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Free - Genealogy. Harmer Family Association (HFA) (Researching the Harmer surname and its variants) The areas of expertise thread. : Genealogy. Degrees of Relation and Number of Genes Shared. Degrees of Relation and Number of Genes Shared Estimates of how many human genes exist range from 25,000 to 100,000.

Degrees of Relation and Number of Genes Shared

As the sequencing of the human genome nears completion, the consensus is closing in on the suprisingly low figure of around 30,000. The following table uses this number to estimate how many of an individual's genes are shared by their relatives. Of course, any individual's mother and father share over 99% of their autosomal[2] DNA (the DNA not carried on the X and Y[3] chromosomes[1]). This means that the individual shares much more of each parent's DNA than the 50% indicated by the table. Thus the table shows us that 50% of our DNA is directly received from each parent and not that the genes inherited from one parent are entirely different to those inherited from the other. What the table also shows us is that, beyond 7-degrees of relation, the number of genes shared in this manner is rather few. The second is a man's pure paternal line. Notes: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Web Site Index. Prison ship. History[edit] British use during the American War of Independence[edit] Christopher Vail, of Southold, who was aboard Jersey in 1781, later wrote: 'When a man died he was carried up on the forecastle and laid there until the next morning at 8 o'clock when they were all lowered down the ship sides by a rope round them in the same manner as tho' they were beasts.

Prison ship

There was 8 died of a day while I was there. They were carried on shore in heaps and hove out the boat on the wharf, then taken across a hand barrow, carried to the edge of the bank, where a hole was dug 1 or 2 feet deep and all hove in together.' Herluin de Conteville. Herluin de Conteville (1001–1066[1]), also sometimes listed as Herlevin[citation needed] or Herlwin of Conteville,[2] was the stepfather of William the Conqueror, and the father of Odo of Bayeux and Robert, Count of Mortain, both of whom became prominent during William's reign.[3] Conteville and Sainte-Mère-Église[edit] Herluin's marriage to Herleva[edit] Towards the beginning of the 11th century, Conteville and its dependencies appear to be in the hands of Herluin, who married Herleva, the mistress of Robert I, Duke of Normandy and already mother of William the Bastard, called William the Conqueror later.

Herluin de Conteville

Herluin and Herleva had two sons and two daughters: Odo or Eudes, who became Bishop of Bayeux, and Robert who became Count of Mortain; both were prominent in the reign of their half-brother William. Herluin's marriage to Fredesendis[edit] Harald Bluetooth. Harald "Blåtand" Gormsson (Old Norse: Haraldr blátǫnn Gormsson, Danish: Harald Blåtand Gormsen) (probably born c. 935) was a King of Denmark and Norway.

Harald Bluetooth

He was the son of King Gorm the Old and of Thyra Dannebod. He died in 985 or 986 having ruled as King of Denmark from c. 958 and King of Norway for a few years; probably around 970. Walter Giffard, Lord of Longueville. Walter Giffard, Lord of Longueville, Normandy (a.k.a. 'Giffard of Barbastre'), was a Norman baron, a Tenant-in-chief in England, a Christian knight who fought against the Saracens in Spain during the Reconquista and was one of the 15 or so known Companions of William the Conqueror at the Battle of Hastings in 1066.

Walter Giffard, Lord of Longueville

Life[edit] Walter[a] was the son of Osborne de Bolbec, Lord of Longueville and Avelina,[b][1] sister of Gunnora, Duchess of Normandy.[2][3] As such he was a cousin of William the Conqueror.[2] Family[edit] Gilbert, Count of Brionne. Gilbert (or Giselbert) Crispin (1000 – c. 1040) was a Norman noble, Count of Eu, and Count of Brionne in northern France.

Gilbert, Count of Brionne

Richard Fitz Gilbert de Clare. Richard fitz Gilbert de Clare (died 15 April 1136) Lord of Clare, was an Anglo-Norman nobleman.

Richard Fitz Gilbert de Clare

A marcher lord in Wales, he was also the founder of Tonbridge Priory in Kent. Life[edit] Richard was the eldest son of Gilbert Fitz Richard de Clare and Adeliza de Claremont.[1] Upon his father's death, he inherited his lands in England and Wales. Hubert de Ryes. Thurstan de Montfort, of Beaudesert (c.1125 - c.1180) Vital Statistics Cawley does not list Thurstan as a son of Hugues IV and Adeline de Beaumont whereas Burke's Peerage does, as the younger brother of Robert.

