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Interior Deco

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Wall treatments

IKEA Fans. Lovemaestore on Etsy - Reusable fabric wall stickers. Yvonne Fehling und Jennie Peiz. Dezeen. Design is mine : isn't it lovely? Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh.

Name: Adele (10 months)Location: United States For Adele's room, Greg and I wanted something fun, bright, and cheerful, and a little bit geeky/steampunk without taking over the room with nerdiness (we'd considered, and dismissed, Portal, Mario, and pirate-ninja).

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh

I quickly latched onto a cheerful (5-legged) octopus image I'd seen somewhere and a bedding set that mixed a bunch of contrasting but color coordinated prints in a very fun way. Setting up a kitchen - Hobs and Hoods. The cooker is definitely the next must have in the kitchen.

Setting up a kitchen - Hobs and Hoods

Now a days, with the smaller and poorer ventilated kitchens, the hood is also another must have. With the improvement in technology and reduction of cost of manufacturing, the cooker hob is becoming popular. Emmas designblogg - design and style from a scandinavian perspective. Desire to inspire - Design*Sponge. Where Creatives Go to Know. Hyggelig.