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Espresso Chocolate Mousse | Flour Child

It sounded like magic and love and dreaming and soup and kittens. I put on my fluffiest sweatshirt and cuddled up in bed and watched super classy shows like Jersey Shore and Teen Mom 2. Keepin’ things elegant, you know. I was joyous; absolutely blissful. Chow. Chow by Katherine Martinko on 07.24.13 3 Recipes for Getting Supper on the Table -- Extra Fast!


Using little time and few ingredients, these recipes are where I turn when I'm desperate for homemade fast food. Chow by Kelly Rossiter on 07.19.13 7 No-Cook Recipes. Tiramisu Pancakes. A few days ago, I put a call out on Twitter for help.

Tiramisu Pancakes

Marscapone help, to be specific. Many people came to the rescue, however it was @Ivoryhut her responded with a recipe idea that went beyond delectable. Tiramisu Pancakes. "Cute Food For Kids" ?