Thurstan de Montfort, of Beaudesert (c.1125 - c.1180)

According to Cawley, Robert had two sons and was succeeded by his son Hugues de Montfort which contradicts Burke. Hugues IV and Adeline de Beaumont married in 1120 which sets the date of birth of Thurstan after this date if they are indeed his parents. Dates unverified - birth dates 1118 or 1125. Richard fitz Gilbert. Richard fitz Gilbert (bef. 1035–c. 1090), was a Norman lord who participated in the Norman conquest of England in 1066, and was styled "de Bienfaite", "de Clare", and of "Tonbridge"[n 1][1] from his holdings.[2][3] Biography[edit] He was the son of Gilbert, Count of Brionne in Normandy.[2] Gilbert was a guardian of the young duke William and when he was killed by Ralph de Wacy in 1040, his two older sons Richard and Gilbert fled to Flanders.[4] On his later return to Normandy Richard was rewarded with the lordship of Bienfaite and Orbec in Normandy.[4] In 1066, Richard came into England with his kinsman William the Conqueror, and received from him great advancement in honour and possessions.[2] Rewards[edit] He served as Joint Chief Justiciar in William's absence, and played a major part in suppressing the revolt of 1075.

Richard fitz Gilbert

Eudo Dapifer. Eudo Dapifer (sometimes Eudo fitzHerbert[1] and Eudo de Rie);[2] (died 1120), was a Norman aristocrat who served as a steward (sewer, Latin dapifer) under William the Conqueror, William II Rufus, and Henry I.

Eudo Dapifer

Life[edit] Untitled. Geoffrey de Mandeville (11th century) Geoffrey de Mandeville alias de Magnaville (Latinized to: de Magna Villa ("from the great town")), (died c. 1100), Constable of the Tower of London.[1][2] He was a Norman from Magna Villa in the Duchy of Normandy. There are a number of communes that were anciently referred to as Magna Villa such as Manneville-la-Goupil, Mannevillette[3] and others. Constable of the Tower. General The Lord Dannatt, dressed in full ceremonial uniform of HM's Constable of The Tower The Constable of the Tower is the most senior appointment at the Tower of London.

In the Middle Ages a constable was the person in charge of a castle when the owner – the king or a nobleman – was not in residence. The Constable of the Tower had a unique importance as the person in charge of the principal fortress defending the capital city of England. Today the role of Constable is a ceremonial one and mainly involves taking part in traditional ceremonies within the Tower as well as being part of the community that lives within its perimeter. The office is currently held by General The Lord Dannatt GCB CBE MC, who assumed the post on 1 August 2009. Sir Thomas Fichett (b. - 1386) Sir Thomas Fichet, owner of substantial estates, died in Spain in 1386, leaving as his son and heir Thomas, only ten years old. Fichet’s widow, Ricarda, having then married Sir William Coggeshall*, retained his property for her lifetime, but she herself died in 1390 leaving her son still under age.

This gave rise to prolonged litigation and confusion, especially when the heir was hidden in Essex, and a dispute over the wardship between Lady Audley of Heleigh, Lady Mohun of Dunster and the Crown was only ended by the boy’s death. Before that event, Hill had paid ‘great sums’ to the Crown to be permitted to marry young Fichet’s sister, Isabel, having contracted the alliance in 1394, when she was aged 11 years. Mathias Hitchcock (c.1610 - 1669) MATTHIAS [Mathew] HITCHCOCK Immigrant 1635 on the ship "Susan and Ellin" (13 April - Mid-May, 1635) See: Matthias Hitchcock, son of George Hitchcock, born 5 July 1609 in England, died 16 November 1669 in New Haven, New Haven Co., Ct. His will dated November 1669. He came from London, England on the ship "Susan and Ellin" to Boston in the spring of 1635 when he was 25 years old. The Genealogy of the Hitchcock Family: Who are Descended from Matthias ... - Dwight Whitney Marsh.

William fitz Duncan. William fitz Duncan (a modern anglicisation of the Old French Guillaume fils de Duncan and the Middle Irish Uilleam mac Donnchada) was a Scottish prince, a territorial magnate in northern Scotland and northern England, a general and the legitimate son of king Donnchad II of Scotland by Athelreda of Dunbar. In 1094, his father Donnchad II was killed by Mormaer Máel Petair of Mearns, supporting the claims of King Domnall III Bán. It is probable that William left Scotland with his mother in that year, to the safety of Allerdale in Cumberland. A decade or so later, he ventured to the court of his half-uncle.

