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Sir Isaac Newton’s Secret Quest for the God Engine. Isaac Newton, English physicist, mathematician, astronomer, inventor and natural philosopher was one of the most influential and accomplished scientists in history.

Sir Isaac Newton’s Secret Quest for the God Engine

After Newton died, however, he caused great embarrassment to the scientific community when it was discovered that he was Europe’s leading alchemist. But just how many of his paradigm shifting scientific achievements resulted from his quest for the ‘Philosopher's Stone’ and his translation of the ‘Emerald Tablet of Hermes’? Copy of a portrait of Sir Isaac Newton by Sir Godfrey Kneller (1689) (Public Domain) In July 1936, economist John Maynard Keynes returned from Sotheby’s auction house in London with a chest full of unpublished hand-written papers, laboratory books, diagrams and over a million unpublished words by Sir Isaac Newton.

What Was The Church Trying To Hide? By Tony Bushby What was the church trying to hide?

What Was The Church Trying To Hide?

IN 1415,THE CHURCH OF ROME TOOK AN EXTRAORDINARY STEP TO destroy all knowledge of two Second Century Jewish books that it said contained ‘the true name of Jesus Christ.’ The Antipope Benedict XIII firstly singled out for condemnation a secret Latin treatise called ‘Mar Yesu’ and then issued instructions to destroy all copies of the Book of Elxai. No editions of these writings now publicly exist, but church archives recorded that they were once in popular circulation and known to the early presbyters.

Knowledge of these writings survived from quotations made by Bishop Hippolytus of Rome (176 –236) and St Epiphanius of Salamis (315 – 403) along with references in some early editions of the Talmud of Palestine and Babylonia. Later, in a similar manner, Pope Alexander VI (1492 –1503) ordered all copies of the Talmud destroyed. Sea Scrolls was said to be the Bodleian Codex (Oxford), which was dated to circa 1100AD. Bacon Bible - How a Templar re-wrote the Bible, page 1. Yes, you read correctly.

Bacon Bible - How a Templar re-wrote the Bible, page 1

The "Authorised" Bible, King James Bible, the one that almost all churches read... has been re-written by a Knight Templar/Rosicrucian. Many people, including Catholics, believe that the true Bible to follow is the KJB. However, that is very much not so. Secret Societies and Hidden Knowledge: The Explosive Star that Inspired the Modern World. A few weeks ago, astronomers announced that in 2022 something truly spectacular is to occur: a new star will appear in the heavens.

Secret Societies and Hidden Knowledge: The Explosive Star that Inspired the Modern World

THE NEW ATLANTIS: Master Plan Of The Ages. Cosmic Convergence Research Group. Videos for the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC. Understanding reincarnation & esoteric teachings of Rosicrucians. Ordre Kabbalistique de la Rose Croix. Article publié le 8 Fév 2011 par EzoOccult le Webzine d'Hermès Mis à jour le : 30 janvier 2016 L’ Ordre Kabbalistique de la Rose Croix, OKR+C, fut fondée à Paris en 1888 par Stanislas de Guaita et Josephin Péladan.

Ordre Kabbalistique de la Rose Croix

L’ordre était lié au martinisme et à l’église gnostique. L’ordre conférait des degrés dans le cadre d’une université initiatique libre dont les enseignements consistaient principalement dans les matières occultes, de la Kabbale au Tarot en passant par l’Astrologie et l’Alchimie. L’initiation était conférée au sein de trois degrés officiels et d’un quatrième secret. De Guaita définissait, dans sa constitution secrète, l’Ordre comme : « En apparence (et extra), la Rose-Croix rénovée est une société patente et dogmatique pour la diffusion de l’occultisme. Le Conseil directeur des Douze (3e degré) choisit les membres du second degré parmi les membres du premier degré.

Les membres se distinguent en signant « in fraternitate R ∴ ✠ ∴ » est suivi de l’hiéroglyphe א֒. – Georges Lagrèze. Les Rose-Croix. Article publié le 29 Mai 2011 par EzoOccult le Webzine d'Hermès Mis à jour le : 30 janvier 2016 Par José Eduardo Pereira Le gong vient de retentir.

