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3G8Dr.jpg (JPEG Image, 560x428 pixels) _lxprn1h0Nh1qdlh1io1_400.gif (GIF Image, 400x229 pixels) I get this face every morning when I have to leave for class. I die a little inside. Lobster Dogs!: Pics, Videos, Links, News. Tired of eating (10 photos) n1325676465_295056_4630.jpg from

HYdMj.jpg (JPEG Image, 589x481 pixels) That Cute Site - Videos & Pictures of Cats and Dogs. My wife was given a very nice sweater, which I promptly shrunk in the wash. This was the most logical way to break the news. WEKwE.gif (GIF Image, 480x318 pixels) YhDDJ.jpg (JPEG Image, 2048x1536 pixels) - Scaled (38. I guess I'll just sleep over here then... Deformed Puppy Thrown In The Trash Learns How To Walk. YspHA.jpg (JPEG Image, 1536x2048 pixels) - Scaled (28. Teddy bear pomeranian. 88Tsv.gif (GIF Image, 352x290 pixels) H1XOH.jpg (JPEG Image, 554x834 pixels) Dog Friendly Beach With or Without Sand, Brant Rock.

Brant Rock is unique, there are two dog friendly beach sections, one area with sand and the other without.

Dog Friendly Beach With or Without Sand, Brant Rock

Both areas of Brant Rock Beach are beautiful, you just decide what works best for you and your dog. If you are having dip with your chips you might choose, no sand. If you forgo your own chips and dip, there is a a little town center steps away where you will find a couple outdoor lunch spots. In all, Brandt Rock Beach is a great off the beaten path spot to catch a little sun and go swimming with the dog. We found Brant Rock Beach the first time we were headed to Rexhame Beach and the lot was full. One note, during high tide the rock section of beach will likely disappear. It was nice not dealing with the sand while we were at the beach and afterwards in the car. About the author Jay Stebbins is a photographer, recently relocated to San Francisco from Boston, focused on fine art dog photography as well as creating stunning portraits of people.

Adorable Pictures Of 2 Dogs And A Cat Swimming Together At A Lake. The Ark In Space: The Biggest Dogs in the World - There Be Giants. Let’s face it, some people like their pets big!

The Ark In Space: The Biggest Dogs in the World - There Be Giants

If you are looking for a large dog there are a number of breeds which are generally referred to as giants. Be careful, though – you should only consider these breeds if you have lots of space, lots of time and quite a deal of money. The Ark in Space takes a look at the giants of the canine world. The English Mastiff The English Mastiff, in terms of mass is the big daddy of all dogs and its dimensions particularly that of the male are something to be believed. The dog is often used to guard, but makes a wonderful domestic pet as well. The Great Dane The Irish Wolfhound (see below) usually takes the prize as the world’s tallest dog but the record at the moment is with a Great Dane by the name of Gibson who is a staggering 42.3 inches tall – a good ten inches taller than the average English Mastiff. The Irish Wolfhound As such the Irish Wolfhound, more than many giant dogs can be trusted with children.

The Scottish Deerhound. Louie. Meet Louie!


He’s a hound dog. Louie is Miley and Howie’s new cousin. This sweet little fella belongs to Kevin’s brother. We got to meet him last weekend and I fell in love. I vowed to puppy snatch Louie and bring him home with me. He’s got a heart-shaped spot on his shoulder. And puppy breath. I miss puppy breath. Louie can run! But not for long before he tires out. He’s got comically large, adorable, floppy ears. And ginormous Frito feet. FYrNd.gif (GIF Image, 263x198 pixels) _lxtj2ocEPM1qc01wlo1_250.gif (GIF Image, 250x188 pixels)