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The Art of Healing

The Art of Healing is an Australian magazine that is produced quarterly in print + digital formats and is distributed nationally through news agencies or available by subscription.

Vol 1 Issue 74, MAR/MAY 2021. The world around us has changed.

Vol 1 Issue 74, MAR/MAY 2021

We are now living in times where the status-quo is uncertainty. It is with this in mind, that the latest issue of The Art of Healing has been created – reflecting back to the reader art, articles and science on how we can achieve optimal health and wellness during these times, and address some of the growing mental health issues we are facing. Buy Online Print Magazine. Sign in Sign in Welcome!

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Log into your account Forgot your password? Password recovery Recover your password Search Natural Health Magazine | Natural Therapy Magazine – The Art of Healing. Art Therapy Magazines. Mental Health Magazines. A 5-Senses Mindfulness Exercise To Ease Anxiety & Root You In The Present. How A Mindset Shift Helped With My Anxiety. 2020 was not a kind year for those of us who struggle with anxiety.

How A Mindset Shift Helped With My Anxiety

The uncertainty that continues to fly around has our nervous system all in a mess. However, changing how my brain learns and thinks when confronted with challenging situations has certainly helped me. Various techniques from mindfulness, dialectical-behavioural therapy (DBT) and cognitive-behaviour therapy (CBT) have given me the know-how I now want to share with others.

Here’s how a mindset shift helped me tame my anxiety — maybe these tips can help you, too. Move over Dr Google - Australian’s Want More Credible Health Information! A key finding from a recent General Wellness Survey (GWS)* conducted by The Art of Healing during 2020 found that Australian’s are wanting more credible health information.

Move over Dr Google - Australian’s Want More Credible Health Information!

Further, and perhaps driven by the unexpected and unprecedented global pandemic, more than half of the survey respondents said their preference was for scientifically informed information (55%) or information directly from medical practitioners and experts (51%). A far smaller number (14%) said they would turn to ‘Dr Google’. Whilst it is encouraging to see that a majority of survey respondents would not rely on content taken randomly from the internet, it can sometimes be very difficult to ascertain what is true and what is not. Certainly, more than 50% of people said it was very important for them to know where content was coming from. Memory May Be Preserved in Condition With Brain Changes Similar to Alzheimer’s Disease. Primary progressive aphasia is a rare neurodegenerative condition characterised by prominent language problems that worsen over time.

Memory May Be Preserved in Condition With Brain Changes Similar to Alzheimer’s Disease

About 40% of people with the condition have underlying Alzheimer’s disease. But a new study has found that people with the condition may not develop the memory problems associated with Alzheimer’s disease. 10 Things You Can Do To Help Ease Inflammation Right Now. While inflammation isn’t inherently bad – in fact, it’s an important process that helps us fight off viruses and other bacteria – it becomes a problem when it doesn’t subside once the threat is gone.

10 Things You Can Do To Help Ease Inflammation Right Now

When inflammation is out of control, it creates a cascade of pro-inflammatory cytokines and molecules, including tumour necrosis factor (TNF-a), Interleukin-1beta (IL-1b), Interleukin-6 (IL-6), and nuclear factor kappa B (NF-kB) that continue to build up and linger in our body. Unfortunately, inflammatory triggers are abundant in our society (think: the foods we eat, the toxins in our air, and even the stress we feel), so it’s important to build some inflammation-fighting activities into your daily life. How to More Easily Reach Your Long-Term Goals. If you’ve made some New Year’s resolutions, or set some annual goals for yourself, you might be wondering: Will I succeed this year?

How to More Easily Reach Your Long-Term Goals

The real test will come when you’re stressed, or tired, or just plain unmotivated. Here’s the plain truth: If your annual goals or New Year’s resolutions feel like tasks, or if they feel overwhelming, or if they feel even a little difficult, you likely won’t do them over the long run. If they are something you feel like you “should” do, but that you don’t actually want to do … eventually you won’t do them at all.

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A Psychiatrist's Tips To Proactively Care For Your Mental Health This Holiday Season. While the onset of the holiday season can be an exciting time, it can also create substantial stressors and mood shifts.