Les Rose-Croix

A ce signal, hommes et femmes ont interrompu leur conversation pour gravir lentement les marches qui mènent au temple. Derrière les grandes portes de cuivre, flanquées d’imposantes statues de scribes égyptiens, ils pénètrent dans l’antichambre, où veillent Anubis, le dieu des morts, et Noût, la déesse du ciel. C’est de cette manière, à la fois sobre et solennelle, que débutent les réunions en Loge de la plus importante fraternité rosicrucienne existant de nos jours : l’Antiquus Mysticusque Ordo Rosae Crucis, plus connu en France sous le nom d’Ancien et mystique ordre de la Rose-Croix (Amorc).

Spiritual Growth and Psychic Development. In view of the considerable attention and publicity currently being given to psychism, it will be found beneficial to review the Rosicrucian Fellowship Teachings concerning this phenomenon, and thus to understand why these Teachings emphasize the superiority of positive spiritual growth over negative psychic development.

Spiritual Growth and Psychic Development

Two Classes of Sensitives As far as the growth of so-called extra-sensory faculties is concerned, humanity is divided into two general categories. Bacon, Shakespeare, and the Roscrucians. Index Previous Next p. 165 THE present consideration of the Bacon--Shakspere--Rosicrucian controversy is undertaken not for the vain purpose of digging up dead men's bones but rather in the hope that a critical analysis will aid in the rediscovery of that knowledge lost to the world since the oracles were silenced.

Bacon, Shakespeare, and the Roscrucians

It was W. F. C. Fifteen Roscrucian and Qabbalistic Diagrams. Index Previous Next p. 145 IN his well-known work, The Rosicrucians, Their Rites and Mysteries, Hargrave Jennings reproduces five Qabbalistic charts which he declares to be genuine Rosicrucian drawings.

Fifteen Roscrucian and Qabbalistic Diagrams

He gives no information concerning their origin nor does he attempt an elucidation of their symbolism. A recent writer who reproduced one of these charts correlated it to the emblematic tomb of Father C.R.C., thus exposing the true nature of Christian Rosencreutz. The five plates reproduced in Hargrave Jennings' book are part of a series of fifteen diagrams which appear in The Magical, Qabbalistical, and Theosophical Writings of Georgius von Welling, on the Subject of Salt, Sulphur, and Mercury.

This extremely rare volume was published at Frankfort and Leipzig in 1735 and 1760. The Fraternity of the Rose Cross - The Secret Teachings of All Ages. Fifteen Roscrucian and Qabbalistic Diagrams - The Secret Teachings of All Ages. Rosicrucian Doctrines and Tenets - The Secret Teachings of All Ages. Rosicrucianism. Rosicrucianism is a philosophical secret society said[1] to have been founded in late medieval Germany by Christian Rosenkreuz.


It holds a doctrine or theology "built on esoteric truths of the ancient past", which, "concealed from the average man, provide insight into nature, the physical universe and the spiritual realm. "[2] Rosicrucianism is symbolized by the Rosy Cross or Rose Cross. Between 1607 and 1616, two anonymous manifestos were published, first in Germany and later throughout Europe.[3] These were the Fama Fraternitatis RC (The Fame of the Brotherhood of RC) and the Confessio Fraternitatis (The Confession of the Brotherhood of RC). The influence of these documents, presenting a "most laudable Order" of mystic-philosopher-doctors and promoting a "Universal Reformation of Mankind", gave rise to an enthusiasm called by its historian Dame Frances Yates the "Rosicrucian Enlightenment".[4] Origins[edit] Reception[edit] Some[who?]

The Rosicrucian Order AMORC. The Rosicrucian Fellowship - An International Association of Christian Mystics. Rosicrucianism. Secret Teachings of All Ages: Bacon, Shakspere, and the Rosicrucians. Sacred Texts Esoteric Index Previous Next p. 165.