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The Baking Chocolatess

The Baking ChocolaTess is the blog dedicated to delicious and scrumptious deserts recipes especially use of the chocolate in them. We bring you unique recipes based on the traditional ones, but with a twist. It is our aim to learn and share the most healthy, gluten-free and organic dessert ideas with people who love desserts and the chocolates. Visit: Address: New Paris, Indiana, United States, 46553 E-mail: Tel: 574-527-8042

How to Keep Your Chocolate Chip Cookies Fresh? Chocolate chip cookies are best when eaten directly out of the oven.

How to Keep Your Chocolate Chip Cookies Fresh?

There is no other feeling better than having warm and gooey cookie crust. However, most of us don’t get time to make it every day, and therefore we store it later. So, what are the ways by which we can store best chocolate chip cookies so that they can be fresh? We all must have tried weird and unconventional ways to store chocolate chip cookies. But, do you know that there are many simple ways by which you can keep these cookies fresh for many weeks to come!

Plastic Containers- This is probably the most used and most straightforward way to store cookies. The ultimate tip to salvage slightly stale cookies- If you want to make your stale cookies fresh again, then simply pop them in your oven just before serving. However, this tip only works for cookies such as chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies, or bar cookies. Moist Chocolate Cake. Appetizing Recipe of Super Moist Vanilla Cake to Serve all Occasions! Baking Beautiful Subtle Bonds with the Super Moist Chocolate Cake! The Baking Chocolatess — Benefits of Having Lemon Bars and Its Recipe. Add Sweetness with Best Chocolate Chip Cookies for Your Loved Ones. The Baking Chocolatess – Cookie, Brownie & Chocolate Obsessed The Baking ChocolaTess – Cookie, Brownie & Chocolate Recipes. Top Six Dessert Recipe Roundups. Make Your Party Special with Vanilla Cake. Include No-Bake Desserts in your Menu to Add Sweetness. Posted by Alan Smith on January 18th, 2019 A menu is incomplete without sweetness of dessert.

Include No-Bake Desserts in your Menu to Add Sweetness

After having a spicy dinner, a dessert brings a twist in your taste buds. Either you are enjoying a simple meal at your home, or you have a planned a party for your family a delicious dessert makes your meal complete. As the name tells a lot about dessert, these desserts need not be baked before serving. They are served chilled with toppings of fruits and other ingredients. Bring a Change in the taste The idea of no-bake dessert is the best for the summer season. Some desserts offer a sugar-free version which makes them suitable for health conscious people. OMG Peanut Butter Cup Brownies Facebook Instagram Pinterest RSS Twitter – Cookie, Brownie & Chocolate Obsessed The Baking ChocolaTess – Cookie, Brownie & Chocolate Recipes. With brownies you can do no wrong, right?

Pack in creamy milk chocolate peanut butter cups into these home-made brownies and you get the most tempting, delectable OMG Peanut Butter Cup Brownies, ever! Thank you! I was told…by taste-testers…these exact words, “These brownies are like the American Dream! It’s what America was built on!” In other words, you get pure Nirvana, pure joy, pure satisfaction, pure comfort, pure obsessive drooling with peanut butter and chocolate (everyone noticed, you can’t hide it) and supposedly, now it’s the ‘New’ American Dream. Whoa!! So when we think about iconic American foods, it doesn’t get more classic than apple pie, the old-school American Dream, right? (My mind thinks like this…Kind of like “40 is the new 20”, only my analogy goes something like this: “OMG Peanut Butter Cup Brownies are the new Apple Pie”…or something along those lines!)

Make Your Dessert Yummy with Lemon Bars. How to Make a Moist Chocolate Cake. Vanilla Cake. Super Moist Vanilla Cake!

Vanilla Cake

It is perfect for so many occasions! It’s probably the most classic cake ever in my book. Traditional white cake with vanilla buttercream reminds me of when we celebrate birthdays, weddings, showers or even when we’re couch potatoes in the comfort of our own homes when we feel like a bit of sweet, delicious indulgence. I particularly like the couch potato syndrome for my sweet indulgences, don’t judge! Delicious Dessert Recipes with Oreo. Make Your Party Special with Vanilla Cake - Viral Topic Feed - Articel and News Site. Cakes add charm to the occasion.

Make Your Party Special with Vanilla Cake - Viral Topic Feed - Articel and News Site

A cake made with love and effort makes the celebration even more special and memorable. From the birthday celebration at weddings, the presence of vanilla cake makes every moment sweet and filled with happiness. The cake made with extra cream makes it mouth-watering for the people. Vanilla cakes can be served with simple frostings as well as it can be baked into cupcakes. The vanilla cake is made special, with the help of mini chocolate chips or crushed Oreos. The Best Option in the Menu. Enjoy the Taste of Mouth Watering Blue Berry Cake. Complete Procedure for a Mouth Watering No Bake Dessert Recipe. Super-Moist Vanilla Cake with Buttercream Frosting – Cookie, Brownie & Chocolate Obsessed The Baking ChocolaTess – Cookie, Brownie & Chocolate Recipes. Enjoy Yummy Easy Boston Cream Poke Cake on Every Occasion. Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies. Best Lemon Bars – The Baking ChocolaTess. I’ve narrowed it down to 3 reasons why you will want to make these Best Lemon Bars over and over again!

Best Lemon Bars – The Baking ChocolaTess

Because, really, there are just about a ba-jillion reasons why I could go on and on for lemon bars, but I’ll just make it real simple and break it down for you. Number 1 Reason: “Easy to make!” Yeah? Easier than you would think if you’ve never made them. There are 2 steps to putting these together. Making the buttery shortbread crust, which takes just a few short minutes to mix up and press into a pan. Then prepare the lemon layer, which again, takes just a few short minutes and pour it on top of that baked crust, and pop it in the oven and let the lemon bar ‘magic’ begin.

Try Some Chocolate Banana Cream Pie Recipe to Make the Occasion Special. Are you looking for something unique and delightful recipe that is prepared to impress the guest on every occasion?

Try Some Chocolate Banana Cream Pie Recipe to Make the Occasion Special

The sweetness of dessert brings a twist of taste in your taste buds after having a spicy dinner. Desserts are one of the most essential items which are best for every occasion. Get ready to try something new and different every time. The chocolate banana cream pie recipe is famous among the people, especially among the kids. Either you have planned a particular birthday party at your home, or you have planned a special treat for your friends, it is the essential recipe which is best to be included in the menu. Celebrate Your Mother’s Birthday with Edible Birthday Cake Topper.