but auto appraisers are your vehicle’s friends

Most of us think that insurance providers are the helpers during such times but in reality, they are useless. Neither they take interest in listening to the plea of the customers nor do they try their best to claim the right amount. So where to go? Important Things to know before hiring your auto appraisers. Total loss is that condition when the cost required repairing a vehicle exceeds its pre-loss value.

Important Things to know before hiring your auto appraisers

This situation is possible with anyone at any time. Claiming and getting the insurance total loss value is a difficult thing and requires the right experts. All of us know this common fact, but have you ever actually tried to figure out the right reasons behind hiring a competent auto appraiser? Have you ever focused on car appraisal report? Let us unfold the answers behind these questions. All auto appraisers are not your friend Behind every successful diminished value collection, there lies a competent auto appraiser. Don’t forget to ask for diminished value car appraisal report If you think that getting appraisal was all you were supposed to do, you are wrong. . · Vehicle history report · Supporting legal documents. Reasons why you need to have your car appraised after an accident  - Chicago Auto Appraisers. Is getting a diminished value appraisal for car important? We often hear of people having accidents on the road.

Is getting a diminished value appraisal for car important?

Most people end up having a head injury, some end up with just bruises. We have no idea what will happen to us next. We drive to work every day. One fine day, we are in a hurry to get somewhere, suddenly out of nowhere you are hit by another vehicle. You are in a state of shock. The damages you face after you have a car accident.