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It is a new year. When the calendar on the wall is replaced, my mind drifts to thoughts of resolutions and new beginnings—often whether I'd like it to or not. This time last year I shared with you how I felt I no longer needed to make a list of resolutions. Home - Pastry Affair Home - Pastry Affair
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Chicken breasts in a creamy Dijon mustard sauce with shallots. Healthy green smoothie with banana, pineapple, spinach, and Greek yogurt. Black-eyed Pea Salsa with green chiles, onions, red bell pepper, served with jack cheese quesadillas Simply Recipes Food and Cooking Blog Simply Recipes Food and Cooking Blog
Cinnamon Brownie and Dulce de Leche Ice Cream Sandwiches This ice cream is the best dulce de leche ice cream I’ve tried. It’s better than the Häagen-Dazs’, no kidding. Favorite recipes Favorite recipes
Romancing the Stove Passover is one of Adam and my favorite Jewish holidays. It is a happy holiday with a lot of celebrating, eating, and drinking wine. Any holiday that invites eating and merriment, is a holiday for me! Over the years, Adam and I have enjoyed sharing in each other’s family’s traditions and holidays. The look on Adam’s face, our first Christmas morning, was priceless! Romancing the Stove
Too Much Food | Bake. Cook. Eat. Too Much Food | Bake. Cook. Eat. A few meals that I had recently at True Food Kitchen in Newport Beach. A restaurant concept by Dr. Weil, which features healthy, organic and functional foods that are light yet delicious. It’s become a new favorite of mine and if it weren’t such a drive from home, I’d go there more often.
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Flour Child | For the love of dessert Flour Child | For the love of dessert Here is a list of the most awkward things to ever occur on planet Earth: -Me, age 10 to 15 That’s the whole list. It was a fragile time, the ill-famed awkward stage, one I filled with activities like: making water balloon families and naming them after the cast of Full House, plastering every square inch of my bedroom walls with posters of Disney Channel stars to “take a rebellious stance” against the ”hideous lavender paint for babies,” cutting my own side bangs to be just like everybody else an individual, misunderstanding the concept of eyeliner … oh, how vivid is the ghost of braces past. In retrospect, I think the first defining moment of my awkward stage was when I opened up a box of Pop-Tarts to find that I had WON A FREE IPOD and literally ran in circles around my house singing “I’VE GOT A GOLDEN TICKET!!” because clearly I had just won a trip to the Wonka factory.
Last night, it rained. It sounded like magic and love and dreaming and soup and kittens. I put on my fluffiest sweatshirt and cuddled up in bed and watched super classy shows like Jersey Shore and Teen Mom 2. Keepin’ things elegant, you know. I was joyous; absolutely blissful. Espresso Chocolate Mousse | Flour Child Espresso Chocolate Mousse | Flour Child
Chow Chow by Katherine Martinko on 07.24.13 3 Recipes for Getting Supper on the Table -- Extra Fast! Using little time and few ingredients, these recipes are where I turn when I'm desperate for homemade fast food. Chow by Kelly Rossiter on 07.19.13 7 No-Cook Recipes Chow
A few days ago, I put a call out on Twitter for help. Marscapone help, to be specific. Many people came to the rescue, however it was @Ivoryhut her responded with a recipe idea that went beyond delectable. Tiramisu Pancakes. Tiramisu Pancakes Tiramisu Pancakes
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