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At Aspire we place a major emphasis on the educational components of training using training methods functional to each individuals needs and abilities using science, systems and innovation giving you an experience and results

Fat Loss Nutrition - How to Vary meal timing and frequency - Personal Trainer Bangkok. Results Personal Training Bangkok. 16 May Fitness Weekend Retreat June 2-3 WEEKEND FITNESS RETREAT – Kanchanaburi June 2-3, 2018 Thailand is one of the world favourite destinations.

Results Personal Training Bangkok

Results Personal Training Bangkok. In the beginning what brought me to Aspire it was the location of the gym, as this is between my office and my house so i have no excuse not to drop by there every afternoon after work.

Results Personal Training Bangkok

In the beginning i was only doing PT sessions, but during last months I’ve been doing group classes that I find pretty fun and an excellent way to socialize and to meet new people. I like training at Aspire because the way the classes are organized makes them feeling different every session. Also i like doing my classes with Jun, he’s a great PT that always tries to get the best of me when training and not allowing me to quit or to stop. In my opinion the trick is to encourage people to keep training and attending classes and this can only be obtained if you have fun during every sessions and you feel the workouts as a hobby more than an obligation.

I think the general atmosphere in the gym. It has been quite a big change for me. The Aspire Club. How Kids Benefit from Youth Fitness Training. Building positive habits and experience with exercise for our kids is key to a lifetime of health and a long term active lifestyle as adults.

How Kids Benefit from Youth Fitness Training

Youth training is gaining a lot of interest and acceptance within the industry, and parents are looking for solutions to help develop healthy young children. TIME Magazine recently reported that youth sports have become a $15.3 Billion industry. Over $4 Billion a year is spent on personalized training and coaching for young athletes in the US alone. Find Your Body Mechanic and Personal Trainer Bangkok. When something is broken, you fix it.

Find Your Body Mechanic and Personal Trainer Bangkok

When the power goes out, you call an electrician. When you’re business isn’t performing, you find a business coach. When your car doesn’t start, you call a mechanic. You find an expert. And more importantly, an expert who has a proven track record in fixing your specific problem. And just like the mechanic, he can’t tell you what the problem is until he sees your car. School Holiday Sports Camps Bangkok. Welcome to the Youth Performance Institute (YPI), a division of Aspire.

School Holiday Sports Camps Bangkok

Golf fitness Bangkok, golf fitness trainer, TPI Golf fitness. Nutrition Coaching Programs Bangkok. Find Your Body Mechanic and Personal Trainer Bangkok. Results Personal Training Bangkok. How to Spice up the Yumminess of healthy food :) Most people think eating healthy is plain and boring.

Results Personal Training Bangkok

Genetically, our taste buds respond differently to different types of foods, flavours, so sure, healthy food ‘could’ be perceived as boring for some. Others just love the full natural flavours of healthy foods. Spices flavor food, and there are many that have shown to have health benefits – especially for the digestive system. While there are many spices, here are five of the most common that can help with improving your digestion. Black pepper This spice comes from a flowering vine. Cardamom This slightly sweet spice comes from the seed pods of the plant and not only helps as a digestive aid by reducing gas, and can also be used as an antiseptic when applied topically to help heal infections. Coriander This herb is used as a condiment or garnish typically in East Indian dishes for flavoring.

Cumin. Results Personal Training Bangkok. Here is a general comparison of what separates Aspire Personal Trainers and our Result Focused Programs and what you can expect from training with us.

Results Personal Training Bangkok

One of the top reasons people hire personal trainers is to lose weight and get into shape. If your goal is to decrease body fat and increase strength, Fitcorp Asia’s personal trainers keeps you motivated, accountable and on track to reach your aspirations. 5 stretches to reduce back pain for better scores and pain free golf.

5 stretches to reduce back pain for better scores and pain free golf.

5 stretches to reduce back pain for better scores and pain free golf.

For many, back pain and golf go together, but it doesn’t have to ‘sway’ that way. Golf Fitness is a strategic method to improve your game and increase your level of enjoyment. Back pain is usually the result of poor mobility and weakness. And that also correlates with specific swing faults. Physiotherapy and Pain Management Bangkok. There are four types of postural alignment, would you know whether you have Kyphosis, Lordosis, Scoliosis?