A Psychiatrist's Tips To Proactively Care For Your Mental Health This Holiday Season

Given all the build-up around the holidays, it’s not uncommon for people to sometimes get the ‘holiday blues.’ Feeling down, stressed, or simply burnt out is normal. As we head into the holiday season – especially during the pandemic when many of our normal coping strategies may be put to the test – it is essential to be mindful of our mental health. Go Well Radio DR MICHAEL MOSLEY Interview. In Shaky Times, Focus On Past Successes … The more chaotic things get, the harder it is for people with clinical anxiety and/or depression to make sound decisions and to learn from their mistakes.

In Shaky Times, Focus On Past Successes …

On a positive note, the judgement of overly anxious and depressed people can improve if they focus on what they get right, instead of what they get wrong, suggests a new UC Berkeley study. The findings, published in the journal eLife, are particularly salient in the face of a COVID-19 surge that demands tactical and agile thinking to avoid illness and even death. UC Berkeley researchers tested the probabilistic decision-making skills of more than 300 adults, including people with major depressive disorder and generalised anxiety disorder. Investing In A Frontline Response To Elder Abuse. Researchers are working with a team of 50 social workers across south east Queensland to create a uniform, national approach to identifying abuse in elderly people who present to hospitals. Latest national figures say up to 14 per cent of Australians over the age of 55 experience some form of physical, financial or emotional abuse at the hands of their carers or family members.

Project leader and veteran social worker Professor Jill Wilson OA said despite the growing need, there was no national framework for dealing with the various forms of abuse. “Our research project will be focussed on understanding why someone commits elder abuse and how social workers can better intervene to break the cycle,” Professor Wilson said. “Apart from the issues of human rights and protection, increasing abuse rates worry the government because abused older people often lose their asset base and so they cannot pay for care. “Everybody in society should have an interest in protecting older people. Go Well Radio DR LIZ ISENRING Interview. VOL 4 ISSUE 73 DEC/FEB 2021. DR MOSLEY BOOK PROMO. Go Well Radio JUDE VELDZE Full Show. Ten Questions to Ask About COVID-19 Research. Debates have raged on social media, around dinner tables, on TV and in Parliaments around the world about the science of COVID-19.

Is it really worse than the flu? Interviews from Experts. RONNI KAHN – LIVING LIFE WITH PURPOSE. 7 Nutrients An Integrative Doctor Prioritises To Support A Strong Immune System. Supporting your immune system is likely top of mind these days. While there are a number of ways to keep your body healthy, as an integrative doctor, I know the gut is not only the foundation upon which to build your health.

It is also the gateway to your immunity. Disturbances in the delicate balance of the gut ecosystem, such as dysbiosis (an imbalance in bad bacteria versus good), can create challenges for the immune system. That’s why I believe the key to strengthening our immune system is to strengthen the gut lining and improve the health of the gut microbiome. Body Scan Meditation. Research suggests that people who practise the body scan for longer reap more benefits.

The suggested duration is 20-45 minutes, and regularity 3-6 days per week for four weeks. Relapse: Learning to Embrace the Inevitable. The What, Why, & How of Meditation. SUBSCRIBE NOW! And receive a copy of Covid-19 the latest book by Dr Michael Mosley. Vol 4 Issue 73 DEC/FEB 2021. There is Always a Reason to Smile. Vol 3 Issue 72 SEP/NOV 2020 - Natural Health Magazine. Go Well Radio: Interviews from Experts. Hurry Up! Subscribe and Receive + 1 additional Back Issue. A Nutritionist On Why This Is The Year To Stop Counting Calorie. It can feel like an impossibility to resist the diet and weight loss pressure that has become synonymous with the start of a new year. And yet, reclaiming your health and finding peace with food often happens in the absence of counting calories, or manipulating body shape and size. Diet culture takes a reductionist view by quantifying food as a series of numbers, which effectively robs us of the natural pleasure inherent in the eating experience.

This is the year to resist setting goals for calorie counting and instead build a strong foundation for long-lasting health and wellbeing. The Top 10 Insights from the ‘Science of a Meaningful Life’ in 2019. How to Reduce Your EMF Exposure. The negative effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) continue to ignite conversations and controversy worldwide. The Shushed Side Effects of Antidepressants. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, the rate of adult antidepressant use has risen by nearly 400% in the last two decades. Antidepressants are the third most frequently taken medication in the U.S.. Your Brain Is Highly Reliant On This, Even If It Seems Totally Unrelated. While exercise is primarily valued for its influence on physical health, strength and mobility, there’s ample evidence showing physical exercise, especially strength training, is just as important for healthy brain and nervous system function.

