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What it means to come home. I haven’t been home in a while.

What it means to come home

My life on the road is a series of suitcase bumps up and down escalators and relentless packing and unpacking. Swimming in my pool – this is the life Six years ago things were different. I had a home, a son in high school, a marriage, a stable income and my pancreas was still producing insulin. I can remember swimming laps in my pool and thinking, this is the life. But just when I thought things were hunkey dorey, the shit hit the fan. My particular brand of crisis didn’t actually happen because I was diagnosed with diabetes. Then all hell broke loose. The details are irrelevant (a whole book in itself ) but within a year or two I was no longer married, my son had moved to Melbourne, someone else owned my home and I was living out of a suitcase in India.

That moment of radical crisis forced me into a corner and made me question everything. My eat-pray-love adventure Diabetes diagnosis – getting on with life Keeping it simple. Women Self Confidence, Self Esteem & Self Respect. Women Heath, Living & Lifestyle. Women Empowerment Projects. Body Transformation Women. Search Well Body & Mind What it means to come home The Unexpected Outcome of Forgiving My Mother From Party Girl To Pied Piper of Women’s Real Bodies Gut health, beauty and immunity Home Well Body & Mind Gut Health and Beauty..

Body Transformation Women

Gut Health and Microbiome/ Serotonin and Immunity – What do they have in common? Are You A Queen or a Slave Girl? At every moment, a woman makes a choice: between the state of the queen and the state of the slave girl. Saving Face – What are you putting on your face? Naturopath, Acupuncturist and author Nicole Bijlsma is passionate about natural beauty and lifts the lid on what’s really in our makeup. Personal Care Products: DID YOU KNOW? The morning beauty routine: 200 chemicals for women and 100 for men. Adrenal fatigue Adrenal fatigue affects our hormones affects how beautiful we feel…. From wishful thinking to full expression – Janet Bray Attwood’s The Passion Test. Women Self Confidence. Beautiful From The Inside And Out. Search Love & Sensual Me Home Love & Sensual Me On the Wings of Angels: interview with Doreen Virtue Doreen Virtue calls upon Archangel Jophiel, the angel of beauty, whose name means ‘beauty of God’ to help silence her ego.

Beautiful From The Inside And Out

Masculine and Feminine Essence Leaving aside the need for achieving so-called equality between the sexed, what are the benefits to yourself and your community when you reconnect to your own true feminine or masculine essence? Sexuality – a gateway for personal development Pleasure is one of the most potent and catalytic doorways to healing and transformation. Sexual Healing – getting away from the mind and back into the body Diana Richardson is a master teacher who talks about what happens when the focus in sex is shifted away from mind-oriented stimulation to energetic connection in the body. Feminine Beauty, Power & Radiance. Search True Beauty The Warrior Women Among Us Facebook & Instagram: hooked on vanity?

Feminine Beauty, Power & Radiance

Having It All…Except Happiness The Anatomy of Your Soul Purpose Home True Beauty Remembering Beauty When I think about my mother I am sure she was beautiful, well to me anyway. Beauty & solidarity in Indian women We were sent this report from Andrew Garton, an Australian filmmaker in India. Excerpts of IWD speech It was extraordinary to launch The Butterfly Temple at the Northern Rivers International Women’s Day lunch in Ballina on Friday 6 March. Inner Radiance True Beauty is a journey of finding self-acceptance and self-worth that is not bound up in physical appearance. Women Blog, Skin Care, Beauty tips, Makeup. Search About Home About The Unexpected Outcome of Forgiving My Mother Every shop you go into has some reference to Mother’s Day.

Women Blog, Skin Care, Beauty tips, Makeup

Lessons From Nature – A Hairy Grub Gets Wings and Pollinates The Butterfly Temple honours the places of transformation in a woman’s life so we can all live to the fullest of who we are – in all of our magnificen... Meet Trudy Johnston – founder of The Butterfly Temple Founder of The Butterfly Temple Trudy Johnston knows a thing or two about just what it takes to feel beautiful. The Butterfly Temple: True Beauty and Empowered Femininity The Butterfly Temple is a global campaign for women to wake up and see the beauty that lies inside us. What is true beauty? When a woman is truly radiant, her beauty is unmistakable.