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capstoneclinic clinic

Capstone multi specialty clinic, housing a pharmacy and a hospital, led by a team of experienced doctors, caters to your every medical emergency.

Ophthamology. Dr.


M. Chockalingam is an ophthalmology specialist at The Capstone Clinic whose areas of specialization include IOL microsurgery, phacoemulsification, glaucoma, paediatric ophthalmology, medical retina, anterior segment imaging and diagnostics. Dr M. Chockalingam explores a crucial connection between the retina and diabetes, which becomes an important division of the ophthalmology centre of The Capstone Clinic. Dr. A consistent top achiever in school having passing out with “Best All Round Achievement award among students of Standard XII” from Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan Senior Secondary School, Chennai, he did medical schooling in Stanley Medical College, Chennai where he completed his internship. Rheumatic diseases. " What I love about being part of The Capstone Clinic is apart from shared values, it fosters the right environment for doctors to talk to each and work with one another to provide the best coordinated treatments for patients and their families, especially those who may need multi-speciality services.

Rheumatic diseases

I already have built a stellar reputation and established practice, what I wanted is the appropriate platform where I could practise what I want without the interference of what some call a “corporate culture”. I derive tremendous satisfaction in treating, curing and caring for my patients and I find myself able to devote my time entirely to this, while at The Capstone Clinic. " A highly spiritual human being with great wit and humour, Dr Ramakrishnan is one of the top rheumatologists in India. Did You Know? Dr Ramakrishnan is an Associate Director in the Journal of Indian Rheumatology Association along with 38+ article publications in various national and international journals.

Psychiatric hospital. "I feel the vision of The Capstone Clinic is unique due to the family medicine approach.

psychiatric hospital

What I like best is that we have an amalgamation of the finest of doctors and hence, I believe patients will have a unique experience, including easy accessibility to all specialities being under one roof. ENT hospital. " I have three goals as an ENT doctor and surgeon – to always be a competent ENT surgeon, to ensure that my patients are satisfied with my diagnosis and treatment, and to always be good at research.

ENT hospital

" Dr (Major) Ramakrishnan, recognized for his work as medical officer in the Indian Army, is an ENT specialist at The Capstone Clinic. He has performed a number of tonsillectomy procedures, microscopic surgeries of ear and larynx, endoscopic sinus surgeries and ear surgeries, nasal surgeries and other minor surgeries. He also has experience in handling chronic headaches, vertigo, allergies and obstructive sleep apnea.

Dr (Major) Ramakrishnan liked the vision of The Capstone Clinic of following an ethical practice and felt it was in sync with the way he treated and took care of his patients. Did You Know? Dr (Major) Ramakrishnan started his career as a general practitioner and after a year joined the Indian Army as a medical officer. Dr. Travel medicine. " Sometimes just holding your patient’s hand, and going through the basics of checking for signs of fever and cold in your patient even though it may not be needed, is essential as it instills trust and confidence in the patient, that you care as a doctor and will do your best to find a cure for the illness.

travel medicine

" Dr. V Ramasubramanian, one of the founders of The Capstone Clinic, is a specialist in Infectious Diseases, adolescent and adult Vaccinations and travel medicine. Dr Ramasubramanian wanted to bring together a team of expert doctors who followed highly ethical patients and gave patients the importance they deserved. The Capstone Clinic was thus built, to put the focus back on ethical and holistic health practices, which is rare today.

Did You Know? Dr. After he returned to India, he played a pioneering role in establishing Infectious Disease as a specialty in India. Dr. Dr. Heart conditions. Skin care clinic. " I felt it was the right time for a switch from managing my own practice to working with a team of professionals at The Capstone Clinic, as I believed it was essential to have a collaborative effort to drive better results.

skin care clinic

" With over 12 years of experience, Dr Samna is well-regarded as a clinical dermatologist in Chennai, and her calm and empathetic attitude towards patients has earned her a vast clientele. Despite the rise of cosmetology where the focus may be solely on aesthetics, Dr Samna was very clear that she wanted to focus on being a clinical dermatologist and target those areas related to skin and hair.

These include treating skin infections and rashes, psoriasis, burns, eczema, dermatitis, performing minor aesthetic procedures like chemical peeling and removal of warts. Having worked as a consultant dermatologist previously at Lifeline Hospital in Chennai, Dr Samna excels in counselling patients on lifestyle changes to lead a healthier life. Did You Know? Dr. Capstone Multi specialty clinic.