Physiotherapy and Pain Management Bangkok

Postural analysis helps to identify areas where your body may be over compensating itself from either recent or past injuries such as: Tightness in the neckPersistent headachesUpper back problemsLower back problemsPelvic tiltsFeet alignment We also look at recent injuries carrying out a range of movements involving the injured part in order to identify whether it is a muscle, bone or joint problem. Finding out which areas are effected or whether there is a psychological link to the injury. We do this by using a range of passive and resisted movements to test the muscles and assist in ruling out the source of pain. We then take a corrective exercise approach to complete and permanent recovery.

Results Personal Training Bangkok. Physical Therapy Bangkok - Fix Back Pain. Untitled — 5 Ways to Boost Your Energy Levels. How to Optimize Your Energy for Better Performance. Results Personal Training Bangkok. Myofascial release (or MFR) is a soft tissue massage therapy for the treatment of muscle immobility and pain.

Results Personal Training Bangkok

This alternative medicine therapy aims to relax contracted muscles, improve blood and lymphatic circulation, and affect the nervous system through the stretch receptors in both fascia and muscle. Fascia is a thin, tough, elastic type of connective tissue that wraps most structures within the human body, including muscle. Fascia supports and protects these structures and connects them from head to toe. It is aligned into pathways(meridians) that connect specific muscles together in straight or spiraling patterns that very often coincide with the meridians of acupuncture.

Tension in the fascia is transmitted along these meridians from one muscle to another. Myofascial release is personalized to the patients’ needs following assessment of symptoms, posture and mobility. The Power of Personalization for Busy Professionals. 3 Fitness and Weight Loss Mistakes for Women. The Fitness industry is seeing fast growth and a shift in the popularity of getting fit, strong and active.

Which is good for everyone. A large increase in the number of active people wanting work out. Equally we are seeing many who are still frustrated with the lack of results, even though they are training consistently and eating clean (for the most part). Those physique transformations just aren’t happening for many. Results Personal Training Bangkok. From the first time I walked into Aspire I knew immediately that this was where I could get the guidance, education and support to help me achieve my lifestyle goals.

The entire team instantly made me feel at home and at ease. My trainer who had been allocated to me, Jun, was sitting waiting in reception as I arrived which went a long way to breaking the ice as I commenced my PT sessions. In the short 6 weeks I’ve been with Aspire I’ve seen very positive weight loss results which have changed my mindset on how I attack each day with more energy and positive attitude, the training sessions are fun and there is a good spirit of camaraderie and community throughout the gym both from the coaches and the other members. In addition some very good nutritional advice has added to the overall positive results we’ve achieved in such a short time frame.

Results Personal Training Bangkok. Why You Need Minimum Effective Dose…. Another key principle we have optimized with our clients is the MED. Minimum Effective Dose…. It’s a clinical concept that’s used in medicine, for example how Doctors ‘prescribe’ medicine. Based on the unique needs, case, history and desired outcome based on each individual. Frequency, dose, timing, extended days for treatment all play a role on the final ‘prescription’ It also represents the effect of diminishing returns. More is not better, better is better. This way, you don’t waste time, effort or energy on getting more of something, if it’s not more effective.

Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life. “Motivation might get you started, but continuous results keep you going.” – Dan Remon Which is why, when you focus on the process, you constantly have small victories to celebrate. Those small wins build momentum and lead to better results for the long term. THAT, is the science of results.” You probably don’t constantly think about how your mindset affects your life, both for the good, and the not so good. You have always thought this way, either because of how you were raised or through the experiences of other circumstances during your life up till now. Results Personal Training Bangkok. Semi-Private Personal Training Aspire also offers semi-private training for those looking for support, expertise and accountability to build consistency and lifestyle change. A new solution which makes coaching more economical is semi-private training. Semi-private training is a great option for clients looking for more accountability within the group.

10 WAYS TO SUPERCHARGE YOUR PRODUCTIVITY. 19 Jul 10 Ways to Supercharge Your Productivity WORK, or as I call it, PRO-ACTIVITY, especially when working from home can be a blessing or a curse, especially if you’re prone to procrastination or are easily distracted. And when it comes to health, stress, losing wait being resilient, your routines or habit systems determine your success. Aspire by Fitcorp Asia - Personal Trainer Bangkok - Our Expectations. Everyone wants to be fit. The question is – do you believe in what we believe? Results Personal Training Bangkok. How to Master a Flexible and Flow Approach to Nutrition for Results. Results Personal Training Bangkok. Energy is essential in this sleep-deprived, high-speed, modern world. Aspire - What makes Aspire Personal Trainers in Bangkok Different. Why You need focus & velocity in your success strategy. Results Personal Training Bangkok. Results Personal Training Bangkok. Aspire Personal Trainers Bangkok for RESULTS.