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DevFreeBooks. Web Resources - StockJo Free Stock Resources. 100+ Awesome Web Development Tools and Resources. Varvy SEO tool and optimization guide. 30+ Best JavaScript and CSS Animation Libraries in 2016. IT Interview Questions and Answers. Making HTTPS Certificates. The latest website I'm working on needs to run over HTTPS, the secure version of HTTP.

Making HTTPS Certificates

How Humans React To Different Colors. Building a Custom Right-Click (Context) Menu with JavaScript. Web applications, as opposed to just informational websites, are being more and more utilised as the web continues to mature.

Building a Custom Right-Click (Context) Menu with JavaScript

Two cutting edge and leading examples of web applications are Gmail and Dropbox. As web apps continue to grow in functionality, accessibility, and usefulness, the need to streamline their efficiency also increases. An emerging (and highly useful) concept that’s being utilised by the two formerly mentioned apps is a customised context menu. 50 Unique and Useful Websites. In the internet world when we surfing the browser we can see millions of websites, blogs, gaming sites.

50 Unique and Useful Websites

Websites are categorized as personal resource, travel, education, general internet etc. 15+ YouTube Playlists for programmers. YouTube has been very good platform for learning any thing.

15+ YouTube Playlists for programmers

Earlier you have seen 400+ courses on YouTube and 130+ NPTEL courses. There are few more courses especially about computer programming. These are contributed by various individuals. These videos are of short time around 10 to 12 min each, created keeping basic learners in the mind. These videos covers from basics like installing IDE to writing complex programs covering every topic. What is the best comment in source code you have ever encountered? Modern Javascript Tools and the Stories Behind Them. So what you are about to read was never supposed to exist at all.

Modern Javascript Tools and the Stories Behind Them

I basically accidentally wrote it (and I swear I didn’t intend this article to be this way), but originally I wanted it to be a listicle. You know: “The 25 Most Awkward Cat Sleeping Positions”, “the 10 best easter eggs by google”, “10 things I hate about you”, et cetera. This article would have been: “21 MEAN stack tools” or “21 Tools for modern Javascript Development”. Rotating CSS Cards by Creative Tim. Sindresorhus/awesome. 80+ Free Web Design Resources You Thought Didn't Exist. Code Smells, Ethical Smells. I'm a software engineer by trade, so I spend a lot of my day working with code.

Code Smells, Ethical Smells

When I step back and take the 50,000 foot aerial view of my job, I realize that programming is basically an exercise in managing complexity. It's hard to convey to non-engineers just how devilishly complex software can be. When you're on the outside, as the user of a piece of software, it mostly Just Works(tm). But from the inside, as someone building it, it looks more like a sausage factory. The code for a medium-sized application — a calendar app, for example — can be hundreds of thousands of lines long, split across thousands and thousands of files. Each line of code specifies an action that the computer is going to take when it executes that line. So there are hundreds of thousands of lines of this stuff, and you can only fit about 50 lines on your screen at any one time. Above: A "code swarm" visualization of the development of the Linux kernel. Modern Flat Preloader Set - download free animation by PixelBuddha.

Email templates for 27 of your toughest work tasks. Communication is hard work.

Email templates for 27 of your toughest work tasks

A 2012 survey by McKinsey found that highly skilled desk workers spent an average of 28% of their work weeks dealing with email—a number that is surely rising. And that doesn’t even take into account the stress involved in figuring out how to convey a potentially difficult message, like asking for help, saying no, or admitting you messed up. To help make the most of your time and energy, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite scripts and templates for making email (and a few other things, like that pesky LinkedIn recommendation you need to write) much easier and less time consuming. Whether you’re job searching, networking, dealing with day-to-day work communications, or trying to be a better manager, find your situation below, tweak the template to your liking, and send it off! Job Search 1. See the Script. Collections. The 37 Best Websites To Learn Something New.

Forget overpriced schools, long days in a crowded classroom, and pitifully poor results.

The 37 Best Websites To Learn Something New

These websites and apps cover myriads of science, art, and technology topics. Using Node's Event Module. When I first heard about Node.js, I thought it was just a JavaScript implementation for the server.

Using Node's Event Module

But it's actually much more: it comes with a host of built-in functions that you don't get in the browser. One of those bit of functionality is the Event Module, which has the EventEmitter class. We'll be looking at that in this tutorial. The 25 Best Self-Improvement Books To Read Before You Turn 25 - Full News. 50 email newsletters you need to know about. Exposure Weekly Selects Incredible photo essays delivered weekly.

50 email newsletters you need to know about

Multi-Level Push Menu - Demo 2. Element. Element. 50+ incredible freebies for web designers, April 2015. Amazing designers and developers release new projects every day, that make us excited, inspired, and often more than a little impressed. 50 Free Books for Web Designers & Developers. There are thousands of books available for web designers and developers online. There has been no language, no point of discussion, or no trend that has not, at one time or another, been extensively explored and analyzed, and eventually published into a book. The great news is quite a lot of these books are available for free! And I have collected my 50 favorites for you! AdminLTE Preview - Almsaeed Studio. This Sydney startup wants to reinvent your boring old Word docs. The Sydney-based startup Qwilr wants to drag the decrepit document kicking and screaming into the 21st Century.

55 great tools and resources for startups and entrepreneurs. JSbooks - free javascript books. 50 Unique and Useful Websites. The 18 best blogging platforms on the internet in 2015. Free Material Design GUI Templates & Icon Sets. Created and released by Google back in June, Material Design is an innovative visual language that has been designed to unify the user experience of all of their products across all devices, and has been built on the principles of successful design combined with technology.

So far you may have experienced the beautifully simple aesthetics of Material Design via Google’s Gmail, Inbox and Calendar mobile apps, and they have also started to roll it out to the desktop versions of Gmail, Drive and Calendar. MEAN Machine JAVASCRIPT. MEAN Machine: A beginner’s practical guide to the JavaScript stack Author: arundhati. Mean Machine: A Beginner’s Practical Guide To The Javascript Stack Book Download. Open Textbooks. Bookstore.