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The i.d.e.a. Brand

The i.d.e.a. Brand is a creative consultancy that partners with companies seeking courageous solutions to their business challenges. Our focused products are Strategy, Digital, Creative, Branding, Experiential, Public Relations, Social Media etc. We are a Certified B Corp and proud member of TAAN (Transworld Advertising Agency Network) – a network of independent marketing partners across the globe.

Thinking Through a Brand Strategy. As a communication firm that specializes in ideation, we are tasked with rationalizing strategies to support a brand position.

Thinking Through a Brand Strategy

Many companies come to us looking for ideas that will help accelerate their brand past others in their category. Today we are even tasked with looking beyond the category walls as brands have started to compete more across verticals for discretionary income. Here are a few tips to help you set up strong pillars to ensure your brand strategy leads to a well thought out MarCom campaign. PEOPLE - Do you know the consumer? We pride ourselves on asking questions. Develop personas that help give context to the different types of targets you are tasked with communicating to.

Understand the underlying emotional drivers of your target segments. PRODUCTS - What are the differentiators? Sometimes there is nothing that differentiates a product in its category. Make sure you understand the consumer journey. Types of Advertising Agencies and The factors to Consider While Choosing One. Six Reasons Why Your Business Needs Branding. Sharing is caring!

Six Reasons Why Your Business Needs Branding

Whenever we go shopping, we never forget to check the brand name before purchasing any product, which shows how important is the brand name for the customers. Every business requires a good branding and design agency to take their organization to new heights. Whether it’s a shoe business or a simple stationery business, it cannot work without branding. In terms of definition, branding is a marketing technique that provides recognition to the company through a symbol, name, design or logo that is identified as belonging to the respective company/organization.

This valuable technique helps in distinguishing a product from similar products in the market. Influencer Marketing: How to Execute a Successful Campaign with REAL Results. Thinking of running an influencer campaign?

Influencer Marketing: How to Execute a Successful Campaign with REAL Results

Our recent webinar dives into how a strategic approach to influencer marketing can lead to REAL, measurable results. This webinar is co-hosted by Danielle Nuzzo, senior director of marketing strategy, and Torie Covington, director of public relations, who each have more than 10 years experience managing earned media and communications for global brands spanning the CPG, travel, lifestyle and non-profit industries. How to Extend the Life of Your Influencer Campaign. So you’ve run an influencer campaign.

How to Extend the Life of Your Influencer Campaign

Now what? You’ve most likely spent a decent amount of time and money on the campaign so why not ensure that you continue to see a return on investment by repurposing influencer content in an omni-channel approach? Depending on the campaign, you may have a plethora of assets and content pieces that you now own. How do you use these assets, and potentially stagger them over several months, to maximize reach and engagement while keeping your own channels looking fresh? Creative Digital Branding Agency in San Diego. Understanding Attribution in Paid Digital Media. Part 1- The Attribution Challenge Attribution.

Understanding Attribution in Paid Digital Media

It’s the gift and curse of digital advertising. The oft quoted marketing quandary, “I know half my marketing is working, I just don’t know which half,” is unfortunately still a very real problem. How is it possible that in 2019 most companies haven’t answered this for themselves? It all comes back to attribution and the systemic issue of running marketing campaigns in an increasingly fragmented environment of multiple devices, advertising platforms, walled gardens and the ambiguous online to offline impact.

Let’s start by defining the limitations to determine what’s even possible. Tracking offline marketing No good solution exists to date to track this accurately. What You Need to Know About Facebook & Instagram Now? In today’s social landscape, organic social posting is only reaching about 1% of your audience.

What You Need to Know About Facebook & Instagram Now?

Yet, content creation takes so much time and newsfeed algorithms are continuously changing. For some digital marketers, Facebook may feel like a black box of data. However, social media is one of the strongest market research tools we have in this digital age. Social media platforms are the modern-day soapboxes filled with endless product feedback, reviews, FAQs, and opposition.

These comments and interactions guide us as marketers to deliver the right message at the right time to the right people. How do you optimize your content creation efforts and scale media to reach a broader, yet targeted, audience? In this webinar, Media Strategist Katherine Timmerman will answer a couple of client questions regarding Facebook and Instagram paid advertising. Casino Marketing: Broadcast Commercials are Built on Relationships (Part 2 of 2) Casino Marketing: Broadcast Commercials are Built on Relationships. Post Production, to many a laborious process, is a marathon race to execute the best possible look for your film, increase production value, and push the limits of a budget set months in advance.

Casino Marketing: Broadcast Commercials are Built on Relationships

Some of the best work in the country will lead you to some of the highest priced post houses in Los Angeles, but with a little perseverance and industry knowledge, you can develop relationships with post houses that will benefit your clients, your budget, and last your whole career. Every video requires a strong relationship with the edit, commonly known as the final re-write. i.d.e.a. needed to enlist an editor with comedic timing. An editor who understood the tone of the scripts and the direction the piece needed to lean; How to make Fun, Funner.