A number of studies, which I’ll review below, have linked muscle strength, and leg strength in particular, to various cognitive benefits. Autophagy Finally Considered for Disease Treatment. Pema Chodron: A Buddhist Teaching on Loneliness, Rejection and a Broken Heart. Rift & Repair: the Magic of Leaning into Uncomfortable Moments. Rift & Repair: the Magic of Leaning into Uncomfortable Moments. The 'Big Bang' of Alzheimer's: Scientists ID Genesis of Disease. 3 Easy Holistic Detox Tips, According to a Certified Detox Expert.

Our Food Industry in 8 Words: We Think We Can Do Better Than Nature. How to Overcome Stress by Seeing Other People’s Joy. Gain Serenity, Energy and Mental Clarity Almost Overnight With the Help of the King of the Herbal Kingdom. Choose Avocadoes to Help Reduce Risk for Obesity and Diabetes. A Lesson from the Aboriginal Book of Wisdom. These Parking Lots Turn Into Safe Havens for Homeless People at Night, with Spectacular Results. Mental Clarity: 9 Natural Solutions That Work. 15 Minutes of Stretching Helps Improve Flexibility. Largest Study To-Date Shows Promising Benefits of Exercise to Prevent Tumours. Urban Green Space Can Prevent Premature Deaths. Study Shows Extra Virgin Olive Oil Staves Off Multiple Forms Of Dementia in Mice. Buy Latest Issue for just $9! Weighing Risks and Benefits of Drug Treatment for Major Depression in the Elderly. Scientists Reverse Ageing Process in Rat Brain Stem Cells.

Weight Training Changes The Brain. Top 13 Nootropic Supplements to Sharpen Mind and Mood. Inflammatory Processes Drive Progression of Alzheimer’s and Other Brain Diseases. WITHIN AUSTRALIA : DEC/FEB 2020 VOL 4 ISSUE 69. Probiotics Help Prevent Cognitive Decline. Yoga and Physical Therapy(PT) as Treatment for Chronic Lower Back Pain also Improves Sleep.

How Trees Could Save The Climate. Why Music Makes Us Feel, According To AI. Kindness on Purpose: A Revolution in Australian Schools? 10 Signs You Are Deficient In Magnesium (and what to do about it) Number of People with Dementia Will Double in Twenty Years. Climate Engineering: International Meeting Reveals Tensions. One Avocado A Day Helps Lower 'Bad' Cholesterol For Heart Healthy Benefits. Not Every Day Needs To Be a Happy Day. 2019 Astrology Forecast – The Silent Revolution: Healing Our Collective Karma. Star Anise: Add This Special Spice to Your Meals. Almost Everyone Overdoses It, And It Devastates Your Midsection. 1.2 Million-Person Study Shows How Much Exercise You Need to Benefit Mental Health. Online Health Magazine in Australia. Replace Dangerous Oils With Healthy Fats.

Exposure to Environmental PCBs Impairs Brain Function in Mice. Wake-up call: Cellular Sleep isn't As Harmless As Once Thought. Which Essential Oils Can Help With Rheumatoid Arthritis? How to Actually Reduce Your Chances of Lower Back Pain. Frontotemporal Dementia is Associated With Alterations in Immune System Function. The Personalised Lifestyle Medicine Revolution. Buy Online Magazines in Australia. Online Magazine Subscriptions in Australia. Dear Christine: My Friend Has Cancer. What Should I Say? How to Get Some Emotional Distance in an Argument. Neurofeedback Increases Self-Esteem by Re-Balancing Brain Circuits in Depression. Plain Water Better Than Hand Sanitizer for Influenza A. Spiritual Health Magazine in Australia. From Tomb to Table: Cumin’s Health Benefits Rediscovered. This Vital Organ Doesn’t Warn You When Something’s Wrong.

What’s The Best Way To Use A Standing Desk. Subscribe to Sep/Nov 2019 Magazine and Receive Free Back Issue! New Research Provides Hope for People Living with Chronic Pain. Online Healthy and Nutritious Recipes in Australia. The Top Nutrients This Anxiety Expert Wants You To Eat Every Day. Times Are Changing: First Ever Center to Study Psychedelics Opening in the U.S. Turbo Charging the Body's Natural Killer Cells to Defeat Cancer. The 6 Biggest Lessons to Teach Teenage Boys about Respecting Women.