Under the reign of his half-uncle Alexander I, it is highly likely that William was regarded as a viable tánaiste (i.e. "designated heir"), but Henry I of England supported David. A 13th century northern English source claims that William was Mormaer of Moray. William was a great warrior. He died in 1147, whereupon Moray fell back into the hands of David. Bibliography[edit] William de Mandeville, 3rd Earl of Essex. This page refers to the 12th-century 3rd Earl of the first creation. Stephen of Aumale. William le Gros, 1st Earl of Albemarle. Richard de Montfichet. William de Forz (died 1195) Hawise, Countess of Aumale. William de Forz, 3rd Earl of Albemarle. William de Ferrers, 5th Earl of Derby. William Malet (Magna Carta baron) History of the hundred of Carhampton - James Savage. John Stourton, 1st Baron Stourton. HILL, Robert (c.1361-1423), of Spaxton, Som. Ancestors Here and There. Lucy Hill (Ryves) (1530 - 1573)

Massachusetts Bay First Settlers - surnames of initial H. Internet Archive: Search Engine. Foote family, comprising the genealogy and history of Nathaniel Foote of Wethersfield, Conn., and his descendants .. / by Abram W. Foote.. Muralbrochure.pdf. Full text of "Reunion of descendants of Nathaniel Merriman at Wallingford, Conn. June 4, 1913 : with a Merriman genealogy for five generations" Ephraim Paine. Almanzo & Laura Ingalls Wilder's Relatives. Autobiography of Julia Pack (1817-1903) Watertown, NY - Official Website. Roswell P Flower Memorial Library.

Form%20fan%20chart.pdf. Aubrey de Vere I. Rohese de Vere, Countess of Essex. Hugh de Beauchamp. Eleanor of Aquitaine. Henry II of England. Beatrice of Provence. Beatrice of Savoy. Ramon Berenguer IV, Count of Provence. Isabella of Angoulême. John, King of England. Bertram de Verdun. The Plantagenets > Edward I. Edward I of England. Ollerton Hall. Baguley Hall. BEVAN BATES ATKINSON and KIDD Ancestries - with a MULTITUDE of Cousin Lines! MACKGAHYE, John b. 11 Nov 1627 Inveresk, Midlothian, Scotland d. 1678 Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland: Joseph Smith Sr. Genealogical Website.

THOMAS ROGERS SOCIETY - Person Page. The Morris Clan. The Macy-Colby House Amesbury MA. Mary Warren (1624-1691) BigelowHistory.pdf. GEN-MEDIEVAL-L New Descent from King Henry II through Herdeburgh, Boteler, le Strange, & Longford families. Baron Boteler. Pane-Joyce Genealogy. A History of Block Island: From Its Discovery, in 1514, to the Present Time ... - Samuel Truesdale Livermore. Nathaniel Mott & Hanna Niles? [Shooter]

HIGGINS of Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts. Deborah HOPKINS (1648 - 1686) Lt. Joseph Rogers, Biographical Information. Rogers-5.pdf. Lt. Joseph Rogers' Will. The Autobiography of Frank Drew Hall - David B. Hall. Genealogies of Connecticut Families: From the New England Historical and ... On the Road North of Boston: New Hampshire Taverns and Turnpikes, 1700-1900 - Donna-Belle Garvin, James L. Garvin. HUNTLEY, Hannah b. 22 Jul 1708 Lyme, New London, Connecticut, United States d. 26 Mar 1807: Joseph Smith Sr. Genealogical Website. HUNTLEY, Aaron Jr. b. 1 Dec 1680 Lyme, New London, Connecticut, United States d. 26 Sep 1748 Lyme, New London, Connecticut, United States: Joseph Smith Sr. Genealogical Website.

HUNTLEY, Aaron Jr. b. 1 Dec 1680 Lyme, New London, Connecticut, United States d. 26 Sep 1748 Lyme, New London, Connecticut, United States: Joseph Smith Sr. Genealogical Website. Abner Mack, Prairie Ronde Pioneer. Shad War. MACK, Captain Elisha Huntley - I52485 - Joseph Smith wiki. MACK, Captain Elisha Huntley b. 16 Jul 1745 Lyme, New London, Connecticut, United States d. 15 Nov 1820 District Of Columbia: Joseph Smith Sr. Genealogical Website. MACK, Pastor Ebenezer b. 8 Dec 1697 Lyme, New London, Connecticut, United States d. 8 May 1792 Lyme, New London, Connecticut, United States: Joseph Smith Sr. Genealogical Website. RATHBURNE, Diadema b. 30 Aug 1748 Lyme, New London, Connecticut, United States d. Nov 1799 Deerfield, Franklin, Massachusetts, United States: Joseph Smith Sr. Genealogical Website. MACK FAMILY. HUNTLEY, Hannah b. 22 Jul 1708 Lyme, New London, Connecticut, United States d. 26 Mar 1807: Joseph Smith Sr. Genealogical Website.

HUNTLEY, Aaron Jr. b. 1 Dec 1680 Lyme, New London, Connecticut, United States d. 26 Sep 1748 Lyme, New London, Connecticut, United States: Joseph Smith Sr. Genealogical Website. HUNTLEY, Aaron Jr. b. 1 Dec 1680 Lyme, New London, Connecticut, United States d. 26 Sep 1748 Lyme, New London, Connecticut, United States: Joseph Smith Sr. Genealogical Website.